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BSD_3Clause BSD_3Clause#  
4store 4store 4store
ADOdb Lite ADOdb Lite ADOdb Lite
ADOdb for Python ADOdb for Python ADOdb for Python
ADX Addressbook ADX Addressbook adx - addressbook.xml
AFFLIBv3 AFFLIBv3 Afflibv3
ALSA plugins ALSA plugins ALSA plugins
AMQP Protocol AMQP Protocol Amqp protocol
Aafigure Aafigure Aafigure
Abstract-deque Abstract-deque Abstract-deque
Abstract-par Abstract-par Abstract-par
Accerciser Accerciser Accerciser
Access user Class Access user Class Access_user Class
Ada Web Server Ada Web Server Ada web server
Advene Advene Advene
Aegisub Aegisub Aegisub
AeroCalc AeroCalc AeroCalc
Aesfix Aesfix Aesfix
Aeskeyfind Aeskeyfind Aeskeyfind
Aeson-pretty Aeson-pretty Aeson-pretty
Aesutil 2 Aesutil 2 Aesutil
Aircrack-ng Aircrack-ng Aircrack-ng
Alienblaster Alienblaster Alienblaster
Allegro 5 Allegro 5 Allegro 5
Amarok Amarok Amarok
Analitza Analitza Analitza
Analog Analog Analog
Android system core libraries and tools Android system core libraries and tools Android system/core libraries and tools
Anolis Anolis Anolis
Anthy Anthy Anthy
AppTools AppTools AppTools
Aptly Aptly Aptly
Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium
Argbash Argbash argbash
ArgyllCMS ArgyllCMS Argyllcms
Ark Ark Ark
Asn1-encoding Asn1-encoding Asn1-encoding
Asn1-parse Asn1-parse Asn1-parse
Asn1-types Asn1-types Asn1-types
Assimp Assimp Assimp
AstroCam AstroCam AstroCam
Atomthreads Atomthreads Atomthreads
Attic Attic Attic
Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins
Audio-Scan Audio-Scan Audio-scan
Audiocd-kio Audiocd-kio Audiocd-kio
Audiofile Audiofile Audiofile
Auth Auth Auth
Auth SASL Auth SASL Auth_sasl
Auto-07p Auto-07p Auto-07p
Autodist Autodist Autodist
Autofs5 Autofs5 Autofs5
Autoload Builder Autoload Builder Autoload builder
Autotalent Autotalent Autotalent
Avogadro Avogadro Avogadro
Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2
Aws Aws Aws
Axiom Axiom Axiom
Ayam Ayam Ayam
BSFlite BSFlite BSFlite
Babel Babel Babel
Babelfish Babelfish Babelfish
Backbone-dirty Backbone-dirty Backbone-dirty
Ballz Ballz Ballz
Barcat Barcat barcat
Bareos Bareos Bareos
BasE91 BasE91 basE91
BaseX BaseX Basex
BatchJobs BatchJobs Batchjobs
Beautiful Soup Beautiful Soup Beautiful Soup
Bff Bff bff
Bfgminer Bfgminer Bfgminer
BigMath BigMath BigMath
Bignumber.js Bignumber.js Bignumber.js
Billiard Billiard Billiard
BinaryOrNot BinaryOrNot Binaryornot
Bitten Bitten Bitten
Bjsonrpc Bjsonrpc Bjsonrpc
Bladerf Bladerf Bladerf
BlameHangle BlameHangle BlameHangle
Blinker Blinker Blinker
Blobby Volley 2 Blobby Volley 2 Blobby volley 2
Blobwars Blobwars Blobwars
BlockCanvas BlockCanvas BlockCanvas
Bluecloth Bluecloth Bluecloth
Bones Bones Bones
Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby Bonsai Ruby
Boolball Boolball Boolball
BoundedChan BoundedChan Boundedchan
Breathe Breathe Breathe
Brian Brian Brian
Bricolage Bricolage Bricolage
Brightway2 Brightway2 Brightway2
BugPort BugPort BugPort
Bullet Bullet Bullet
Byteable Byteable Byteable
Bytedump Bytedump Bytedump
CMake CMake CMake
CMocka CMocka Cmocka
