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LGPLv3 LGPLv3#  
AFFLIBv3 AFFLIBv3 Afflibv3
Aac-tactics Aac-tactics Aac-tactics
AbGate AbGate Abgate
Aisleriot Aisleriot Aisleriot
Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco
AppStream AppStream Appstream
Artistic Style Artistic Style Artistic style
AwesomeBump AwesomeBump AwesomeBump
Awl Awl Awl
Banshee Community Extensions Banshee Community Extensions Banshee community extensions
Beagle-lib Beagle-lib Beagle-lib
Boinc Boinc BOINC
Bowtie Bowtie Bowtie
Cairosvg Cairosvg Cairosvg
CamiTK CamiTK Camitk
Cassiopee Cassiopee Cassiopee
Chestnut Package Manager Chestnut Package Manager Chestnut Package Manager
Cifs-utils Cifs-utils Cifs-utils
Clustalx Clustalx Clustalx
Cmdparse Cmdparse Cmdparse
Code Blocks Code Blocks Code::Blocks
Codebird-js Codebird-js codebird-js
Cuba Cuba Cuba
Davical Davical Davical
Deap Deap Deap
Debea Database Library Debea Database Library Debea Database Library
Ding-libs Ding-libs Ding-libs
Dispcalgui Dispcalgui Dispcalgui
Dose Dose Dose
Drawtk Drawtk Drawtk
Dynare Dynare Dynare
EBook-speaker EBook-speaker Ebook-speaker
Eegdev Eegdev Eegdev
EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ Eiskaltdc++
Ember Ember Ember
Etk.docking Etk.docking Etk.docking
Event-dance Event-dance Event-dance
Ffi-rzmq Ffi-rzmq Ffi-rzmq
Flmsg Flmsg Flmsg
Flrig Flrig Flrig
Gastify Gastify Gastify
Geis Geis Geis
Ginkgo CADx Ginkgo CADx Ginkgo cadx
Gnome-photos Gnome-photos Gnome-photos
Gtk2-ImageView Gtk2-ImageView Gtk2-imageview
Gucharmap Gucharmap Gucharmap
GuessIt GuessIt Guessit
Hyphen-as Hyphen-as Hyphen-as
Hyphen-bn Hyphen-bn Hyphen-bn
Hyphen-gu Hyphen-gu Hyphen-gu
Hyphen-hi Hyphen-hi Hyphen-hi
Hyphen-kn Hyphen-kn Hyphen-kn
Hyphen-mr Hyphen-mr Hyphen-mr
Hyphen-pa Hyphen-pa Hyphen-pa
Hyphen-ta Hyphen-ta Hyphen-ta
Hyphen-te Hyphen-te Hyphen-te
IceCat/Belgium eID IceCat/Belgium eID Belgium eID
IceCat/Reader IceCat/Reader Reader
IceCat/Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox 11+ IceCat/Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox 11+ Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox 11+
IceCat/YouTube High Definition IceCat/YouTube High Definition YouTube High Definition
JXGrabKey JXGrabKey Jxgrabkey
Javaparser Javaparser Javaparser
Kazam Kazam Kazam
Kdesrc-build Kdesrc-build Kdesrc-build
Ktikz Ktikz Ktikz
LXDE-Icon-Theme LXDE-Icon-Theme Lxde-icon-theme
LXInput LXInput Lxinput
LXSession LXSession Lxsession
Lekhonee-gnome Lekhonee-gnome Lekhonee-gnome
Libbfio Libbfio Libbfio
Libcangjie Libcangjie Libcangjie
Libcsdbg Libcsdbg libcsdbg
Libde265 Libde265 Libde265
Libisds Libisds Libisds
Libkolab Libkolab Libkolab
Libkolabxml Libkolabxml Libkolabxml
Libltc Libltc Libltc
Libpff Libpff Libpff
Libphone-utils Libphone-utils Libphone-utils
LibreOffice LibreOffice LibreOffice
Librostlab Librostlab Librostlab
Librostlab-blast Librostlab-blast Librostlab-blast
Libunistring Libunistring GNU libunistring
Libxc Libxc Libxc
Libzen Libzen Libzen
Lightdm Lightdm Lightdm
Linear-Algebra package for Octave Linear-Algebra package for Octave Linear-algebra package for octave
Listaller Listaller Listaller
MPK MPK MathParseKit
Mate-terminal Mate-terminal Mate-terminal
MayaChemTools MayaChemTools MayaChemTools
Mirall Mirall Mirall
MoNav MoNav Monav
Moonshine Moonshine Moonshine
Moonshine Resque Moonshine Resque Moonshine Resque
Mplayer2 Mplayer2 Mplayer2
NeoTextureEdit NeoTextureEdit NeoTextureEdit
Ocsigen Server Ocsigen Server Ocsigen server
OpenNI OpenNI Openni
OpenTURNS OpenTURNS Openturns
OpenVulture OpenVulture OpenVulture
Opennn Opennn OpenNN
Osm2pgsql Osm2pgsql Osm2pgsql
Owncloud Owncloud ownCloud
PHing PHing Phing
Padre Padre Padre
PrimeSense Sensor Module for OpenNI PrimeSense Sensor Module for OpenNI Primesense sensor module for openni
Pure-python-otr Pure-python-otr Pure-python-otr
Puredata Puredata Puredata
Pyhunspell Pyhunspell Pyhunspell
Python-debiancontributors Python-debiancontributors Python-debiancontributors
Python-mpd Python-mpd Python-mpd
Python-musipd Python-musipd Python-musipd
Python-ntlm Python-ntlm Python-ntlm
Python-sfml Python-sfml Python-sfml
Python3-ldap Python3-ldap Python3-ldap
Quod Libet Quod Libet Quod Libet / Ex Falso
Reader Reader Reader
Rednotebook Rednotebook Rednotebook
Repsnapper Repsnapper Repsnapper
Riemann-c-client Riemann-c-client Riemann-c-client
RobOptim RobOptim RobOptim
Roxterm Roxterm Roxterm
Rtfilter Rtfilter Rtfilter
SciMath SciMath SciMath
Seabios Seabios SeaBIOS
SeqAn SeqAn Seqan
Solaar Solaar Solaar
Spacefm Spacefm Spacefm
Suds Suds Suds
Taskcoach Taskcoach Taskcoach
The Tango team The Tango team The tango team
Tiago Coutinho Tiago Coutinho Tiago coutinho
Trimage Trimage Trimage
Tryton-proteus Tryton-proteus Tryton-proteus
Ultracopier Ultracopier Ultracopier
Urwid-satext Urwid-satext Urwid-satext
Util-linux Util-linux Util-linux
Wikileaks Search Wikileaks Search Wikileaks Search
WxAstroCapture WxAstroCapture Wxastrocapture
WxPostgres WxPostgres wxPostgres
XML-Bare XML-Bare Xml-bare
Xarchiver Xarchiver Xarchiver
Xpra Xpra Xpra
Zeitgeist Zeitgeist Zeitgeist
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