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GPLv3 GPLv3#  
4Pane 4Pane 4Pane
ATC-pie ATC-pie ATC-pie
Acedb Acedb Acedb
Acsccid Acsccid Acsccid
Activation Activation GNU JAF
Adblock Plus Adblock Plus Adblock Plus (ABP)
Airtime Airtime Airtime
Algol 68 Genie Algol 68 Genie Algol 68 Genie
Almanah Almanah Almanah
Alterparagraphs Alterparagraphs Alterparagraphs
Amispammer Amispammer Amispammer
AmpliconNoise AmpliconNoise Ampliconnoise
Apt clone Apt clone Apt clone
Archimedes Archimedes GNU Archimedes
Ardesia Ardesia Ardesia
Arduino Arduino Arduino IDE
Args4j Args4j Args4j
ArkOS ArkOS arkOS
Astroid Astroid Astroid
Asymptopia Blackjack Asymptopia Blackjack Asymptopia Blackjack
Auale Auale Aualé: The Game of Mancala
Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins
Audio Space Audio Space Audio Space
Audio-RPLD Audio-RPLD Audio-rpld
Avis Avis Avis
Awhttpd Awhttpd Anti-Web httpd (awhttpd)
Ballandpaddle Ballandpaddle Ball and Paddle
Balsa Balsa Balsa
Ben-jose Ben-jose ben-jose
Besssugo Besssugo besssugo
Better Angels Buoy Better Angels Buoy Better Angels' Buoy
Bibfilex Bibfilex Bibfilex
Binutils Binutils GNU Binary Utilities
BioMAJ BioMAJ Biomaj
Bitwise enums Bitwise enums bitwise enums
Blazeblogger Blazeblogger Blazeblogger
BleachBit BleachBit BleachBit
Bloody Vikings! Bloody Vikings! Bloody Vikings!
Bool Bool GNU Bool
Brewtarget Brewtarget Brewtarget
Brian Brian Brian
Bridge Method Injector Bridge Method Injector Bridge method injector
Brise Brise Brise
Bsnes Bsnes Bsnes
Buku Buku Buku
CQuerl CQuerl CQuerl
CVAssistant CVAssistant CVAssistant
CaSchd CaSchd CaSchd
Cadencii Cadencii Cadencii
Calypso Calypso Calypso
Candela Candela candela
Capistrano Capistrano Capistrano
Carom Carom Carom
Catools Catools Catools
Cdbfasta Cdbfasta Cdbfasta
Cgminer Cgminer Cgminer
Chomoko Chomoko Chomoko
Circuits Circuits Circuits
Cl-ana Cl-ana cl-ana
Clementine Clementine Clementine
Clfswm Clfswm Clfswm
Clirr-maven-plugin Clirr-maven-plugin Clirr Maven Plugin
Cloud-init Cloud-init Cloud-init
Cloudprint Cloudprint Cloudprint
Code Blocks Code Blocks Code::Blocks
Coderay Coderay Coderay
Collabtive Collabtive Collabtive
ColumnsWizard ColumnsWizard ColumnsWizard
Cone Cone Cone
Conexus Conexus Conexus
CopyQ CopyQ CopyQ
Couleur Couleur Couleur
Courier Courier Courier
CrococryptFile CrococryptFile CrococryptFile
CrocodileNote CrocodileNote CrocodileNote
Cryptocat Cryptocat Cryptocat
Cssc Cssc GNU CSSC
Cups-filters Cups-filters Cups-filters
Custom access modifier checker for Java Custom access modifier checker for Java Custom access modifier checker for java
DKopp DKopp DKopp
Daily Pictures Daily Pictures Daily Pictures
DataStatix DataStatix DataStatix
Dconf Dconf Dconf
Debea Database Library Debea Database Library Debea Database Library
Dee Dee Dee
Deliantra Archetypes Deliantra Archetypes Deliantra Archetypes
Deliantra Maps Deliantra Maps Deliantra Maps
Deliantra Server Deliantra Server Deliantra Server
Delta Reporting Delta Reporting Delta Reporting
DemocracyOS DemocracyOS DemocracyOS
Deng Google Bookmarks Deng Google Bookmarks Deng google bookmarks
Dh-make-drupal Dh-make-drupal Dh-make-drupal
Dinrhiw2 Dinrhiw2 dinrhiw2
Direvent Direvent GNU Direvent
Dismal Dismal Dismal
Distorm3 Distorm3 Distorm3
Ditz Ditz ditz
DjExtDirect DjExtDirect Djextdirect
Dmd Dmd GNU dmd
Dmtcp Dmtcp Dmtcp
Dnsmasq Dnsmasq Dnsmasq
Docx2txt Docx2txt Docx2txt
Dpm Dpm dpm
Drawpile Drawpile Drawpile
Dtrx Dtrx dtrx
Dwb Dwb Dwb
EKD (EnKoDeur-Mixer) EKD (EnKoDeur-Mixer) EKD (EnKoDeur-Mixer)
Eagle Mode Eagle Mode Eagle Mode
Easy Backup Easy Backup Easy Backup
EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ Eiskaltdc++
ElixirFM ElixirFM Elixirfm
Encryptr Encryptr Encryptr
Encuentro Encuentro Encuentro
Endless sky Endless sky Endless Sky
EnlargeIt! EnlargeIt! EnlargeIt!