CSS-Compressor CSS-Compressor Css-compressor
CVSHistory CVSHistory CVSHistory
CVSconnect CVSconnect Cvsconnect
Calibre Calibre Calibre
Calligra Calligra Calligra
Camlp5 Camlp5 Camlp5
Cantor Cantor Cantor
Cassava Cassava Cassava
Cde Cde Cde
Ceph Ceph Ceph
Cfflib Cfflib Cfflib
Cgixx Cgixx cgixx
Cgminer Cgminer Cgminer
Chado Chado Chado
Chameleon Chameleon Chameleon
CharLS CharLS Charls
Charset Charset Charset
Chasen Chasen Chasen
CheckUPS CheckUPS CheckUPS
Cherly Cherly Cherly
CherryPy CherryPy CherryPy
Chicken Chicken Chicken
Childsplay Childsplay Childsplay
Chromium Chromium Chromium
Chromium Embedded Framework Chromium Embedded Framework Chromium Embedded Framework
Cipher-aes Cipher-aes Cipher-aes
Cipher-blowfish Cipher-blowfish Cipher-blowfish
Cipher-camellia Cipher-camellia Cipher-camellia
Cipher-des Cipher-des Cipher-des
Circuits Circuits Circuits
Cjs Cjs Cjs
ClamAV ClamAV Clamav
ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater Clamav unofficial signatures updater
ClientForm ClientForm ClientForm
Clojure Clojure Clojure
Closure Compiler Closure Compiler Closure compiler
Cloud sptheme Cloud sptheme Cloud_sptheme
Cmake Cmake Cmake
Cmdliner Cmdliner Cmdliner
Cmtk Cmtk Cmtk
CodeTools CodeTools CodeTools
Codemirror Codemirror Codemirror
Coderay Coderay Coderay
Coffin Coffin Coffin
Cogl Cogl Cogl
Colobot Colobot Colobot
Colubrid Colubrid Colubrid
Comanche Server Comanche Server Comanche Server
Comparator Comparator Comparator
Computational Geometry for Octave Computational Geometry for Octave Computational geometry for octave
Concurrence Concurrence Concurrence
Condor Condor Condor
ConfigObj ConfigObj ConfigObj
Conky Conky Conky
Connection Connection Connection
Connectomeviewer Connectomeviewer Connectomeviewer
Control-monad-loop Control-monad-loop Control-monad-loop
Convert-Binary-C Convert-Binary-C Convert-binary-c
Cookiecutter Cookiecutter Cookiecutter
CouchDB CouchDB Python library for CouchDB
CouchDBKit CouchDBKit CouchDBKit
Couchdb-python Couchdb-python couchdb-python
CppUTest CppUTest Cpputest
Crtmpserver Crtmpserver Crtmpserver
Crypto-cipher-types Crypto-cipher-types Crypto-cipher-types
Crypto-numbers Crypto-numbers Crypto-numbers
Crypto-random Crypto-random Crypto-random
Crypto-random-api Crypto-random-api Crypto-random-api
Cryptohash-cryptoapi Cryptohash-cryptoapi Cryptohash-cryptoapi
Csh Csh Csh
CsvUtils CsvUtils CsvUtils
Curl Curl cURL
CuteFlow CuteFlow CuteFlow
CvsKnit CvsKnit CvsKnit
CvsWeb CvsWeb CvsWeb
Cvssuck Cvssuck Cvssuck
Cwm Cwm cwm
D-Bus D-Bus D-bus
D3.js D3.js D3.js
DBI Frame DBI Frame DBI::Frame
DTD Parser DTD Parser Dtd parser
Daemonize Daemonize Daemonize
Dajax Dajax Dajax
Data-pprint Data-pprint Data-pprint
Data.Gov Importer for the National Data Catalog Data.Gov Importer for the National Data Catalog Data.Gov Importer for the National Data Catalog
Date Date Date
Dawgdic Dawgdic Dawgdic
DbUnit port for PHP PHPUnit DbUnit port for PHP PHPUnit Dbunit port for php/phpunit
Dcfldd Dcfldd Dcfldd
DecentXML DecentXML Decentxml
Deepseq-generics Deepseq-generics Deepseq-generics
Deliantra Client Deliantra Client Deliantra Client
Delta Delta Delta
