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dictionary (19)

After the Deadline
An intelligent grammar, style, and spell checker.

Condict is a program for creating dictionaries. It is written in Python, and uses the wxPython GUI framework, as well as the PyXML library.

Ding is a dictionary lookup program that uses the 'agrep' or 'egrep' tools for searching. It comes with a German-English Dictionary with ca. 120,000 entries. It is a Tk based Front-End to [ae]grep, ispell, or dict. 'Ding' can also search in English dictionaries using 'dict' and check spelling using 'ispell.' Configuration options include search preferences, interface language (English or German), and colors. The package includes history functions, help functions, and comes key and mouse bindings for quick and easy lookups. The package has three different search behaviors: o Search after typing in a new word (standard, as before) o Search for selected text when moving the mouse over the ding window o Search immediately on new text selection in another window

'edictionary' is a command line interface to online dictionaries

A simple gtk+ chinese dictionary online.

'Geiriadur' combines a dictionary lookup engine and a dictionary editing system. It's developed as a tool to create Welsh-Russian and Russian-Welsh dictionaries, but it can also be used for other languages. It consists of two components: a dictionary CORBA server and the Web interface for it. The system works through "words" and "translations". A "translation" is a pair of words or a word with explanation; a "word" means a string of letters without a space, possessing independent meaning in some language. Words can have transcription, attributes (gender, aspect etc.), and "stems" and irregular forms. Regular forms are produced dynamically during a search from "stems" and "endings". The system understands mutations and different spellings (American English, Middle Welsh etc.) If a direct search (with the first word in translations table) yields no results, the system performs an inverse search or asks the user to try a cross-search through a third language.

Glossword is a system to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. It includes multiple language support, themes, a powerful administration interface, built-in search and cache engines, export/import dictionaries in XML and CSV format, and W3C-validated code. It is useful for any kind of dictionary, including sites with game cheat codes, online translators, references, and various CMS solutions.

JavaDICT is a server for the DICT protocol (RFC 2229), a TCP transaction-based query/response protocol that lets a client access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. So far it is the only DICT server that lets you access dictionaries stored in a database (currently only PostgreSQL is supported).

MagicPO is a utility to automatically translate a gettext po-file from one language to another. It is useful for languages that are close to each other such as Norwegian Nynorsk and Norwegian Bokmål, and Norwegian Bokmål and Danish. It is also useful for automatically fixing common mistakes in files.

Miscfiles Heckert gnu.small.png
Files include:

  • connectives- (prepositions, pronouns, and the like)
  • web2- Webster's Second International English wordlist
  • web2a- Webster's Second Internations appendix english wordlist
  • propernames- some common proper names
  • airport- list of three letter codes for some major airports
  • ascii- a map of the ascii character set
  • birthtoken- traditional stone and flower for each month
  • international country telephone codes
  • North American (+1) telephone area codes
  • operator- precedence table for operators in the C language
  •, abbrevs.gen- common abbreviations used in electronic communication
  • cities.dat- geographic coordinates of many major cities
  • postal codes for US and Mexican states and
  • Canadian provinces
  • GNU-manifesto- The GNU Manifest
  • mailinglists- all public Project GNU related mailing lists.
  • languages- two-letter codes for languages, from ISO 639
  • latin1- like `ascii'; describing the ISO Latin-1 character set
  • currency- currency abbreviations and names
  • countries- country abbreviations and names and capital cities
  • unicode- The official Unicode character set table
  • jargon.html- The Jargon file (same as the _Hacker's_Dictionary_)
  • us-constitution- The Constitution of the United States of America
  • us-declaration- The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
  • rfc-index.txt, fyi-index.txt, std-index.txt, bcp-index.txt- Indices of internet standardization documents
  • tasks.texi, The GNU task list
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