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Difference between revisions of "Property:Runs-on"

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(Created page with "This property is used to indicate what system the program runs on. If it requires a specific operating system, then that value should be chosen. If it requires a particular ar...")

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This property is used to indicate what system the program runs on. If it requires a specific operating system, then that value should be chosen. If it requires a particular architecture or firmware library (i.e., embedded systems) then those property values should be added and selected.


  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Pages using the property "Runs-on"

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'Q' DVD-Author +GNU/Linux  +


0 A.D. +Windows  +, OS X  +, GNU/Linux  +


123sqlengine +GNU/Linux  +


2532 Gigs +GNU/Linux  +
2wm +GNU/Linux  +


3D Pong +GNU/Linux  +, OS X  +
3dFB +GNU/Linux  +
3dldf +GNU/Linux  +
3dpl GE +GNU/Linux  +, Windows  +, OS X  +, Android  +


4Pane +GNU/Linux  +
4store +GNU/Linux  +
4tH +GNU/Linux  +


8sync +GNU/Linux  +


9mount +GNU/Linux  +


A Bingo +GNU/Linux  +
A+ +GNU/Linux  +
A2K +GNU/Linux  +
A2b +GNU/Linux  +
A2png +GNU/Linux  +
A2ps +GNU/Linux  +
ABYSS +GNU/Linux  +
ABridge +GNU/Linux  +
ACDK +GNU/Linux  +
ACE UC Sniffer +GNU/Linux  +
ACL2 +GNU/Linux  +
ACal +GNU/Linux  +
ADG: Automatic Drawing Generation +Windows  +, BSD  +, OS X  +, GNU/Linux  +
ADL +GNU/Linux  +
ADM +GNU/Linux  +
ADOdb +GNU/Linux  +
ADOdb Lite +GNU/Linux  +
ADOdb for Python +GNU/Linux  +
ADX Addressbook +GNU/Linux  +
ADempiere BR +GNU/Linux  +, Windows  +, OS X  +
AEIOU +GNU/Linux  +
AFD +GNU/Linux  +
AFR +GNU/Linux  +
AFT +GNU/Linux  +
AFileDialog +GNU/Linux  +
AGFL +GNU/Linux  +
AGT +GNU/Linux  +
AIDE +GNU/Linux  +
AIM Sniff +GNU/Linux  +
AITALC +GNU/Linux  +
AJAX Book Reader +GNU/Linux  +
AJAX Chat +GNU/Linux  +
AKFAvatar +GNU/Linux  +
AKFQuiz +GNU/Linux  +
ALE +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA Midi Kommander +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA OSS +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA Patch Bay +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA driver +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA library +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA plugins +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA tools +GNU/Linux  +
ALSA utilities +GNU/Linux  +
AMaViS-ng +GNU/Linux  +
AMule +GNU/Linux  +
ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard +GNU/Linux  +
ANGRYsearch +GNU/Linux  +
ANK djbdns +GNU/Linux  +
ANT +GNU/Linux  +
AOLserver +GNU/Linux  +
APAz +GNU/Linux  +
APE Tag Libraries +GNU/Linux  +
APSR +GNU/Linux  +
APing +GNU/Linux  +
ARts +GNU/Linux  +
ASCEND +GNU/Linux  +
ASPSeek +GNU/Linux  +
ATC-pie +GNU/Linux  +
ATK +GNU/Linux  +
ATLAS +GNU/Linux  +
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