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LGPLv2orlater LGPLv2orlater#  
Abiword Abiword Abiword
Ace-of-penguins Ace-of-penguins Ace-of-penguins
AcePerl AcePerl Aceperl
Acsccid Acsccid Acsccid
AdPlug AdPlug Adplug
Allegro 4 Allegro 4 Allegro 4
Amide Amide Amide
Amsmercury Amsmercury Amsmercury
Apper Apper Apper
At-spi At-spi at-spi
At-spi2-atk At-spi2-atk At-spi2-atk
Atkmm1.6 Atkmm1.6 Atkmm1.6
Atril Atril Atril
Audiocd-kio Audiocd-kio Audiocd-kio
Audiofile Audiofile Audiofile
Avifile Avifile Avifile
Avogadro Avogadro Avogadro
Awffull Awffull Awffull
Awl Awl Awl
Baloo-widgets Baloo-widgets Baloo-widgets
Banshee Banshee Banshee
Bcrypt-ruby Bcrypt-ruby Bcrypt-ruby
Bird Bird Bird
Blobby Volley 2 Blobby Volley 2 Blobby volley 2
Bomber Bomber Bomber
Bombono Bombono Bombono
Briquolo Briquolo Briquolo
Brise Brise Brise
Browse Browse Browse
Byteplay Byteplay Byteplay
CSound CSound Csound
CUnit CUnit CUnit
Cairo-dock-plugins Cairo-dock-plugins Cairo-dock-plugins
Calligra Calligra Calligra
Cantata Cantata Cantata
CellWriter CellWriter Cellwriter
Ceph Ceph Ceph
Cinnamon-control-center Cinnamon-control-center Cinnamon-control-center
Cinnamon-desktop Cinnamon-desktop Cinnamon-desktop
Cinnamon-menus Cinnamon-menus Cinnamon-menus
Cinnamon-screensaver Cinnamon-screensaver Cinnamon-screensaver
Cinnamon-session Cinnamon-session Cinnamon-session
Cinnamon-settings-daemon Cinnamon-settings-daemon Cinnamon-settings-daemon
Clipit Clipit Clipit
Clutter Clutter Clutter
Clutter-gesture Clutter-gesture Clutter-gesture
Clxclient Clxclient Clxclient
Collabtive Collabtive Collabtive
Composite Composite Composite
Config-Augeas Config-Augeas Config-augeas
Config-Model-Backend-Augeas Config-Model-Backend-Augeas Config-model-backend-augeas
Config-Model-CursesUI Config-Model-CursesUI Config-model-cursesui
Couriergrey Couriergrey Couriergrey
Cpl Cpl Cpl
Crypt-Rijndael Crypt-Rijndael Crypt-rijndael
CurveFDP CurveFDP Curvefdp
Darkplaces Darkplaces Darkplaces
Davix Davix Davix
Dconf Dconf Dconf
Dictd Dictd Dictd
DirectFB DirectFB DirectFB
Dist-Zilla-LocaleTextDomain Dist-Zilla-LocaleTextDomain Dist-zilla-localetextdomain
Dwz Dwz Dwz
EClib EClib Eclib
Engrampa Engrampa Engrampa
Esorex Esorex Esorex
Ettercap Ettercap Ettercap
FGRun FGRun Fgrun
Falcom PL Falcom PL Falcom pl
Fcitx Fcitx Fcitx
Fcrackzip Fcrackzip Fcrackzip
Fftv Fftv fftv
FireTray FireTray Firetray
Flightgear Flightgear Flightgear
Foo-yc20 Foo-yc20 Foo-yc20
FreeTDS FreeTDS Freetds
GNOME Do GNOME Do Gnome do
GNU Backgammon GNU Backgammon Gnu backgammon
GStreamer-Editor GStreamer-Editor GStreamer-Editor
GammaRay GammaRay Gammaray
Gazpacho Gazpacho Gazpacho
Gbemol Gbemol Gbemol
Genroms Genroms genroms
Geoclue Geoclue GeoClue
Geocode-glib Geocode-glib Geocode-glib
Giggle Giggle Giggle