Eonums Eonums Eonums
Ethos Ethos Ethos
Evemu Evemu Evemu
ExtraDix ExtraDix ExtraDix
F3 F3 F3
Fcitx-table-extra Fcitx-table-extra Fcitx-table-extra
Ferret Ferret GNU Ferret
Fifty States App Fifty States App Fifty States App
Fileinfo Fileinfo Fileinfo
Findwild Findwild Findwild
FireXPath FireXPath Firexpath
Flimp Flimp flimp
FractalNow FractalNow Fractalnow
Frame Frame Frame
FreeFileSync FreeFileSync FreeFileSync
Freedink Freedink GNU FreeDink
FroZenLight FroZenLight FroZenLight
Frogr Frogr Frogr
GDevelop GDevelop GDevelop
GMediaServer GMediaServer GMediaServer
GNOME Water Temperature Applet GNOME Water Temperature Applet GNOME Water Temperature Applet
GNU Oflox GNU Oflox GNU Oflox
GNUe Navigator GNUe Navigator GNUe Navigator
GNUe Reports GNUe Reports GNUe Reports
GNUstep GNUstep GNUstep
GPodder GPodder gPodder
Gajim Gajim Gajim
Galaxy- Stellar Simulation Galaxy- Stellar Simulation Galaxy- Stellar Simulation
Ganglia-modules-linux Ganglia-modules-linux Ganglia-modules-linux
Gawk Gawk GNU Awk
Gball Gball GBall
Gcompris Gcompris GCompris
Gdbm Gdbm GNU dbm
Gegl Gegl Gegl
Geis Geis Geis
GetOpts GetOpts GetOpts
Gevice: GNOME Network Device Gevice: GNOME Network Device Gevice: GNOME Network Device
Ghostwriter Ghostwriter Ghostwriter
Giac Giac giac
Ginger Ginger ginger
Git-ftp Git-ftp Git-ftp
Gnac (GNome Audio Converter) Gnac (GNome Audio Converter) Gnac (GNome Audio Converter)
Gnats Gnats GNATS
Gnetic Gnetic Gnetic
Gnome Catalog Gnome Catalog Gnome Catalog
Gnome-chord (Gchord) Gnome-chord (Gchord) Gnome-chord (Gchord)
Gnome-games Gnome-games Gnome-games
GnomeBaker GnomeBaker GnomeBaker
Gnu-pw-mgr Gnu-pw-mgr Gnu-pw-mgr
Gnuae Gnuae GnuAE
Gnuastro Gnuastro GNU Astronomy Utilities
Gnubg Gnubg GNU Backgammon
Gnucap Gnucap GNU Circuit Analysis Package
Gnugo Gnugo GNU Go
Gnurobots Gnurobots GNU Robots
GoldenPod GoldenPod GoldenPod
Goldeneye Goldeneye Goldeneye
Googler Googler Googler
Grail Grail Grail
Graphite-web Graphite-web Graphite-web
GreenCloth GreenCloth GreenCloth
Greenclone Greenclone greenclone
Gregorio Gregorio Gregorio
Gt-tasks-sync Gt-tasks-sync Gt-tasks-sync
Guile-rpc Guile-rpc GNU Guile-RPC
Guvcview Guvcview Guvcview
Gvpe Gvpe GVPE
Harvest Harvest Harvest
Hashlet Hashlet hashlet
Header Tools Lite Header Tools Lite Header Tools Lite
Help2man Help2man GNU help2man
Hexoshi Hexoshi Hexoshi
Hfloat Hfloat hfloat
Higan Higan Higan
HilbertVis HilbertVis Hilbertvis
Hocuspocus Hocuspocus Hocuspocus
Hol-light Hol-light Hol-light
Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb
I7z I7z I7z
Ibus-rime Ibus-rime Ibus-rime
IceCat/BlockSite IceCat/BlockSite BlockSite
IceCat/Clear Console IceCat/Clear Console Clear Console
IceCat/Disconnect Search IceCat/Disconnect Search Disconnect Search
IceCat/Display Quota IceCat/Display Quota Display Quota
IceCat/Google Disconnect IceCat/Google Disconnect Google Disconnect
IceCat/GoogleSharing IceCat/GoogleSharing GoogleSharing
IceCat/HTTP Nowhere IceCat/HTTP Nowhere HTTP Nowhere
IceCat/It's All Text! IceCat/It's All Text! It's All Text!
