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GPLv3orlater GPLv3orlater#  
9menu 9menu 9menu
A2ps A2ps GNU a2ps
ABI compliance checker ABI compliance checker Abi compliance checker
ABX Tester ABX Tester Abx tester
ABYSS ABYSS ABYSS Broadcast Your Stream Successfully
ACE UC Sniffer ACE UC Sniffer ACE UC Sniffer
AFFLIBv3 AFFLIBv3 Afflibv3
AKFAvatar AKFAvatar
ALSA ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard
ARandR ARandR Arandr
AUnit AUnit Aunit
Aasm Aasm Aasm
Abiword Abiword Abiword
Absence Absence Absence
AccountsService AccountsService Accountsservice
Acct Acct GNU acct
AcetoneISO AcetoneISO Acetoneiso
Acpi call Acpi call Acpi_call
AdPlug AdPlug Adplug
Ada Web Server Ada Web Server Ada web server
AdaCurses AdaCurses Adacurses
AdaGate AdaGate AdaGate
Adlint Adlint AdLint
Adns Adns GNU adns
Ag.el Ag.el Ag.el
AgeCalc AgeCalc agecalc
Ags Ags Advanced GTK+ Sequencer
Ahven Ahven Ahven
Air-quality-sensor Air-quality-sensor Air-quality-sensor
Aisleriot Aisleriot Aisleriot
Aj-snapshot Aj-snapshot Aj-snapshot
Alive Alive GNU Alive
Alleyoop Alleyoop Alleyoop
Alot Alot Alot
Alsaplayer Alsaplayer Alsaplayer
Ambisuite Ambisuite Ambisuite
Android- dg Alert Classic Android- dg Alert Classic Android- dg Alert Classic
Animal Sniffer Animal Sniffer Animal sniffer
Anise Anise Anise
Ansible Ansible Ansible
Antimicro Antimicro AntiMicro
Anubis Anubis GNU Anubis
Anypaper Anypaper Anypaper
App-install-data App-install-data App-install-data
AppStream AppStream Appstream
Apparix Apparix apparix
Apt-venv Apt-venv Apt-venv
Arbitools Arbitools Chess Arbiter Tools
Arcoiris Arcoiris arcoiris blog
Ardentryst Ardentryst Ardentryst
Arduino Arduino Arduino IDE
Arg parser Arg parser Arg_parser
ArgyllCMS ArgyllCMS Argyllcms
Aris Aris GNU Aris
Aroundme Aroundme GNU Aroundme
Asciinema-player Asciinema-player asciinema-player
Aspcud Aspcud Aspcud
Aspell-gu Aspell-gu Aspell-gu
Aspell-kn Aspell-kn Aspell-kn
Aspell-ml Aspell-ml Aspell-ml
Assimp Assimp Assimp
Astro-FITS-Header Astro-FITS-Header Astro-fits-header
Astronomical Papers Library Astronomical Papers Library Astronomical Papers Library
At At At
Ats2-lang Ats2-lang Ats2-lang
Auctex Auctex AUCTeX
Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins Audacious-plugins
Audio Utils Audio Utils Audio Utils
Audio package for Octave Audio package for Octave Audio package for octave
Auto-install.el Auto-install.el Auto-install.el
Auto-multiple-choice Auto-multiple-choice Auto-multiple-choice
Autodep8 Autodep8 Autodep8
Autogen Autogen GNU AutoGen
Autojump Autojump Autojump
Autokey Autokey Autokey
Automx Automx Automx
Autotrash Autotrash Autotrash
Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered DVD Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered DVD Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered DVD
Avl Avl avl
Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2 Avw.lv2
Away-on-Lock Away-on-Lock Away-on-lock
Aweather Aweather Aweather
Awffull Awffull Awffull
Awit-dbackup Awit-dbackup Awit-dbackup
Awl Awl Awl
BG Financas BG Financas Bg financas
BIM package for Octave BIM package for Octave Bim package for octave
Babeltrace Babeltrace Babeltrace
Backup2swift Backup2swift Backup2swift
Baekmuk-bdf Baekmuk-bdf Baekmuk-bdf