Glib-networking Glib-networking Glib-networking
Glibbind Glibbind glibbind
Gmpc Gmpc Gmpc
Gnome-desktop-testing Gnome-desktop-testing Gnome-desktop-testing
Gnome-main-menu Gnome-main-menu Gnome-main-menu
Gnome-photos Gnome-photos Gnome-photos
Gnome-search-tool Gnome-search-tool Gnome-search-tool
Gnome-sound-recorder Gnome-sound-recorder Gnome-sound-recorder
Gnome-speech Gnome-speech gnome-speech
Gnome2-Canvas Gnome2-Canvas Gnome2-canvas
Gnome2-GConf Gnome2-GConf Gnome2-gconf
Gnustep-examples Gnustep-examples Gnustep-examples
Gpac Gpac Gpac
Gsetroot Gsetroot Gsetroot
Gst-python Gst-python gst-python
Gst123 Gst123 Gst123
Gstreamer Gstreamer GStreamer
Gstreamer-sharp Gstreamer-sharp Gstreamer-sharp
Gstreamer-vaapi Gstreamer-vaapi Gstreamer-vaapi
Gstreamer0.10-rtsp Gstreamer0.10-rtsp Gstreamer0.10-rtsp
Gtk-traymanager Gtk-traymanager Gtk-traymanager
Gtk2-TrayIcon Gtk2-TrayIcon Gtk2-trayicon
Gtk2-TrayManager Gtk2-TrayManager Gtk2-traymanager
Gtkdataboxmm Gtkdataboxmm Gtkdataboxmm
Gtkmm-documentation Gtkmm-documentation Gtkmm-documentation
Gts Gts Gts
GuiLoader GuiLoader GuiLoader
GuiLoader C++ GuiLoader C++ GuiLoader/C++
Gwc Gwc Gwc
Hkl Hkl Hkl
IO-Socket-Socks IO-Socket-Socks Io-socket-socks
Ibus-client-clutter Ibus-client-clutter Ibus-client-clutter
IceS IceS Ices
Ifile Ifile Ifile
Iperf Iperf Iperf
Ipxe Ipxe Ipxe
Iridium Iridium Iridium
Isabella-ttf Isabella-ttf Isabella-ttf
Jackdmp Jackdmp Jackdmp
Java-getopt Java-getopt Gnu getopt - java port
KDEGraphics Strigi Analyzer KDEGraphics Strigi Analyzer Kdegraphics strigi analyzer
KSnapshot KSnapshot Ksnapshot
KSqlAnalyzer KSqlAnalyzer KSqlAnalyzer
KSquirrel-libs KSquirrel-libs KSquirrel-libs
Kaccessible Kaccessible Kaccessible
Kalzium Kalzium Kalzium
Kbounce Kbounce Kbounce
Kde-dev-scripts Kde-dev-scripts Kde-dev-scripts
Kde-dev-utils Kde-dev-utils Kde-dev-utils
Kdeartwork Kdeartwork Kdeartwork
Kdegraphics-thumbnailers Kdegraphics-thumbnailers Kdegraphics-thumbnailers
Kdesdk-kioslaves Kdesdk-kioslaves Kdesdk-kioslaves
Kdesdk-strigi-analyzers Kdesdk-strigi-analyzers Kdesdk-strigi-analyzers
Kexi Kexi Kexi
Keyutils Keyutils Keyutils
Kfourinline Kfourinline Kfourinline
Kiten Kiten Kiten
Kmix Kmix Kmix
Kolf Kolf Kolf
Kompare Kompare Kompare
Korundum Korundum Korundum
Kppp Kppp Kppp
Krdc Krdc Krdc
Kscreen Kscreen Kscreen
Ktp-accounts-kcm Ktp-accounts-kcm Ktp-accounts-kcm
Ktp-auth-handler Ktp-auth-handler Ktp-auth-handler
Ktp-common-internals Ktp-common-internals Ktp-common-internals
Ktp-text-ui Ktp-text-ui Ktp-text-ui
LXLauncher LXLauncher Lxlauncher
Lablgtk2 Lablgtk2 Lablgtk2
Lazarus Lazarus Lazarus
LibGlass LibGlass libGlass
Libccss Libccss Libccss
Libcdaudio Libcdaudio libcdaudio
Libdbusmenu-qt Libdbusmenu-qt Libdbusmenu-qt
Libdebconf-kde Libdebconf-kde Libdebconf-kde