Deltared Deltared Deltared
Deltarpm Deltarpm Deltarpm
Detox Detox detox
Devel-NYTProf Devel-NYTProf Devel-nytprof
Dfc Dfc Dfc
Dh-golang Dh-golang Dh-golang
DiStorm64 DiStorm64 Distorm64
Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams
Diagrams-cairo Diagrams-cairo Diagrams-cairo
Diagrams-core Diagrams-core Diagrams-core
Diagrams-lib Diagrams-lib Diagrams-lib
Dictd Dictd Dictd
DirectoryScanner DirectoryScanner Directoryscanner
Diri Diri Diri
Discosnp Discosnp Discosnp
Distribulator Distribulator Distribulator
Django Django Django
Django-bootstrap-form Django-bootstrap-form Django-bootstrap-form
Django-classy-tags Django-classy-tags Django-classy-tags
Django-dajax Django-dajax Django-dajax
Django-dajaxice Django-dajaxice Django-dajaxice
Django-guardian Django-guardian Django-guardian
Django-haystack Django-haystack Django-haystack
Django-jsonfield Django-jsonfield Django-jsonfield
Django-macaddress Django-macaddress Django-macaddress
Django-model-utils Django-model-utils Django-model-utils
Django-pagination Django-pagination Django-pagination
Django-polymorphic Django-polymorphic Django-polymorphic
Django-registration Django-registration Django-registration
Django-rest-framework-nested-resource Django-rest-framework-nested-resource Django-rest-framework-nested-resource
Django-sekizai Django-sekizai Django-sekizai
Django-shortuuidfield Django-shortuuidfield Django-shortuuidfield
Django-sortedm2m Django-sortedm2m Django-sortedm2m
Djinn Djinn Djinn
Dlist-instances Dlist-instances Dlist-instances
Dma Dma Dma
Dnssec-trigger Dnssec-trigger Dnssec-trigger
Dnsval Dnsval Dnsval
Doctrine ORM Doctrine ORM Doctrine orm
Doctrine Sphinx Theme Doctrine Sphinx Theme Doctrine sphinx theme
Docutils Docutils Docutils
Dogpile.cache Dogpile.cache Dogpile.cache
Dogpile.core Dogpile.core Dogpile.core
Domain name Domain name Domain_name
Dompdf Dompdf Dompdf
DotLRN DotLRN Dotlrn
Double Commander Double Commander Double commander
Double-conversion Double-conversion Double-conversion
Dparser Dparser dparser
Dpkg-awk Dpkg-awk Dpkg-awk
DreamPie DreamPie Dreampie
Drmips Drmips Drmips
Droopy Droopy Droopy
Dump Restore Dump Restore Dump/Restore
Duo unix Duo unix Duo_unix
DynObj DynObj DynObj
EB Library EB Library Eb library
EMpy EMpy EMpy
ETS- Enthought Tool Suite ETS- Enthought Tool Suite ETS- Enthought Tool Suite
ETS- Enthought Tool Suite Project Tools ETS- Enthought Tool Suite Project Tools ETS- Enthought Tool Suite Project Tools
EasyGUI EasyGUI Easygui
EditorConfig core EditorConfig core EditorConfig
Efont-unicode-bdf Efont-unicode-bdf Efont-unicode-bdf
EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ Eiskaltdc++
Either Either Either
Ekg Ekg Ekg
Elgg Elgg Elgg
Eliot Eliot Eliot
Elk Elk Elk
Enstaller Enstaller Enstaller
EnthoughtBase EnthoughtBase EnthoughtBase
Epto Epto epto
Erlang-jiffy Erlang-jiffy Erlang-jiffy
Errors Errors Errors
Escape Escape Escape
Esqueleto Esqueleto Esqueleto
Ettercap Ettercap Ettercap
Exporter Exporter Exporter
F-Spot F-Spot F-Spot
FDOMDocument FDOMDocument Fdomdocument
Fakechroot Fakechroot Fakechroot
Falcom PL Falcom PL Falcom pl