Bagelview Bagelview Bagelview
Ballz Ballz Ballz
Bambamc Bambamc Bambamc
Banshee Banshee Banshee
Barby Barby Barby
Barcode Barcode Barcode
Barman Barman Barman
Basenji Basenji Basenji
Bash Bash GNU Bash
Beacon Beacon Beacon
Benchmark package for Octave Benchmark package for Octave Benchmark package for octave
Betaradio Betaradio Betaradio
Beyond The Titanic Beyond The Titanic Beyond The Titanic
Bfgminer Bfgminer Bfgminer
BibTeXConv BibTeXConv Bibtexconv
Bijiben Bijiben Bijiben
Bilibop project Bilibop project Bilibop project
Billiards Billiards Billiards
Bindechexascii Bindechexascii Bindechexascii
Bindings-nettle Bindings-nettle Bindings-nettle
Binfmt-support Binfmt-support Binfmt-support
Binutils-z80 Binutils-z80 Binutils-z80
Biosig4c++ Biosig4c++ Biosig4c++
BirdFont BirdFont BirdFont
Birdfont Birdfont Birdfont
Biskit Biskit Biskit
Bist Bist Bist
Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin
Blaze-html Blaze-html Blaze-html
Bleachbit Bleachbit Bleachbit
Blhc Blhc Blhc
Bloomfilter Bloomfilter Bloomfilter
Bmp Bmp Bmp
Bmrblib Bmrblib bmrblib
Boinctui Boinctui Boinctui
Bookletimposer Bookletimposer Bookletimposer
Bossa Bossa Bossa
Bowtie2 Bowtie2 Bowtie2
Boxer-data Boxer-data Boxer-data
Brain Party Brain Party Brain party
Braze Braze Braze
Bristol Bristol Bristol
BuildNotify BuildNotify Buildnotify
Buildbot Buildbot Buildbot
Bullet dodger Bullet dodger Bullet dodger
Bumblebee Bumblebee Bumblebee
Business-Tax-VAT-Validation Business-Tax-VAT-Validation Business-tax-vat-validation
Bzr-rewrite Bzr-rewrite Bzr-rewrite
Bzr-svn Bzr-svn Bzr-svn
Bzr-tweet Bzr-tweet Bzr-tweet
C-Graph C-Graph C-Graph
CAVEZ of PHEAR CAVEZ of PHEAR Cavez of phear
Cadencii Cadencii Cadencii
Cairo-dock Cairo-dock Cairo-dock
Cairo-dock-plugins Cairo-dock-plugins Cairo-dock-plugins
Calibre Calibre Calibre
Calligra Calligra Calligra
CamiTK CamiTK Camitk
Cantata Cantata Cantata
Canto Canto Canto
Cantor Cantor Cantor
Canzeley-client Canzeley-client Canzeley-client
Caps Caps Caps
Cardpeek Cardpeek Cardpeek
Caribou Caribou Caribou
Caro Caro Caro
Cbmc Cbmc Cbmc
Cbp2make Cbp2make Cbp2make
Ccaudio Ccaudio GNU ccAudio2
Ccd2cue Ccd2cue GNU ccd2cue
Ccg Ccg ccg
Ccide Ccide GNU Ccide
Cclive Cclive Cclive
Ccscript Ccscript GNU ccScript
Cde Cde Cde
Cecilia Cecilia Cecilia
Cf4ocl Cf4ocl cf4ocl
Cflow Cflow cflow
Cgminer Cgminer Cgminer
Ch5m3d Ch5m3d Ch5m3d
Charlearn Charlearn Charlearn
Chart Chart Chart
Check modbus Check modbus check_modbus
Chess Chess GNU Chess
Childsplay Childsplay Childsplay
Chirp Chirp Chirp
Choqok Choqok Choqok
Cifs-utils Cifs-utils Cifs-utils
Cinfony Cinfony Cinfony
Circe Circe Circe
Cjdns Cjdns cjdns
Clamtk Clamtk Clamtk
Claws Mail Claws Mail Claws Mail
Claws Mail Extra plugins Claws Mail Extra plugins Claws mail extra plugins
Clawsker Clawsker Clawsker
ClearHealth ClearHealth ClearHealth
Clearlooks-phenix-theme Clearlooks-phenix-theme Clearlooks-phenix-theme
Clementine Clementine Clementine
ClickGuard ClickGuard ClickGuard
Clinfo Clinfo Clinfo
Clinica Clinica Clinica
Clipit Clipit Clipit
Cloud-initramfs-tools Cloud-initramfs-tools Cloud-initramfs-tools
Cmdftp Cmdftp cmdftp
Cmdline Cmdline Cmdline
Cmdtest Cmdtest Cmdtest
Cmogstored Cmogstored cmogstored
Cmtk Cmtk Cmtk
Cn Cn cn
Coala Coala Coala
