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BSD_2Clause BSD_2Clause#  
ALSA driver ALSA driver ALSA driver
ASN.1 Compiler ASN.1 Compiler Asn.1 compiler
Abiword Abiword Abiword
Ae Ae Ae
Aircrack-ng Aircrack-ng Aircrack-ng
Android system core libraries and tools Android system core libraries and tools Android system/core libraries and tools
Android-tools Android-tools Android-tools
Androresolvd Androresolvd Androresolvd
Anonymine Anonymine Anonymine
Ansi Ansi Ansi
Ansible Ansible Ansible
Apache AxKit Apache AxKit Apache AxKit
Aptly Aptly Aptly
Arename Arename Arename
Ark Ark Ark
Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins
Authen-CAS-Client Authen-CAS-Client Authen-cas-client
Authen-Krb5-Admin Authen-Krb5-Admin Authen-krb5-admin
Autosetup Autosetup autosetup
Bareos Bareos Bareos
Batik Batik Batik
Bcfg2 Bcfg2 bcfg2
Bedtools Bedtools Bedtools
Bfgminer Bfgminer Bfgminer
Bladerf Bladerf Bladerf
Block-stream Block-stream Block-stream
Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby
Botan Botan Botan
Brass Brass Brass
Brewtarget Brewtarget Brewtarget
Btag Btag Btag
Bullet Bullet Bullet
Bwctl Bwctl Bwctl
CGI-Struct-XS CGI-Struct-XS Cgi-struct-xs
CMUSphinx- PocketSphinx CMUSphinx- PocketSphinx CMUSphinx- PocketSphinx
CMUSphinx- Training CMUSphinx- Training CMUSphinx- Training
CMUSphinx- base CMUSphinx- base CMUSphinx- base
CMUSphinx2 CMUSphinx2 CMUSphinx2
CMUSphinx3 CMUSphinx3 CMUSphinx3
Carrot Carrot Carrot
Celery Celery Celery
Cgit Cgit Cgit
Check Postgres Check Postgres Check_Postgres
Circle Blvd Circle Blvd Circle Blvd
ClamAV ClamAV Clamav
Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet
Classycle Classycle Classycle
Clucy Clucy Clucy
Cmail Cmail cmail
Cmake Cmake Cmake
Combat Combat Combat
Computational Geometry for Octave Computational Geometry for Octave Computational geometry for octave
Cookiejar Cookiejar Cookiejar
Core Core Core
Coverage Coverage Coverage
Crypto-pubkey Crypto-pubkey Crypto-pubkey
Dabo Dabo Dabo
Dcfldd Dcfldd Dcfldd
Dctrl-tools Dctrl-tools Dctrl-tools
Debconf Debconf Debconf
Deltarpm Deltarpm Deltarpm
Deprecated Deprecated Deprecated
Diffstat Diffstat Diffstat
Dive Into Python 3 Dive Into Python 3 Dive into python 3
Django-guardian Django-guardian Django-guardian
Django-piston Django-piston Django-piston
Django-pyscss Django-pyscss Django-pyscss
Djangorestframework Djangorestframework Djangorestframework
Djblets Djblets Djblets
Dnssec-trigger Dnssec-trigger Dnssec-trigger
Dnstracer Dnstracer Dnstracer
Doconce Doconce Doconce
Dojo Toolkit Dojo Toolkit Dojo toolkit
Domain name Domain name Domain_name
Dos2unix Dos2unix Dos2unix
Double Commander Double Commander Double commander
Downlow Downlow Downlow
Dpkg Dpkg Dpkg
Drmaa Drmaa Drmaa
EB Library EB Library Eb library
Ecasound Ecasound Ecasound