Fast-cpp-csv-parser Fast-cpp-csv-parser Fast-cpp-csv-parser
Fb Fb Fb
Fcitx-chewing Fcitx-chewing Fcitx-chewing
Fcl Fcl Fcl
Ffmpegthumbs Ffmpegthumbs Ffmpegthumbs
Fget Fget fget
Figlet Figlet Figlet
File Iterator File Iterator File_iterator
File Service Protocol File Service Protocol File Service Protocol
FinderFacade FinderFacade Finderfacade
Fizsh Fizsh Fizsh
Flashcache Flashcache Flashcache
Flask-AutoIndex Flask-AutoIndex Flask-autoindex
Flask-Babel Flask-Babel Flask-babel
Flask-OpenID Flask-OpenID Flask-openid
Flask-Silk Flask-Silk Flask-silk
Flask-script Flask-script Flask-script
Flask-sqlalchemy Flask-sqlalchemy Flask-sqlalchemy
Flatland Flatland Flatland
Flightgear Flightgear Flightgear
Flower Flower Flower
Fog Fog Fog
Foldl Foldl Foldl
Fomp Fomp Fomp
FontForge FontForge FontForge
FooBillard++ FooBillard++ Foobillard++
Forban Forban Forban
Fotofix Fotofix fotofix
Fpdns Fpdns Fpdns
FreeOrion FreeOrion Freeorion
FreeRDP FreeRDP Freerdp
Freedoom Freedoom freedoom
Freetype Freetype Freetype
Fs-uae Fs-uae Fs-uae
Fsnotify Fsnotify Fsnotify
FtpUtil FtpUtil FtpUtil
GDL - GNU Data Language GDL - GNU Data Language Gdl - gnu data language
GMIDImonitor GMIDImonitor Gmidimonitor
GNOME Do GNOME Do Gnome do
GNU Backgammon GNU Backgammon Gnu backgammon
GPL Ghostscript GPL Ghostscript Gpl ghostscript
GPS-Point GPS-Point Gps-point
GTAMSAnalyzer GTAMSAnalyzer Gtamsanalyzer
Gamera Gamera Gamera
Games-thumbnails Games-thumbnails Games-thumbnails
GammaRay GammaRay Gammaray
Ganv Ganv Ganv
Garminplugin Garminplugin Garminplugin
Gauche Gauche Gauche
Gbemol Gbemol Gbemol
Gdcm Gdcm Gdcm
Gem Gem Gem
General package for Octave General package for Octave General package for octave
Generic-deriving Generic-deriving Generic-deriving
Genshi Genshi Genshi
GeoTIFF GeoTIFF Geotiff
Gevent-socketio Gevent-socketio Gevent-socketio
Gflags Gflags Gflags
Ghc Ghc ghc
GitPython GitPython GitPython
Gitso Gitso Gitso
Glew Glew Glew
Glue (command line tool) Glue (command line tool) Glue
Gnome BitTorrent Downloader Gnome BitTorrent Downloader Gnome BitTorrent Downloader
Gnome-btdownload Gnome-btdownload Gnome-btdownload
Gnome-shell-extension-openweather Gnome-shell-extension-openweather Gnome-shell-extension-openweather
Gnome-sound-recorder Gnome-sound-recorder Gnome-sound-recorder
Go-uuid Go-uuid Go-uuid
Gogs Gogs Gogs
Golang-dns Golang-dns Golang-dns
Golang-go-flags Golang-go-flags Golang-go-flags
Golang-go.crypto Golang-go.crypto Golang-go.crypto
Golang-gocheck Golang-gocheck Golang-gocheck
Golang-gogoprotobuf Golang-gogoprotobuf Golang-gogoprotobuf
Golang-goprotobuf Golang-goprotobuf Golang-goprotobuf
Golang-libgeoip Golang-libgeoip Golang-libgeoip
Golang-nzaat Golang-nzaat Golang-nzaat
Golang-pb Golang-pb Golang-pb
Golang-rrd Golang-rrd Golang-rrd
GoldenCheetah GoldenCheetah Goldencheetah
Google Mock Google Mock Google Mock
Google Test Google Test Google Test
Google-glog Google-glog Google-glog
Gopacket Gopacket Gopacket
Gosqlite Gosqlite Gosqlite
Gpac Gpac Gpac
Graphics3D Graphics3D Graphics3D
GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick
Graticule Graticule Graticule
Greed Greed Greed
Gringo Gringo Gringo