Libfm Libfm Libfm
Libglade Libglade Libglade
Libgnomecanvas Libgnomecanvas libgnomecanvas
Libgphoto Libgphoto libgphoto
Libicns Libicns Libicns
Libiconv Libiconv GNU libiconv
Libindi Libindi Libindi
Libintl-perl Libintl-perl libintl-perl
Libkcddb Libkcddb Libkcddb
Libkcompactdisc Libkcompactdisc Libkcompactdisc
Libkdcraw Libkdcraw Libkdcraw
Libkdeedu Libkdeedu Libkdeedu
Libkdegames Libkdegames Libkdegames
Libkmahjongg Libkmahjongg Libkmahjongg
Libkomparediff2 Libkomparediff2 Libkomparediff2
Libkpeople Libkpeople Libkpeople
Libmaa Libmaa Libmaa
Libmatekbd Libmatekbd Libmatekbd
Libmbim Libmbim Libmbim
Libmm-qt Libmm-qt Libmm-qt
Libmtp Libmtp Libmtp
Libnm-qt Libnm-qt Libnm-qt
Libnova Libnova libnova
Liboobs Liboobs Liboobs
Libpropc++ Libpropc++ libpropc++
Libunistring Libunistring GNU Libunistring
Libvisca Libvisca libvisca
Libvisual Libvisual Libvisual
Libxfce4ui Libxfce4ui Libxfce4ui
Libxmp Libxmp Libxmp
Lightdm-kde Lightdm-kde Lightdm-kde
Lisp-cgi-utils Lisp-cgi-utils lisp-cgi-utils
Logos Logos Logos
LooperNG LooperNG LooperNG
Loqui Loqui Loqui
Loudmouth Loudmouth Loudmouth
Lskat Lskat Lskat
Lsof Lsof Lsof
Luaposix Luaposix Luaposix
MDBTools MDBTools Mdbtools
Marble Marble Marble
Mate-applets Mate-applets Mate-applets
Mate-control-center Mate-control-center Mate-control-center
Mate-desktop Mate-desktop Mate-desktop
Mate-indicator-applet Mate-indicator-applet Mate-indicator-applet
Mate-media Mate-media Mate-media
Mate-menus Mate-menus Mate-menus
Mate-netbook Mate-netbook Mate-netbook
Mate-panel Mate-panel Mate-panel
Mate-polkit Mate-polkit Mate-polkit
Mate-power-manager Mate-power-manager Mate-power-manager
Mate-screensaver Mate-screensaver Mate-screensaver
Mate-session-manager Mate-session-manager Mate-session-manager
Mate-settings-daemon Mate-settings-daemon Mate-settings-daemon
Mate-system-monitor Mate-system-monitor Mate-system-monitor
Mate-utils Mate-utils Mate-utils
Midgard Midgard Midgard
Mingw-w64 Mingw-w64 Mingw-w64
Mini-XML Mini-XML Mini-XML
Miwm Miwm Miwm
Mobyle Mobyle Mobyle
Mountall Mountall Mountall
Mp3wrap Mp3wrap mp3wrap
Muffin Muffin Muffin
MyPhotos MyPhotos MyPhotos
MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench Mysql workbench
NTFS-3G Advanced NTFS-3G Advanced Ntfs-3g advanced
NavIt NavIt NavIt
Nedit Nedit Nedit
Nemo Nemo Nemo
Nepomuk-core Nepomuk-core Nepomuk-core
Net LDAP Net LDAP Net_ldap
Net-Jabber Net-Jabber Net-jabber
Net-XMPP Net-XMPP Net-xmpp
Net6 Net6 net6
Network-manager-applet Network-manager-applet Network-manager-applet
NetworkManager-openvpn NetworkManager-openvpn Networkmanager-openvpn
NetworkManager-pptp NetworkManager-pptp Networkmanager-pptp
NetworkManager-vpnc NetworkManager-vpnc Networkmanager-vpnc
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