Efl Efl Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ Eiskaltdc++
Eltclsh Eltclsh eltclsh
Ember Ember Ember
Emgr Emgr emgr
Entities Entities Entities
Entr Entr Entr
Erubis Erubis Erubis
Euca2ools Euca2ools Euca2ools
Eucalyptus Systems Inc Eucalyptus Systems Inc Eucalyptus systems, inc
Evas Evas Evas
Evernote-mode Evernote-mode Evernote-mode
Exifprobe Exifprobe exifprobe
Ext4magic Ext4magic Ext4magic
Faulthandler Faulthandler Faulthandler
Ffdiaporama Ffdiaporama Ffdiaporama
File Iterator File Iterator File_iterator
Flannel Flannel Flannel
Flexable Flexable Flexable
Flexmock Flexmock Flexmock
Flint Flint Flint
Flup Flup Flup
Fmio Fmio fmio
Fortune Fortune Fortune
Fossil Fossil Fossil
Freedce Freedce freedce
Freetype Freetype Freetype
Frei0r-plugins Frei0r-plugins Frei0r-plugins
Fstream Fstream Fstream
Fstream-ignore Fstream-ignore Fstream-ignore
Funk Funk Funk
Furius Micro Rss Furius Micro Rss Furius Micro Rss
GDL - GNU Data Language GDL - GNU Data Language Gdl - gnu data language
GENIA Tagger GENIA Tagger GENIA Tagger
GammaRay GammaRay Gammaray
Ganeti Ganeti Ganeti
Gdcm Gdcm Gdcm
Geany-plugins Geany-plugins Geany-plugins
Geary Geary Geary
Git-repair Git-repair Git-repair
Gitflow Gitflow Gitflow
Github-backup Github-backup Github-backup
Globus gram job manager slurm Globus gram job manager slurm Globus_gram_job_manager_slurm
Gmerlin Gmerlin Gmerlin
Gnome-pie Gnome-pie Gnome-pie
Go-metrics Go-metrics Go-metrics
Godbus dbus Godbus dbus Godbus/dbus
Gorilla websocket Gorilla websocket Gorilla/websocket
Gpac Gpac Gpac
Graceful-fs Graceful-fs Graceful-fs
Gronk Gronk Gronk
Hacking Hacking Hacking
Hashery Hashery Hashery
Herrie Herrie Herrie
Hol-light Hol-light Hol-light
Horde Horde Horde
Horde View API Horde View API Horde view api
Host Host host
Hpecs Hpecs hpecs
I2util I2util I2util
Icalendar Icalendar Icalendar
IceCat/Aardvark IceCat/Aardvark Aardvark
IceCat/Locale Switcher IceCat/Locale Switcher Locale Switcher
Iftop Iftop Iftop
Ilya Etingof Ilya Etingof Ilya etingof
Image package for Octave Image package for Octave Image package for octave
ImageMagick ImageMagick ImageMagick
Io package for Octave Io package for Octave Io package for octave
Ipxe Ipxe Ipxe
Irssi-scripts Irssi-scripts Irssi-scripts
Istgt Istgt Istgt
JACK Keyboard JACK Keyboard Jack keyboard
Jam Jam Jam
Jimtcl Jimtcl Jimtcl
JobLib JobLib JobLib
Joblib Joblib Joblib
Json-stringify-safe Json-stringify-safe Json-stringify-safe
Juk Juk Juk
Julia Julia Julia
Juriscraper Juriscraper Juriscraper
Kamailio Kamailio Kamailio
Kde-dev-scripts Kde-dev-scripts Kde-dev-scripts
Kdesrc-build Kdesrc-build Kdesrc-build
Keystonemiddleware Keystonemiddleware Keystonemiddleware
Kniffel Kniffel Kniffel
KolourPaint KolourPaint KolourPaint
Korundum Korundum Korundum
LTFAT package for Octave LTFAT package for Octave Ltfat package for octave
Leaflet Leaflet Leaflet