Cobol-mode Cobol-mode Cobol-mode
Collab Collab Collab
Collabtive Collabtive Collabtive
Collection of routines for the creation and manipulation of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines NURBS Collection of routines for the creation and manipulation of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines NURBS Collection of routines for the creation and manipulation of non-uniform rational b-splines (nurbs)
Colobot Colobot Colobot
Colortest Colortest Colortest
Colortest-python Colortest-python Colortest-python
Combine Combine combine
CometVisu CometVisu CometVisu
ComixCursors ComixCursors Comixcursors
Communications package for Octave Communications package for Octave Communications package for octave
Compass Layout-gala plugin Compass Layout-gala plugin Compass layout-gala plugin
Complexity Complexity GNU Complexity
Computational Geometry for Octave Computational Geometry for Octave Computational geometry for octave
Concavity Concavity Concavity
Concordance Concordance Concordance
Congruity Congruity Congruity
Conky Conky Conky
Connectagram Connectagram Connectagram
Constant-defer Constant-defer Constant-defer
Control package for Octave Control package for Octave Control package for octave
Converseen Converseen Converseen
Core Wrapper Core Wrapper Core wrapper
Coreutils Coreutils GNU Core Utilities
Coturn Coturn Coturn
Couriergrey Couriergrey Couriergrey
Coverage-test-runner Coverage-test-runner Coverage-test-runner
Cpio Cpio GNU cpio
Cppcheck Cppcheck Cppcheck
Cppman Cppman Cppman
Cppreference-doc Cppreference-doc Cppreference-doc
Cputool Cputool Cputool
Cpyrit-opencl Cpyrit-opencl Cpyrit-opencl
Cream Cream Cream
Creepy Creepy Creepy
Crtmpserver Crtmpserver Crtmpserver
Curse of War Curse of War Curse of War
Curseofwar Curseofwar Curseofwar
Cursynth Cursynth GNU Cursynth
Curtain Curtain Curtain
Customizable Weather Plasmoid CWP Customizable Weather Plasmoid CWP Customizable weather plasmoid (cwp)
Cutechess Cutechess Cutechess
Cutemaze Cutemaze Cutemaze
Cutesdr Cutesdr Cutesdr
Cyrus SASL Cyrus SASL Cyrus sasl
Cytadela Cytadela Cytadela
D j Dup D j Dup Déjà dup
DBusKit DBusKit Dbuskit
DVDwizard DVDwizard Dvdwizard
Dancer Plugin DBIC Dancer Plugin DBIC Dancer::plugin::dbic
Darktable Darktable Darktable
Darnwdl Darnwdl Darnwdl
Data Frame Data Frame dataframe
Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame Data manipulation toolbox similar to r data.frame
Data-smoothing package for Octave Data-smoothing package for Octave Data-smoothing package for octave
Datamash Datamash GNU datamash
Datanommer.commands Datanommer.commands Datanommer.commands
Datanommer.consumer Datanommer.consumer Datanommer.consumer
Datanommer.models Datanommer.models Datanommer.models
Davical Davical Davical
Day planner Day planner Day planner
Dbus-c++ Dbus-c++ Dbus-c++
Dconf Dconf Dconf
DeVeDe DeVeDe Devede
Deb-o-Matic Deb-o-Matic Deb-o-matic
Debirf Debirf Debirf
Degate Degate degate
Dejagnu Dejagnu DejaGnu
Delaboratory Delaboratory Delaboratory
Delta Delta Delta
Denemo Denemo GNU Denemo
Dep8 Dep8 Dep8
Depqbf Depqbf Depqbf
Deriving-ocsigen Deriving-ocsigen Deriving-ocsigen
Device-Cdio Device-Cdio Device-cdio
Devilspie2 Devilspie2 Devilspie2
Dh-exec Dh-exec Dh-exec
Dh-linktree Dh-linktree Dh-linktree
