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AFFLIBv3 AFFLIBv3 Afflibv3
Aap Aap Aap
Abraca Abraca Abraca
Acsccid Acsccid Acsccid
Aegisub Aegisub Aegisub
AlsaModularSynth AlsaModularSynth Alsamodularsynth
Amavisd-milter Amavisd-milter Amavisd-milter
Android system core libraries and tools Android system core libraries and tools Android system/core libraries and tools
Arduino Arduino Arduino IDE
At At At
Avian Avian Avian
Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2
Awffull Awffull Awffull
Bcrypt-ruby Bcrypt-ruby Bcrypt-ruby
Beets Beets Beets
Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin
Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby
Bsnes Bsnes Bsnes
CMUSphinx- base CMUSphinx- base CMUSphinx- base
Cgit Cgit Cgit
Cinnamon-control-center Cinnamon-control-center Cinnamon-control-center
ClamAV ClamAV Clamav
Cmake Cmake Cmake
Conky Conky Conky
Cowlib Cowlib Cowlib
Crda Crda Crda
Curl Curl cURL
Distro-info Distro-info Distro-info
Dlz-ldap-enum Dlz-ldap-enum Dlz-ldap-enum
Dnsval Dnsval Dnsval
Duo unix Duo unix Duo_unix
Edfbrowser Edfbrowser Edfbrowser
Efl Efl Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
Entr Entr Entr
Figlet Figlet Figlet
FontTools FontTools FontTools
FreeRDP FreeRDP Freerdp
GNUstep Base GNUstep Base Gnustep base
Higan Higan Higan
Hitimes Hitimes Hitimes
Hostapd Hostapd Hostapd
Ino Ino Ino
Iw Iw Iw
Jalv Jalv Jalv
Julia Julia Julia
Kamailio Kamailio Kamailio
Krb5-strength Krb5-strength Krb5-strength
Krb5-sync Krb5-sync Krb5-sync
Kstart Kstart Kstart
Lbcd Lbcd Lbcd
Libass Libass Libass
Libgit2 Libgit2 Libgit2
Libkibi Libkibi Libkibi
Libpuzzle Libpuzzle Libpuzzle
Libressl Libressl LibreSSL
Libuv Libuv Libuv
Lilv Lilv Lilv
Lnav Lnav Lnav
Lv2core Lv2core Lv2core
MariaDB 10.0 MariaDB 10.0 Mariadb 10.0
Mirmake Mirmake mirmake
Misaka Misaka Misaka
Mksh Mksh mksh
Mozilla-devscripts Mozilla-devscripts Mozilla-devscripts
Mplayer2 Mplayer2 Mplayer2
MudPy MudPy MudPy
Mupdf Mupdf Mupdf
Musicbrainzngs Musicbrainzngs Musicbrainzngs
Musl Musl Musl
MySQL 5.5 MySQL 5.5 Mysql 5.5
Node-iconv Node-iconv Node-iconv
Npm Npm Npm
Nss securepass Nss securepass Nss_securepass
Ocaml-ipaddr Ocaml-ipaddr Ocaml-ipaddr
OpenClonk OpenClonk OpenClonk
Openlibm Openlibm Openlibm
Openpgp-asciiarmor Openpgp-asciiarmor Openpgp-asciiarmor
Pam ssh Pam ssh Pam_ssh
Percona XtraBackup Percona XtraBackup Percona xtrabackup
Pkg-perl-tools Pkg-perl-tools Pkg-perl-tools
PowerTOP PowerTOP Powertop
Pugl Pugl Pugl
Pupnp Pupnp Pupnp
Pyfilesystem Pyfilesystem Pyfilesystem
Python-clint Python-clint Python-clint
Quakespasm Quakespasm Quakespasm
Ranch Ranch Ranch
Read-package-json Read-package-json Read-package-json
Red Matrix Red Matrix Red Matrix
Redmine Redmine Redmine
Remctl Remctl Remctl
Requestbuilder Requestbuilder Requestbuilder
Rinku Rinku Rinku
Schelte Bron Schelte Bron Schelte bron
Serd Serd Serd
Socket6 Socket6 Socket6
Sodium Sodium Sodium
Sord Sord Sord
Spectrwm Spectrwm Spectrwm
Spotweb Spotweb Spotweb
Sratom Sratom Sratom
Suil Suil Suil
Symmetrica Symmetrica Symmetrica
Tmux Tmux Tmux
Ttyload Ttyload Ttyload
Vcversioner Vcversioner Vcversioner
Vpcs Vpcs Vpcs
Webauth Webauth Webauth
Webkit2gtk Webkit2gtk Webkit2gtk
Weechat-scripts Weechat-scripts Weechat-scripts
Whitedb Whitedb Whitedb
Wine Gecko Wine Gecko Wine gecko
Wireless-regdb Wireless-regdb Wireless-regdb
X264 X264 X264
X42-plugins X42-plugins X42-plugins
Xombrero Xombrero Xombrero
Zam-plugins Zam-plugins Zam-plugins
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