IceCat/Print Edit IceCat/Print Edit Print Edit Jump to: navigation,
IceCat/QrCodeR IceCat/QrCodeR QrCodeR
IceCat/Remove Google Tracking IceCat/Remove Google Tracking Remove Google Tracking
IceCat/SmartTemplate4 IceCat/SmartTemplate4 SmartTemplate4
IceCat/Super Start IceCat/Super Start Super Start
IceCat/Toggle Cipher Suites IceCat/Toggle Cipher Suites Toggle Cipher Suites
IceCat/User Agent Switcher IceCat/User Agent Switcher User Agent Switcher
IceCat/Wappalyzer IceCat/Wappalyzer Wappalyzer
IceCat/Webutation IceCat/Webutation Webutation
IceCat/YesScript IceCat/YesScript YesScript
IceCat/YouTube All HTML5 IceCat/YouTube All HTML5 YouTube All HTML5
Iemmatrix Iemmatrix Iemmatrix
ImportExportTools ImportExportTools ImportExportTools
Indent Indent GNU Indent
Indicator-session Indicator-session Indicator-session
Infernal Infernal Infernal
InfiniSQL InfiniSQL InfiniSQL
Instant Currency Rate Instant Currency Rate Instant Currency Rates
It s All Text It s All Text It's all text!
It's All Text! It's All Text! It's All Text!
Ixquick HTTPS Privacy Search Engine Ixquick HTTPS Privacy Search Engine Ixquick HTTPS Privacy Search Engine
JFractionLab JFractionLab Jfractionlab
Jacal Jacal GNU JACAL
Jorani Jorani Jorani
Justniffer Justniffer Justniffer
Kalkulon Kalkulon Kalkulon
KeepYourHead KeepYourHead KeepYourHead
Key Scripter Key Scripter Key Scripter
Kpartsplugin Kpartsplugin Kpartsplugin
Kurso de Esperanto Kurso de Esperanto Kurso de Esperanto
Kvpm Kvpm Kvpm
LBackup LBackup LBackup
LPT Interface LPT Interface LPT Interface
LV2proc LV2proc Lv2proc
LXPanel LXPanel Lxpanel
Latexdiff Latexdiff Latexdiff
Launchpad Tools Launchpad Tools Launchpad tools
Lbench Lbench Lbench
Lib-Ray Video Tools Lib-Ray Video Tools Lib-Ray Video Tools
LibVNCServer LibVNCServer Libvncserver
Libjopendocument-java Libjopendocument-java Libjopendocument-java
Libnofi Libnofi libnofi
LibreCAD LibreCAD LibreCAD
Librime Librime Librime
Libs3 Libs3 Libs3
Lingua-EN-Tagger Lingua-EN-Tagger Lingua-en-tagger
Live-images Live-images Live-images
Lucifox Lucifox Lucifox
LuckyBackup LuckyBackup luckyBackup
LyZ LyZ Lyz
Lynis Lynis Lynis
MM3 Proxy Switch MM3 Proxy Switch MM3 Proxy Switch
Macchanger Macchanger GNU MAC Changer
Magit Magit Magit
Mandelbulber Mandelbulber Mandelbulber
Manuskript Manuskript Manuskript
Maps Maps Maps
Mate-indicator-applet Mate-indicator-applet Mate-indicator-applet
Mate-netbook Mate-netbook Mate-netbook
Mdk Mdk GNU MIX Development Kit (MDK)
Menulibre Menulibre Menulibre
Mifluz Mifluz GNU mifluz
Minitube Minitube Minitube
Minpair Minpair minpair
Mps-youtube Mps-youtube mps-youtube
Msort Msort msort
Mu Mu mu/mu4e
MyBkp 2 MyBkp 2 MyBkp
Namecheck Namecheck namecheck
Neos Neos Neos CMS
Net PublicSuffix Net PublicSuffix Net_publicsuffix
Nettle Nettle GNU Nettle
No Resource URI Leak No Resource URI Leak No Resource URI Leak
