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AWOL +In/out board  +
AWS SDK for PHP +software development kit to build solutions for Amazon  +
AWStats +Generates and displays Web server statistics graphically  +
AZR3 +drawbar organ simulator  +
Aac-tactics +Coq tactics for reasoning modulo AC (theories)  +
Aafigure +ASCII art to image converter.  +
Aalib +ASCII art library  +
Aap +The Aap program executes recipes. It is a kind of super-make program.  +
Aapl +Library of C++ programming tools  +
Aardvark Shellutils +Three utilities to make working with shell scripts easier  +
Aasm +an advanced assembler designed to support several target architectures and output file formats using plugins.  +
AbGate +LV2 noise gate plugin  +
Abacas +Algorithm Based Automatic Contiguation of Assembled Sequences  +
Abbrev +Get unique abbreviations for a set of strings - Node.js module  +
Abbrev-js +Like ruby abbrev module, but for Node.js  +
Abc2ps +Typesetting program for ABC format  +
Abcde +Rips, encodes, and tags CDs with one command  +
Abclock +Analog bitmap clock  +
Abcm2ps +Converts music from ABC format to PostScript  +
Abcmidi +converter from ABC to MIDI format and back  +
Abcpp +Preprocessor for ABC music files  +
Abcsh +Shell for processing ABC music notation  +
AbiWord +Word processor from the AbiSource Project desktop suite  +
Abiword +efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration  +
Abook +Addressbook program  +
Aboot +base files required for bootable media on Linux/Alpha  +
Abraca +Simple and powerful graphical client for XMMS2  +
Abs +Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide  +
Absence +Calendar for keeping track of people  +
Absolut Engine +Advanced news/content publishing system  +
Abstract-deque +abstract, parameterized interface to mutable Deques; documentation  +
Abstract-leveldown +Abstract prototype matching the LevelDOWN API - Node.js module  +
Abstract-par +Abstract parallelization interface; documentation  +
Abuse +Shoot-'em-up game  +
Acccheck +Password dictionary attack tool for SMB  +
Accepts +higher-level content negotiation for Node.js  +
Accerciser +a next generation at-poke tool.  +
Access user Class +Easy to use PHP class to protect pages and register new users  +
AccountsService +query and manipulate user account information  +
Acct +GNU system accounting utilities  +
Ace-of-penguins +penguin-themed solitaire games  +
AcePerl +Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases  +
Acedb +retrieval of DNA or protein sequences  +
Acegi Security +Acegi Security System for Spring  +
AcetoneISO +feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images  +
Achievo +Web-based project management and tracking tool  +
Achievo ATK +Web application development framework  +
Acid-state +Haskell database library with ACID guarantees - GHC libraries  +
Ack +grep-like program specifically for large source trees  +
AckerTodo +Web-based todo list manager  +
Acm +Aerial combat simulation game  +
Acme +Provides support for special keys on laptops  +
Acme-Bleach +Perl module for really clean programs  +
Acme-Damn +Perl module to unbless objects  +
Acme-EyeDrops +funny way for visual programming in Perl  +
Acme-POE-Knee +Time sliced pony race using the POE event loop  +
Acme-constant +module that makes inconstant constants, except actually not  +
Acmemail +Multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gateway MUA  +
Acon +Displays Arabic text  +
AcoustID fingerprinter +Acoustid fingerprinter  +
Acovea +Compiler optimization tool  +
Acpi call +Kernel module that enables you to call ACPI methods  +
AcpiTool +A versatile command line ACPI client for Linux.  +
Acsccid +PC/SC driver for ACS USB CCID smart card readers  +
Actdiag +generate activity-diagram image file from spec-text file  +
ActiViz.NET +ActiViz.NET documentation  +
Actim +Provides the ability to transfer files and execute commands via e-mail.  +
Action Mailer +a framework for designing email-service layers.  +
Action Query +jQuery and ActiveRecord, sitting in a tree...  +
Actionpack-action caching +action caching for Action Pack  +
Activation +JavaBeans™ Activation Framework  +
Active +Free groupware  +
Active Calendar +Generates calendars as HTML tables  +
Active Resources +provides a coherent wrapper object-relational mapping for REST web services.  +
Active Spam Killer +Spam filter  +
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