Led.pl Led.pl led.pl
Lgeneral Lgeneral Lgeneral
LibLAS LibLAS Liblas
Libaudclient Libaudclient Libaudclient
Libevhtp Libevhtp Libevhtp
Libfaketime Libfaketime Libfaketime
Libgit2 Libgit2 Libgit2
Libkdegames Libkdegames Libkdegames
Liblastfm Liblastfm Liblastfm
Liblogging Liblogging Liblogging
Libmediainfo Libmediainfo Libmediainfo
Libnet Libnet Libnet
Libonig Libonig Libonig
Librdkafka Librdkafka Librdkafka
Libscrypt Libscrypt Libscrypt
Libsigrok Libsigrok Libsigrok
Libspf2 Libspf2 libspf2
Libsrs2 Libsrs2 libsrs2
Libssh Libssh Libssh
Libstrfunc Libstrfunc Libstrfunc
Libuv Libuv Libuv
Lierolibre Lierolibre Lierolibre
Lime Text Lime Text Lime Text
Linear-Algebra package for Octave Linear-Algebra package for Octave Linear-algebra package for octave
Lingerd Lingerd Lingerd
Lionet Lionet Lionet
Lithium Lithium Lithium
Litl Litl Litl
Livestreamer Livestreamer Livestreamer
Lockfile Lockfile Lockfile
Log4go Log4go Log4go
Lucene++ Lucene++ Lucene++
Lucy Lucy Lucy
Lz4 Lz4 Lz4
M2ext M2ext M2ext
MATIO - MATLAB MAT file I O library MATIO - MATLAB MAT file I O library Matio - matlab mat file i/o library
MD (md.py) MD (md.py) MD (md.py)
MNE-Python MNE-Python Mne-python
Madison-lite Madison-lite Madison-lite
MariaDB 10.0 MariaDB 10.0 Mariadb 10.0
Maruku Maruku Maruku
MathBench MathBench MathBench
Matlab2tikz Matlab2tikz Matlab2tikz
Mediainfo Mediainfo Mediainfo
MegaGlest MegaGlest Megaglest
Micro-httpd Micro-httpd Micro-httpd
Minimalist Minimalist Minimalist
Mirall Mirall Mirall
Mockldap Mockldap Mockldap
Mod ruby Mod ruby mod_ruby
Mongrel2 Mongrel2 Mongrel2
Monocle Monocle Monocle
Monopd Monopd Monopd
Mopidy Mopidy Mopidy
Morituri Morituri Morituri
Mpi4py Mpi4py Mpi4py
Mrs Mrs Mrs
Munkres Munkres Munkres
Mupen64plus-core Mupen64plus-core Mupen64plus-core
Musicbrainzngs Musicbrainzngs Musicbrainzngs
Musl Musl Musl
Mute-stream Mute-stream Mute-stream
NFO Viewer NFO Viewer NFO Viewer
NVIDIA Texture Tools NVIDIA Texture Tools Nvidia texture tools
Nana Nana GNU Nana
NavIt NavIt NavIt
Neo Neo Neo
Net-DHCPv6-DUID-Parser Net-DHCPv6-DUID-Parser Net-dhcpv6-duid-parser
Net-Libdnet Net-Libdnet Net-libdnet
Netalert Netalert netalert
Network Extraction from Images Network Extraction from Images NEFI
NetworkX NetworkX NetworkX
Nltk Nltk Nltk
Nocache Nocache Nocache
Node Node Node
Node-dequeue Node-dequeue Node-dequeue
Nose2 Nose2 Nose2
Npm Npm Npm
Npmlog Npmlog Npmlog
Numru-misc Numru-misc Numru-misc
Numru-units Numru-units Numru-units
Ocl-icd Ocl-icd Ocl-icd
Octave-image Octave-image Octave-image
Octave-io Octave-io Octave-io
Octave-video Octave-video Octave-video
OdePkg package for Octave OdePkg package for Octave Odepkg package for octave
Oftpd Oftpd oftpd
Once Once Once
Onyx Onyx Onyx
Open Axiom Open Axiom Open axiom
OpenCL OpenCL Botan
OpenJPEG OpenJPEG Openjpeg
OpenResty OpenResty OpenResty
Opencsg Opencsg Opencsg