NoScript Anywhere NoScript Anywhere NoScript Anywhere
NodeBB NodeBB NodeBB
Nomacs - Image Lounge Nomacs - Image Lounge nomacs - Image Lounge
Nomnom Nomnom nomnom
Notepadqq Notepadqq Notepadqq
OERPLib OERPLib Oerplib
Octave-simp Octave-simp Octave-simp
Onioncat Onioncat Onioncat
OpenMW OpenMW OpenMW
OpenRA OpenRA OpenRA
OpenTURNS OpenTURNS Openturns
OpenVulture OpenVulture OpenVulture
Openambit Openambit Openambit
Openteacher Openteacher Openteacher
Owl Owl Owl
PDFResurrect PDFResurrect PDFResurrect
ParsInsert ParsInsert Parsinsert
Pasteque Pasteque Pastèque
Pdfposter Pdfposter Pdfposter
Perspectives Perspectives Perspectives
Phatch Phatch Phatch
Photofloat Photofloat Photofloat
PicPuz PicPuz PicPuz
Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer
Piwik Piwik Piwik
Plainbox Plainbox Plainbox
Plm Plm Plm
Postslate Postslate Postslate
Pragha Pragha Pragha
Prey Prey Prey
Prime-phylo Prime-phylo Prime-phylo
Printoxx Printoxx Printoxx
Privacy Badger Privacy Badger Privacy Badger
Prodigal Prodigal Prodigal
ProfDepanne ProfDepanne ProfDepanne
Promethee Promethee Prométhée
ProrepTK ProrepTK ProrepTK
Psyched Psyched Psyched
Pure-python-otr Pure-python-otr Pure-python-otr
PyFeedaemon PyFeedaemon PyFeedaemon
Pyqt5 Pyqt5 Pyqt5
Pyrels Pyrels Pyrels
Pyspread Pyspread Pyspread
Pysrt Pysrt Pysrt
Python-memprof Python-memprof Python-memprof
Python-nbxmpp Python-nbxmpp Python-nbxmpp
Python-shelltoolbox Python-shelltoolbox Python-shelltoolbox
Python-stem Python-stem Python-stem
QrCodeR QrCodeR QrCodeR
QtPass QtPass QtPass
QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python
Quackey Quackey Quackey
Quassel Quassel Quassel
Quickplot Quickplot Quickplot
Qupzilla Qupzilla Qupzilla
R-cran-catools R-cran-catools R-cran-catools
RLM Log Reader RLM Log Reader RLM Log Reader
Ranger Ranger Ranger
RapidSVN RapidSVN RapidSVN
Ray Ray Ray
Reddit Enhancement Suite Reddit Enhancement Suite Reddit Enhancement Suite
Redet Redet redet
RefTeX RefTeX RefTeX
Reliquarium Reliquarium Reliquarium
Riece Riece Riece
Rubedo Rubedo Rubedo
Rubrica Rubrica Rubrica
S3ql S3ql S3ql
SDL-Ball SDL-Ball Sdl-ball
SFLphone SFLphone SFLphone
SLiteChat SLiteChat SLiteChat
Safe-rm Safe-rm Safe-rm
Salmon Salmon Salmon
SdfxCMS SdfxCMS sdfxCMS
Sdir Sdir sdir
Seabios Seabios SeaBIOS
Seafile Seafile Seafile
Servletapi Servletapi GNU Servlet API
Shotcut Shotcut Shotcut
Sigil Sigil Sigil
Silicon Empire Silicon Empire Silicon Empire
Silk Tree Silk Tree Silk Tree
Simple World Simple World Simple World
SimpleScreenRecorder SimpleScreenRecorder SimpleScreenRecorder
Sinx Sinx Sinx
Sleepyhead Sleepyhead SleepyHead
Slurm-drmaa Slurm-drmaa Slurm-drmaa
SndBite SndBite SndBite
SnpStats SnpStats Snpstats
Socnetv Socnetv Socnetv
SolveSpace SolveSpace SolveSpace
Sonarr Sonarr Sonarr
SoundConverter SoundConverter SoundConverter
SoundScapeRenderer SoundScapeRenderer Soundscaperenderer
