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MPL1.1 MPL1.1#  
CGKit (Python Computer Graphics Kit) CGKit (Python Computer Graphics Kit) CGKit (Python Computer Graphics Kit)
ChatZilla ChatZilla ChatZilla
Colorediffs Colorediffs Colorediffs
Conexus Conexus Conexus
Copyurlplus Copyurlplus Copyurlplus
Custom Tab Width Custom Tab Width Custom Tab Width
Dirac Dirac dirac
Dojo Toolkit Dojo Toolkit Dojo toolkit
Double Commander Double Commander Double commander
DuckDuckGo (non-JS Lite SSL) DuckDuckGo (non-JS Lite SSL) DuckDuckGo (non-JS Lite SSL)
DuckDuckGo (non-JS SSL) DuckDuckGo (non-JS SSL) DuckDuckGo (non-JS SSL)
Easy Framework Easy Framework Easy Framework
Element Hiding Helper Element Hiding Helper Element hiding helper
Enigmail Enigmail Enigmail
External IP External IP external IP
FireGestures FireGestures FireGestures
GoogleTranslate GoogleTranslate GoogleTranslate
Gpac Gpac Gpac
Greasemonkey Greasemonkey Greasemonkey
HackBar HackBar HackBar
Https-finder Https-finder Https-finder
IceCat/Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon IceCat/Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon
IceCat/Add-on Compatibility Reporter IceCat/Add-on Compatibility Reporter Add-on Compatibility Reporter
IceCat/Aeon Big IceCat/Aeon Big Aeon Big
IceCat/Anti-Porn Pro IceCat/Anti-Porn Pro Anti-Porn Pro
IceCat/AutoProxy IceCat/AutoProxy AutoProxy
IceCat/Bamboo Feed Reader IceCat/Bamboo Feed Reader Bamboo Feed Reader
IceCat/Classic Compact IceCat/Classic Compact Classic Compact
IceCat/CompactHeader IceCat/CompactHeader CompactHeader
IceCat/External IP IceCat/External IP external IP
IceCat/Extra Folder Columns IceCat/Extra Folder Columns Extra Folder Columns
IceCat/FXChrome IceCat/FXChrome FXChrome
IceCat/FireSSH IceCat/FireSSH FireSSH
IceCat/Form History Control IceCat/Form History Control Form History Control
IceCat/HackBar IceCat/HackBar HackBar
IceCat/Hide Menubar IceCat/Hide Menubar Hide Menubar
IceCat/ImgLikeOpera IceCat/ImgLikeOpera ImgLikeOpera
IceCat/LavaFox V2 IceCat/LavaFox V2 LavaFox V2
IceCat/Master Password+ IceCat/Master Password+ Master Password+
IceCat/Multiple Addon Deactivator IceCat/Multiple Addon Deactivator Multiple Addon Deactivator
IceCat/Noia Fox IceCat/Noia Fox Noia Fox
IceCat/Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button) IceCat/Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button) Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button)
IceCat/Personas Plus IceCat/Personas Plus Personas Plus
IceCat/ProfileSwitcher IceCat/ProfileSwitcher ProfileSwitcher
IceCat/Quick Locale Switcher IceCat/Quick Locale Switcher Quick Locale Switcher
IceCat/Quick Translator IceCat/Quick Translator Quick Translator
IceCat/ScrapBook IceCat/ScrapBook ScrapBook
IceCat/Silent Block IceCat/Silent Block Silent Block
IceCat/Tab Scope IceCat/Tab Scope Tab Scope
IceCat/Text to Voice IceCat/Text to Voice Text to Voice
IceCat/XThunder IceCat/XThunder XThunder
Icedove Icedove Icedove
Igtf-policy-installation-bundle Igtf-policy-installation-bundle Igtf-policy-installation-bundle
JumpLink JumpLink JumpLink
Lazarus Lazarus Lazarus
Majix Majix Majix
MegaUpload MegaUpload MegaUpload
MonetDB MonetDB MonetDB
Multiple Addon Deactivator Multiple Addon Deactivator Multiple Addon Deactivator
Nbc Nbc Nbc
Pdftk Pdftk pdftk
Pleiades Pleiades Pleiades
QueXS QueXS queXS
QuickJava QuickJava QuickJava
Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit
SCSS Blend Modes SCSS Blend Modes Scss blend modes
Silent Block Silent Block Silent Block
State Machine Compiler State Machine Compiler State Machine Compiler
Tbdialout Tbdialout Tbdialout
Timeline Timeline Timeline
Tree Style Tab Tree Style Tab Tree Style Tab
Zotero Standalone Build Zotero Standalone Build Zotero standalone build
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