Openjpeg Openjpeg Openjpeg
Openlibm Openlibm Openlibm
Openspecfun Openspecfun Openspecfun
Osenv Osenv Osenv
Oslo.sphinx Oslo.sphinx Oslo.sphinx
OwnCloud Documentation OwnCloud Documentation Owncloud documentation
Owncloud Owncloud ownCloud
PDL-IO-Matlab PDL-IO-Matlab Pdl-io-matlab
PDO: Python Database Objects PDO: Python Database Objects PDO: Python Database Objects
PGObject PGObject Pgobject
PGObject-Simple PGObject-Simple Pgobject-simple
PGObject-Simple-Role PGObject-Simple-Role Pgobject-simple-role
PGObject-Util-DBMethod PGObject-Util-DBMethod Pgobject-util-dbmethod
Pam ssh Pam ssh Pam_ssh
Pandas Pandas Pandas
Paragrep Paragrep Paragrep
Patsy Patsy Patsy
Paul s Extreme Sound Stretch Paul s Extreme Sound Stretch Paul's extreme sound stretch
Pbr Pbr Pbr
Pfflowd Pfflowd pfflowd
Pgrouting Pgrouting Pgrouting
Php-net-sieve Php-net-sieve Php-net-sieve
Pixz Pixz Pixz
Pngcrush Pngcrush Pngcrush
Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) Portable Media Player library (PMPlib)
Postr Postr Postr
Prima Prima Prima
ProjectM ProjectM Projectm
Propellor Propellor Propellor
Protege Desktop Protege Desktop Protégé Desktop
Psi+ Psi+ Psi+
Publib Publib Publib
PyMonitor PyMonitor PyMonitor
PyRESTclient PyRESTclient PyRESTclient
Pyasn1 Pyasn1 Pyasn1
Pyfftw Pyfftw Pyfftw
Pygments Pygments Pygments
Pytables Pytables Pytables
Pyte Pyte Pyte
Pytest Pytest Pytest
Python-concurrent.futures Python-concurrent.futures Python-concurrent.futures
Python-docutils Python-docutils Python-docutils
Python-fitbit Python-fitbit Python-fitbit
Python-tblib Python-tblib Python-tblib
Python-tuskarclient Python-tuskarclient Python-tuskarclient
Python-xml-toolkit Python-xml-toolkit Python-xml-toolkit
Pythondialog Pythondialog Pythondialog
Qtcreator Qtcreator Qtcreator
Qtdeclarative-opensource-src Qtdeclarative-opensource-src Qtdeclarative-opensource-src
Qtkeychain Qtkeychain Qtkeychain
Qtscript-opensource-src Qtscript-opensource-src Qtscript-opensource-src
Qtwebkit Qtwebkit Qtwebkit
Qtwebkit-opensource-src Qtwebkit-opensource-src Qtwebkit-opensource-src
QueXC QueXC queXC
RESTEasy RESTEasy Resteasy
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
Radare2 Radare2 Radare2
Radmind Radmind radmind
Rally Rally Rally
ReacTIVision ReacTIVision ReacTIVision
Read Read Read
Rebar Rebar Rebar
Redis Redis Redis
Retain Retain Retain
Rlvm Rlvm Rlvm
Rmilter Rmilter Rmilter
Rpatricia Rpatricia Rpatricia
Rspamd Rspamd Rspamd
Rssh Rssh Rssh
Ruby-hdfeos5 Ruby-hdfeos5 Ruby-hdfeos5
Ruby-multibitnums Ruby-multibitnums Ruby-multibitnums
Ruby-narray-miss Ruby-narray-miss Ruby-narray-miss
Rumai Rumai Rumai
RunFunc RunFunc RunFunc
Russross blackfriday Russross blackfriday Russross/blackfriday
SMPlayer SMPlayer SMPlayer
SQLAlchemy SQLAlchemy SQLAlchemy
STLport STLport STLport
Salt Salt Salt
Sax Sax Sax
