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ADOdb for Python +a database abstraction library for Python.  +
ADX Addressbook +a web 2.0 enabled address book.  +
ADempiere BR +World Class ERP/CRM/SCM/BI System  +
AEIOU +AEIOU (An Electronic IOU) is a web application for creating local commodity currencies based on electronic IOU tickets.  +
AFD +Automatically distribute files  +
AFFLIBv3 +Advanced Forensics Format Library (debug version)  +
AFR +X-Chat plugin  +
AFT +Document preparation system  +
AFileDialog +An Android library which implements a simple and easy to use file chooser.  +
AGFL +a parser generator for natural languages.  +
AGT +Frontend for iptables  +
AIDE +Intrusion detection system  +
AIM Sniff +A network sniffer for AIM and MSN messages.  +
AITALC +Performs automated perturbative loop calculations of cross sections in high energy physics  +
AJAX Book Reader +A Web application for displaying large texts one page at a time.  +
AJAX Chat +a free and fully customizable web chat software.  +
AKFAvatar +make word bubbles for avatars  +
AKFQuiz +Write quiz-games and psychotests  +
ALBERTA +adaptive finite element library (library)  +
ALE +Combines multiple images into one  +
ALSA +ALSA driver configuration files  +
ALSA Midi Kommander +a DCOP interface  +
ALSA OSS +OSS compatibility library for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALSA Patch Bay +a graphical patch bay for the ALSA sequencer API and the JACK audio API.  +
ALSA driver +driver for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALSA library +library for for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALSA plugins +plugins for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALSA tools +tools for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALSA utilities +utilities for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).  +
ALURE - AL Utilities REtooled +AL Utilities REtooled (documentation)  +
AMB-Plugins +ambisonics LADPSA plugins  +
AMORE +GNU R: A MORE flexible neural network package  +
AMPSharp +Asynchronous Messaging Protocol library for the CLI.  +
AMQP Protocol +specs for the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)  +
AMaViS-ng +Searches attachments and archives for malicious code  +
AMule +All-platform port of eMule  +
ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard +an interactive command-line interface that simplifies the use of some application to create AVI, Matroska or OGM files from DVDs.  +
ANGRYsearch +A file searcher that provides instant results as you type  +
ANK djbdns +Web interface for 'djbdns'  +
ANT +ISDN telephony application  +
ANTLRv2 +language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc  +
ANTLRv3 +language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc  +
AOLserver +Web server  +
AOP Alliance +library for interoperability for Java AOP implementations  +
APAz +A PHP anonymizer.  +
APCu +APC User Cache for PHP 5 (transitional package)  +
APE Tag Libraries +C, Clojure, Erlang, Lua, Python, Ruby Libraries for reading/writing APEv2 tags.  +
APEL +portable library for emacsen  +
API Sanity Checker +automatic generator of basic unit tests for a C/C++ library API.  +
API accessor for +API accessor for  +
APNG Assembler +assemble APNG animation from PNG/TGA image sequence  +
APNG Optimizer +optimize APNG animated images  +
APQ +Pluggable Ada 95 Binding to various database systems (library)  +
APQ PostgreSQL +APQ Ada 95 Postgresql Binding Plugin (library)  +
APSR +TCP/IP packet sender to test firewalls and other network applications  +
APScheduler +In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities  +
APacheDEX +Compute APDEX from Apache-style logs  +
APing +advanced ping program written in python that can make four type of ICMP probes  +
ARDEN +specificity control for read alignments using an artificial reference  +
ARandR +Simple visual front end for XRandR  +
ARts +Framework for developing modular multimedia applications  +
ASCEND +A flexible modelling environment for hard engineering and science problems.  +
ASEPRITE +sprite and pixel art editor  +
ASIS +Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) documentation  +
ASN.1 Compiler +ASN.1 compiler for C  +
ASPSeek +Search engine  +
AST +Handle World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy (main shared lib)  +
AT1 +JACK autotuner  +
ATC-pie +Air traffic control simulation (solo and multi-player)  +
ATK +The Gnome accessibility toolkit  +
ATLAS +Generates high-performance mathematical libraries  +
ATM SAR Library (SARLib) +ATM Segmentation and Reassembly Library.  +
ATSLog +A web-oriented interface for collecting, viewing and analysing calls for various types of PBXs.  +
AUnit +AUnit, a unit testing framework for Ada: documentation  +
AVFS +Lets programs look at archived files without having to recompile them  +
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