Grok Grok Grok
Groovebasin Groovebasin Groovebasin
Groups Groups Groups
Gxkb Gxkb Gxkb
HCluster HCluster HCluster
HFuse HFuse Hfuse
HTML Safe HTML Safe Html_safe
HTTP Request2 HTTP Request2 Http_request2
HTTP WebDAV Server HTTP WebDAV Server Http_webdav_server
Halloc Halloc halloc
Happstack-authenticate Happstack-authenticate Happstack-authenticate
Happstack-heist Happstack-heist Happstack-heist
Happstack-hsp Happstack-hsp Happstack-hsp
Hasard Hasard Hasard
Haskell-qrencode Haskell-qrencode Haskell-qrencode
Haskell-src-meta Haskell-src-meta Haskell-src-meta
HawtJNI HawtJNI Hawtjni
Haxr Haxr Haxr
Heartbleeder Heartbleeder Heartbleeder
Hedis Hedis Hedis
Heimdal Heimdal Heimdal
Heist Heist Heist
Hexer Hexer Hexer
Hgettext Hgettext Hgettext
Hidetopbar Hidetopbar Hidetopbar
Highlight.js Highlight.js Highlight.js
Hikidoc Hikidoc Hikidoc
Hiredis Hiredis Hiredis
Hiredis-py Hiredis-py Hiredis-py
Hiredis-rb Hiredis-rb Hiredis-rb
Hit Hit Hit
HitMeter HitMeter HitMeter
Hol-light Hol-light Hol-light
Horde Horde Horde
Hostapd Hostapd Hostapd
Hourglass Hourglass Hourglass
Hping3 Hping3 Hping3
Hsx2hs Hsx2hs Hsx2hs
Htcondor Htcondor Htcondor
Http-attoparsec Http-attoparsec Http-attoparsec
Http-reverse-proxy Http-reverse-proxy Http-reverse-proxy
Httparty Httparty Httparty
Httplib2 Httplib2 Httplib2
Hugs Hugs hugs
Hyper Estraier Hyper Estraier Hyper Estraier
I3 I3 i3
IML - Integer Matrix Library IML - Integer Matrix Library Iml - integer matrix library
IPython IPython IPython
IRCD-Hybrid IRCD-Hybrid Ircd-hybrid
IbPy IbPy IbPy
Icarus Verilog Icarus Verilog Icarus Verilog
IceCat/Firebug IceCat/Firebug Firebug
IceCat/Greasemonkey IceCat/Greasemonkey Greasemonkey
Icemon Icemon Icemon
Icinga 2 Icinga 2 Icinga 2
Icpld Icpld icpld
Id3tool Id3tool id3tool
Idesk Idesk Idesk
Iftop Iftop Iftop
Ike Ike Ike
ImagePat ImagePat ImagePat
InnoExtract InnoExtract Innoextract
Inspircd Inspircd Inspircd
IntelHEX IntelHEX IntelHEX
Io Io Io
Io-streams Io-streams Io-streams
Ioapps Ioapps Ioapps
Ioquake3 Ioquake3 Ioquake3
Iperf Iperf Iperf
Ipmitool Ipmitool Ipmitool
Ipsvd Ipsvd ipsvd
Ipxe Ipxe Ipxe
Ircbot Ircbot Ircbot
Iridium Iridium Iridium
Isodate Isodate Isodate
Isounidecode Isounidecode Isounidecode
Ivy-Python Ivy-Python Ivy-Python
JGoodies Commons JGoodies Commons Jgoodies commons
JGoodies Forms JGoodies Forms Jgoodies forms
JMonkeyEngine JMonkeyEngine jMonkeyEngine
JNLP Servlet JNLP Servlet Jnlp servlet
JZlib JZlib JZlib
Jack capture Jack capture Jack_capture
Jailkit Jailkit Jailkit
Jalv Jalv Jalv
Janino Janino Janino
JarDiff JarDiff Jardiff
JavaMail API distribution JavaMail API distribution Javamail api distribution
Jemalloc Jemalloc Jemalloc
Jibx Jibx Jibx
Jingo Jingo Jingo
Jinja Jinja Jinja
Jline2 Jline2 Jline2
Jmacro Jmacro Jmacro
JobLib JobLib JobLib
Joblib Joblib Joblib
Jsdiff Jsdiff Jsdiff
JsonPickle JsonPickle JsonPickle
Jsonpickle Jsonpickle Jsonpickle
Jsr-305 Jsr-305 Jsr-305
JuicyPixels JuicyPixels Juicypixels
Juk Juk Juk
Julia Julia Julia
Jxp Jxp Jxp
KDE GTK Configurator KDE GTK Configurator Kde gtk configurator
KLone KLone KLone
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