Scikit-image Scikit-image Scikit-image
Scintilla Scintilla Scintilla
Scoop Scoop Scoop
Scrypt Scrypt Scrypt
SeL4 SeL4 seL4
Semver Semver Semver
Sendmail Administration Sendmail Administration Sendmail Administration
SiMath SiMath SiMath
Sigmund Sigmund Sigmund
Signing-party Signing-party Signing-party
Silan Silan Silan
SimThyr SimThyr SimThyr
SipXtapi SipXtapi Sipxtapi
Smokegen Smokegen Smokegen
Sodium Sodium Sodium
Softflowd Softflowd softflowd
Spamresponder Spamresponder spamresponder
Sphinx Sphinx Sphinx
Sphinx ReadTheDocs theme Sphinx ReadTheDocs theme Sphinx readthedocs theme
Sphinxcontrib-actdiag Sphinxcontrib-actdiag Sphinxcontrib-actdiag
Sphinxcontrib-blockdiag Sphinxcontrib-blockdiag Sphinxcontrib-blockdiag
Sphinxcontrib-nwdiag Sphinxcontrib-nwdiag Sphinxcontrib-nwdiag
Sphinxcontrib-phpdomain Sphinxcontrib-phpdomain Sphinxcontrib-phpdomain
Sphinxcontrib-programoutput Sphinxcontrib-programoutput Sphinxcontrib-programoutput
Sphinxcontrib-seqdiag Sphinxcontrib-seqdiag Sphinxcontrib-seqdiag
Sphinxcontrib-spelling Sphinxcontrib-spelling Sphinxcontrib-spelling
Sphinxcontrib-youtube Sphinxcontrib-youtube Sphinxcontrib-youtube
Spidermonkey Spidermonkey Spidermonkey
Spiped Spiped Spiped
SpringLobby SpringLobby Springlobby
Stapler Stapler Stapler
Statsmodels Statsmodels Statsmodels
Stdsyslog Stdsyslog Stdsyslog
Streaming-commons Streaming-commons Streaming-commons
Strings package for Octave Strings package for Octave Strings package for octave
SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM
Sushi Sushi Sushi
Sysdig Sysdig Sysdig
Sysyphus Sysyphus Sisyphus
Tbclock Tbclock tbclock
Tc-play Tc-play Tc-play
Tcpcopy Tcpcopy Tcpcopy
Tcplay Tcplay tcplay
Terminology Terminology Terminology
Text Text Text
Tiled Tiled Tiled
Timelimit Timelimit Timelimit
Torbirdy Torbirdy Torbirdy
Totd Totd Totd
TracTags TracTags Tractags
Traceroute Traceroute Traceroute
TranslatedPagesMacro TranslatedPagesMacro Translatedpagesmacro
Trove Trove Trove
Tvlisting 2 Tvlisting 2 tvlisting
UDJ-Desktop-Client UDJ-Desktop-Client Udj-desktop-client
Ucltip Ucltip Ucltip
Udisks-glue Udisks-glue Udisks-glue
UglifyJS UglifyJS Uglifyjs
Unf Unf Unf
Ust Ust Ust
Util-linux Util-linux Util-linux
Vexim Vexim vexim
Vifm Vifm Vifm
Vlfrx-tools Vlfrx-tools Vlfrx-tools
Vpcs Vpcs Vpcs
Vpnc Vpnc Vpnc
Vsgui Vsgui Vsgui
Waffle Waffle Waffle
WaveSurfer WaveSurfer WaveSurfer
Webkit2gtk Webkit2gtk Webkit2gtk
Webrobots Webrobots Webrobots
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
Wine Gecko Wine Gecko Wine gecko
WordNet WordNet WordNet
Wrapt Wrapt Wrapt
Wsjtx Wsjtx Wsjtx
Xappy Xappy Xappy
Xbae Xbae Xbae
Xombrero Xombrero Xombrero
Xonix Xonix Xonix
Xpra Xpra Xpra
Xwiimote Xwiimote Xwiimote
Yapsy Yapsy Yapsy
Yaws Yaws Yaws
Yorick Yorick Yorick
Yrmcds Yrmcds Yrmcds
Zfec Zfec Zfec
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