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Gnucap 23 April 2013 GNU Circuit Analysis Package A general purpose circuit simulator
Archimedes 30 April 2013 GNU Archimedes Software for designing and simulating submicron semiconductor devices
Gzip 9 June 2013 gzip Compresses and decompresses files
Lsh 26 June 2013 lsh Free implementation of the SSH protocol
Gvpe 16 July 2013 GVPE Secure vpn network among multiple nodes over an untrusted network
Combine 30 July 2013 combine Extensible file matching and filtering
Smalltalk 4 August 2013 GNU Smalltalk Implementation of the Smalltalk object oriented language
Dismal 23 August 2013 Dismal A major mode for GNU Emacs that implements a spreadsheet.
W3 26 August 2013 Emacs/W3 Fully customizable, largely undocumented web browser for Emacs
Alive 8 September 2013 GNU Alive Automatic login and keep-alive utility for Internet connections.
M4 22 September 2013 GNU M4 Macro processor
Remotecontrol 30 September 2013 GNU remotecontrol GNU remotecontrol is a web application serving as a management tool for multiple IP enabled HVAC thermostats (device), and other Building Automation devices. The purpose of GNU remotecontrol is to read from and write to multiple IP enabled thermostats.
Solfege 5 October 2013 GNU Solfege Eartraining program for GNOME
Xaos 1 November 2013 GNU XaoS Real-time fractal zoomer
Servletapi 4 November 2013 GNU Servlet API An extensible framework for building web applications.
Hyperbole 12 November 2013 Hyperbole Information and text management program
Liberty-eiffel 12 November 2013 Liberty Eiffel Compiler for the Eiffel programming language
Activation 13 November 2013 GNU JAF JavaBeans™ Activation Framework
Serveez 2 December 2013 GNU Serveez Server framework
3dldf 13 December 2013 GNU 3DLDF package for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output
Libcdio 15 December 2013 GNU Compact Disc Input and Control Library Encapsulates CD-ROM reading and control
Libextractor 23 December 2013 libextractor Extracts metadata information from files
Gdbm 25 December 2013 GNU dbm Replacement for the 'dbm' and 'ndbm' libraries
Macchanger 1 January 2014 GNU MAC Changer Is a utility to manipulate a MAC address
Vera 5 January 2014 Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms V.E.R.A. Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
Rpge 6 January 2014 GNU Role Playing Game Engine an engine for 2D role playing games.
Osip 6 January 2014 GNU oSIP Library supporting the Session Initiation Protocol
Mpc 15 January 2014 GNU MPC C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result
Cobol 21 January 2014 GNU Cobol Project to produce a free COBOL compiler
Orca 4 February 2014 orca Screen reader for Gnome
PHP Class Wrapper for Stanford Part of Speech Tagger 4 February 2014 PHP Wrapper for Part of Speech Tagger A PHP class for accessing Stanford's Java based Part of Speech Tagger
Gnushogi 17 February 2014 GNU shogi Japanese version of chess
Readline 26 February 2014 GNU Readline Lets users edit command lines as they are typed in
GNU Zile 26 February 2014 GNU Zile A light Emacs clone.
Bash 26 February 2014 GNU Bash Shell of the GNU operating system
Aris 6 March 2014 GNU Aris A formal logical proof program
Lilypond 17 March 2014 LilyPond Music typesetter
Thales 19 March 2014 GNU Thales doctest-like system for GNU Guile
Guile 20 March 2014 Guile GNU extensibility library
Fisicalab 20 March 2014 GNU FisicaLab educational application to solve physics problems
Glib 24 March 2014 GLib Core library that forms the basis of GTK+ and GNOME
Recutils 24 March 2014 GNU Recutils Tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases
Motti 28 March 2014 Motti Multiplayer, networked strategy game
Pyconfigure 7 April 2014 GNU pyconfigure Configure and install Python software the GNU way
Gnunet 8 April 2014 GNUnet Anonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing
Cursynth 13 April 2014 GNU Cursynth a polyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal
Ccrtp 14 April 2014 GNU ccRTP RTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project
Wdiff 14 April 2014 GNU wdiff Front end to GNU 'diff'
Dap 16 April 2014 GNU Dap Statistics and graphics package
Mifluz 17 April 2014 GNU mifluz Full text inverted index query library
Gnubatch 22 April 2014 GNUbatch an advanced batch scheduling system for GNU.