Dico Dico GNU Dico
Diction Diction diction
Diffutils Diffutils GNU Diffutils
Dillo Dillo Dillo
Ding-libs Ding-libs Ding-libs
Dionysus Dionysus GNU Dionysus
Dirmngr Dirmngr Dirmngr
Dish Dish dish
Diskscan Diskscan Diskscan
Dispcalgui Dispcalgui Dispcalgui
Disper Disper Disper
Distorm3 Distorm3 Distorm3
Djvubind Djvubind Djvubind
Dkg-handwriting Dkg-handwriting Dkg-handwriting
Dkopp Dkopp Dkopp
Dlz-ldap-enum Dlz-ldap-enum Dlz-ldap-enum
Docky Docky Docky
Docvert Docvert Docvert
Dominion Dominion GNU Dominion
DoseFinding DoseFinding Dosefinding
Dosfstools Dosfstools Dosfstools
Double Commander Double Commander Double commander
Dradio Dradio Dradio
Drawtk Drawtk Drawtk
DreamPie DreamPie Dreampie
Drizzle Drizzle Drizzle
Drmips Drmips Drmips
Dtrx Intelligent archive extraction Dtrx Intelligent archive extraction Dtrx: intelligent archive extraction
Ducker Ducker Ducker
Duff Duff Duff
Dvdbackup Dvdbackup Dvdbackup
Dwz Dwz Dwz
Dynare Dynare Dynare
E2wm E2wm E2WM
EQ10Q EQ10Q Eq10q
ESpeak ESpeak eSpeak
EViacam EViacam eViacam
Easejs Easejs GNU ease.js
Ebiso Ebiso ebiso
Econometrics package for Octave Econometrics package for Octave Econometrics package for octave
Ed Ed GNU ed
Edb Edb EDB
Eegdev Eegdev Eegdev
Eev Eev Eev
EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ Eiskaltdc++
Electric Electric GNU Electric
Electrum Electrum Electrum
Elk Elk Elk
Elpy Elpy Elpy
Emacs Emacs GNU Emacs
Emacs-IDE Emacs-IDE Emacs-IDE
Emacs-calfw Emacs-calfw Emacs-calfw
Emacs-w3m Emacs-w3m Emacs-w3m
Emacs-window-layout Emacs-window-layout Emacs-window-layout
Emaigos Emaigos Emaigos
Email-Reminder Email-Reminder Email-Reminder
Email-reminder Email-reminder Email-reminder
Ember Ember Ember
Emms Emms EMMS
Enscript Enscript GNU Enscript
Entangle Entangle Entangle
Epeios CGI libraries Epeios CGI libraries Epeios CGI libraries
Epoptes Epoptes Epoptes
Epr-api Epr-api Epr-api
EpsTk EpsTk Epstk
Equalx Equalx Equalx
Espctag Espctag Espctag
Etmtk Etmtk etmtk
Eucalyptus Systems Inc Eucalyptus Systems Inc Eucalyptus systems, inc
Evd Evd Evd
Exonerate Exonerate Exonerate
Expand-region-el Expand-region-el Expand-region-el
Ext JS Ext JS Ext js
Extundelete Extundelete Extundelete
Exwm Exwm Emacs X Window Manager
FPL package for Octave FPL package for Octave Fpl package for octave
Fabio Fabio Fabio
Faenza icon theme Faenza icon theme Faenza icon theme
FastQC FastQC Fastqc
Fcitx-rime Fcitx-rime Fcitx-rime
Fcitx-skk Fcitx-skk Fcitx-skk
Fcitx-table-other Fcitx-table-other Fcitx-table-other
Fcitx-unikey Fcitx-unikey Fcitx-unikey
Fcrackzip Fcrackzip Fcrackzip
Fdisk Fdisk GNU Fdisk‎
Fdroidserver Fdroidserver Fdroidserver
Feed2omb Feed2omb Feed2omb
Feedtools Feedtools Feedtools
FeinCMS FeinCMS Feincms
Ffem Ffem media.el
Ffindex Ffindex Ffindex
Final Term Final Term Final Term
Financial package for Octave Financial package for Octave Octave-financial
Findbugs Findbugs Findbugs
Findutils Findutils GNU Findutils
FireTray FireTray Firetray
Firestr Firestr Fire★
Fisicalab Fisicalab GNU FisicaLab
Fisoco Fisoco Fisoco
Fldigi Fldigi Fldigi
Flexbar Flexbar Flexbar
Flightgear-data Flightgear-data Flightgear-data
Flmsg Flmsg Flmsg
Float package for GAP Float package for GAP Float package for gap
Flowblade Flowblade Flowblade