Sparkleshare Sparkleshare Sparkleshare
Spotweb Spotweb Spotweb
Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Sshkit Sshkit Sshkit
StarHunter software StarHunter software StarHunter software
Starpu Starpu Starpu
Storebackup Storebackup storebackup
Streetsign Streetsign Streetsign
SugarCRM SugarCRM SugarCRM
Sure Sure Sure
Svglib Svglib Svglib
Swatd Swatd SWATd
Swift Swift Swift
Syn Syn syn
Synfig Studio Synfig Studio Synfig Animation Studio
Tagaini Jisho Tagaini Jisho Tagaini Jisho
Tcode Tcode Tcode
Tcpflow Tcpflow Tcpflow
TeXstudio TeXstudio TeXstudio
Tea Tea tea
Teleport Command Teleport Command Teleport Command
Texmacs Texmacs GNU TeXmacs
Thales Thales GNU Thales
The Final Cut The Final Cut The Final Cut
The Reminder The Reminder The Reminder
The mneme project The mneme project the mneme project
Thinkfan Thinkfan Thinkfan
Tpad Tpad tpad
Tryton Tryton Tryton
Ttfautohint Ttfautohint Ttfautohint
Typecatcher Typecatcher Typecatcher
UMatrix UMatrix uMatrix
Ubuntu-packaging-guide Ubuntu-packaging-guide Ubuntu-packaging-guide
Ukopp - incremental backup Ukopp - incremental backup Ukopp - incremental backup
Ultracopier Ultracopier Ultracopier
Uncomplicated Firewall- ufw Uncomplicated Firewall- ufw Uncomplicated Firewall- ufw
Uni2ascii Uni2ascii uni2ascii
Unicode Data Browser Unicode Data Browser Unicode Data Browser
Unicode Description Utilities Unicode Description Utilities Unicode Description Utilities
UniversalCodeGrep UniversalCodeGrep UniversalCodeGrep
Unrtf Unrtf GNU UnRTF
Uranos Uranos Uranos
Util-vserver Util-vserver Util-vserver
Utopia-documents Utopia-documents Utopia-documents
Uucp-lmtp Uucp-lmtp Uucp-lmtp
Uzbl Uzbl uzbl
V-linux-tools V-linux-tools v-linux-tools
V-tools V-tools v-tools
V-ttt V-ttt v-ttt
VDrift VDrift VDrift
Videotheque Videotheque Videotheque
Viff Viff Viff
Virtualjaguar Virtualjaguar Virtualjaguar
Volume Icon Volume Icon Volume icon
W2do W2do W2do
Watsup Watsup Watsup
Wave Utilities Wave Utilities Wave Utilities
Wdiff Wdiff GNU wdiff
WebPlotDigitizer WebPlotDigitizer WebPlotDigitizer
Weblate Weblate Weblate
WeeChat WeeChat WeeChat
Weechat-scripts Weechat-scripts Weechat-scripts
Wicd-kde Wicd-kde Wicd-kde
WikiAccess Library WikiAccess Library WikiAccess Library
Workrave Workrave Workrave
WorldCupSokerban WorldCupSokerban WorldCupSokerban
WxPostgres WxPostgres wxPostgres
XML-Tidy XML-Tidy Xml-tidy
Xgawk Xgawk gawkextlib
Xlit Xlit xlit
Xpaint Xpaint XPaint
Xpdf Xpdf Xpdf
YETI (Yowsie's Easy Translation Interface) YETI (Yowsie's Easy Translation Interface) YETI (Yowsie's Easy Translation Interface)
Yafems Yafems YAFEMS
Yioop Yioop Yioop
Youtube High Definition Youtube High Definition Youtube High Definition
Zfuncs Zfuncs Zfuncs
Zita-ajbridge Zita-ajbridge Zita-ajbridge
Zivios Zivios Zivios
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