Flrig Flrig Flrig
Flyspell Flyspell Flyspell
FocusWriter FocusWriter Focuswriter
Folder Color Folder Color Folder Color
Foliot Foliot GNU Foliot
Font Manager Font Manager Font manager
FontForge FontForge FontForge
Fontopia Fontopia GNU Fontopia
Fontutils Fontutils GNU Fontutils
Fontypython Fontypython Fontypython
Foo-yc20 Foo-yc20 Foo-yc20
Foodsoft Foodsoft Foodsoft
Fosfat Fosfat Fosfat
Fotox Fotox Fotoxx
Fotoxx Fotoxx Fotoxx
Four-in-a-row Four-in-a-row Four in a Row
Fpm Fpm fpm
FreeDict FreeDict Freedict
FreeSnell FreeSnell FreeSnell
Freecontact Freecontact Freecontact
Freefont Freefont Freefont
Freeipmi Freeipmi GNU FreeIPMI
Freetalk Freetalk GNU Freetalk
Freewvs Freewvs freewvs
Frei0r-plugins Frei0r-plugins Frei0r-plugins
Freshen Freshen Freshen
Fritzing Fritzing Fritzing
Furius ISO Mounter Furius ISO Mounter Furius ISO Mounter
FuzzPy FuzzPy FuzzPy
GAdmin-ProFTPD GAdmin-ProFTPD GAdmin-ProFTPD
GDL - GNU Data Language GDL - GNU Data Language Gdl - gnu data language
GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ)
GNAT Programming Studio GNAT Programming Studio Gnat programming studio
GNATColl GNATColl Gnatcoll
GNOME Color Chooser GNOME Color Chooser GNOME Color Chooser
GNOME Do GNOME Do Gnome do
GNOME Shell Extension TaskBar GNOME Shell Extension TaskBar GNOME Shell Extension TaskBar
GNU Backgammon GNU Backgammon Gnu backgammon
GNU Gengetopt GNU Gengetopt Gnu gengetopt
GNU Gnash GNU Gnash GNU Gnash
GNU Source-highlight GNU Source-highlight GNU Source-highlight
GNU Teseq GNU Teseq GNU Teseq
GNU Zile GNU Zile GNU Zile
GNU libmatheval GNU libmatheval GNU libmatheval
GNU rush GNU rush Gnu rush
GNU uCommon C++ GNU uCommon C++ Gnu ucommon c++
GNUmed GNUmed Gnumed
GNUnet GNUnet Gnunet
GNUnet-fuse GNUnet-fuse Gnunet-fuse
GNUpot GNUpot GNUpot
GNUstep Base GNUstep Base Gnustep base
GOsa GOsa Gosa²
GPL Ghostscript GPL Ghostscript Gpl ghostscript
GPaste GPaste Gpaste
GRandomWallpaper GRandomWallpaper GRandomWallpaper
GWaei GWaei GWaei
Galette-plugin-admintools Galette-plugin-admintools Galette-plugin-admintools
Gama Gama GNU Gama
Games2d Games2d games2d
GammaRay GammaRay Gammaray
Ganv Ganv Ganv
Garden-of-coloured-lights Garden-of-coloured-lights Garden-of-coloured-lights
Gbrowse Gbrowse Gbrowse
Gcal Gcal Gcal
Gcap Gcap Gcap
Gchemutils Gchemutils Gnome chemistry utils
Gcide Gcide GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English
Gconjugue Gconjugue Gconjugue
Gcp Gcp Gcp
Gdb Gdb GDB
Gdnsd Gdnsd Gdnsd
Geany-plugins Geany-plugins Geany-plugins
Gedit Gedit gedit
Gem Gem Gem
General package for Octave General package for Octave General package for octave
Gengetopt Gengetopt Gengetopt
GeoGebra GeoGebra Geogebra
Get-flash-videos Get-flash-videos Get-flash-videos
Gettext Gettext GNU gettext
Gforth Gforth GNU Forth
Ggradebook Ggradebook GNU Gradebook
Gimagereader Gimagereader Gimagereader
Gimplensfun Gimplensfun Gimplensfun
Git-annex Git-annex git-annex
Git-repair Git-repair Git-repair
Github-backup Github-backup Github-backup
Gitso Gitso Gitso
Global Global GNU GLOBAL
Glpk Glpk GNU Linear Programming Kit
Glpk-java Glpk-java GLPK for Java
Glyr Glyr Glyr
Gmerlin Gmerlin Gmerlin
Gmerlin-encoders Gmerlin-encoders Gmerlin-encoders
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