Xnee 6 May 2014 GNU Xnee Records, distributes, and replays X11 protocol data
Cim 18 May 2014 GNU Cim Compiler for the programming language Simula
Guile-opengl 18 May 2014 GNU Guile-OpenGL OpenGL bindings for GNU Guile
Mit-scheme 21 May 2014 MIT/GNU Scheme MIT/GNU Scheme programming language
Guile-rpc 21 May 2014 GNU Guile-RPC pure Scheme implementation of XDR and ONC RPC for Guile
Anubis 23 May 2014 GNU Anubis Processes outgoing mail
Mcron 25 May 2014 GNU mcron Vixie cron replacement
Sqltutor 1 June 2014 GNU Sqltutor Interactive web based tool for learning SQL by examples
Gforth 14 June 2014 GNU Forth Free implementation of the ANS Forth language
Cssc 11 July 2014 GNU CSSC Free clone of SCCS
Emms 25 July 2014 EMMS EMMS, The Emacs Multimedia System
Tar 27 July 2014 GNU Tar Creates tar archives
Gtick 27 July 2014 GNU GTick Digital metronome
Parted 28 July 2014 GNU Parted Manipulates disk partitions
Gtypist 12 August 2014 GNU Typist Typing tutor program
Direvent 6 September 2014 GNU Direvent A directory content watcher daemon
Make 5 October 2014 GNU make Generates executables and other non-source programs
Gss 9 October 2014 GNU Generic Security Service Implementation of the Generic Security Service API
Gsrc 11 October 2014 GNU SRC GNU Source Release Collection
Freedink 22 October 2014 GNU FreeDink Free enhancement of the Dink Smallwood game engine
Guile-ncurses 27 October 2014 GNU Guile-Ncurses A library for interfacing GNU Guile with ncurses for the creation of textual user interfaces.
Gcl 28 October 2014 GNU Common Lisp Compiler and interpreter for Common Lisp
Xboard 2 November 2014 GNU XBoard Graphical chessboard
Adns 2 November 2014 GNU adns Resolver library for C and C++ programs
Acct 8 November 2014 GNU acct GNU system accounting utilities
Hello 16 November 2014 GNU Hello GNU greeting package
Gnome 27 November 2014 GNOME The GNU desktop
Ghostscript 4 December 2014 GNU Ghostscript Interpreter for the Postscript and PDF graphics languages
Cgicc 7 December 2014 GNU cgicc a C++ class library for writing CGI applications
GWorkspace 31 December 2014 GWorkspace GNUstep workspace and file manager
Automake 5 January 2015 GNU Automake Generates files
Wb 14 January 2015 GNU WB Disk based, sorted associative array C library
Jacal 16 January 2015 GNU JACAL Mathematics program
Scm 16 January 2015 GNU SCM R5RS Scheme implementation
Slib 21 January 2015 GNU SLIB Portable scheme library
Time 22 January 2015 GNU Time Reports the user, system, and real time used by a process
Rcs 22 January 2015 GNU RCS Version control and project management software
Bison 23 January 2015 GNU Bison Replacement for the parser generator 'yacc'
Dejagnu 3 February 2015 DejaGnu Framework to test programs
Lightning 7 February 2015 GNU lightning Generates assembly language code at run-time
Libtool 15 February 2015 GNU Libtool Generic library support script
Gnats 26 February 2015 GNATS Bug tracking system
Gnubiff 28 February 2015 GNUbiff Mail notification program
Guile-SDL 8 March 2015 GNU Guile-SDL Guile bindings for various SDL libraries
Ccd2cue 12 March 2015 GNU ccd2cue CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
Apl 29 March 2015 GNU APL free version of the programming language APL
Ocrad 8 April 2015 GNU Ocrad OCR program based on feature extraction
Emacs 10 April 2015 GNU Emacs Extensible, real-time editor
Gnubg 20 April 2015 GNU Backgammon Plays and analyzes backgammon games and matches
Liquidwar6 6 May 2015 GNU Liquid War 6 Liquid War 6 is a unique multiplayer wargame.
Gnubik 6 May 2015 GNUbik 3D Rubik's cube game
Bool 11 May 2015 GNU Bool Utility for matching boolean queries in text
Jel 14 May 2015 GNU JEL Compiler for simple expressions into Java byte code
Gawk 20 May 2015 GNU Awk String manipulation language
Gxmessage 25 May 2015 gxmessage GTK-based xmessage clone.
Sharutils 30 May 2015 GNU sharutils Creates and helps unpack shell archives
Gcal 2 June 2015 Gcal Is a program for calculating and printing calendars, and is the GNU implementation of the universally known cal and calendar programs.
Mediagoblin 4 June 2015 GNU MediaGoblin A way to share your media with the world
IceCat 10 May 2016 GNU IceCat GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.
Inetutils 10 June 2015 GNU inetutils Collection of common network programs
Electric 11 June 2015 Electric An electrical CAD system
Pspp 20 June 2015 GNU PSPP Statistics package
Screen 28 June 2015 GNU Screen Runs separate screens on a single terminal
Unifont 28 June 2015 GNU Unifont unicode font and utilities
Tramp 28 June 2015 TRAMP Remote file editing software
Libunistring 8 July 2015 GNU libunistring Unicode string library
Libidn 1 August 2015 GNU Libidn Internationalized string preparation library
Guile-dbi 2 August 2015 guile-dbi Guile database abstraction layer
Window Maker 2 August 2015 Window Maker Window manager for X Window System
Fribidi 5 August 2015 GNU FriBidi Free implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm
Ncurses 8 August 2015 Ncurses Displays and updates text on text-only terminals
GNU Teseq 14 August 2015 GNU Teseq a tool for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal control sequences.
Indent 24 August 2015 GNU Indent C language source code formatting program
Cpio 12 September 2015 GNU cpio Archiver that handles various types of cpio and tar archives
Libtasn1 14 September 2015 GNU Libtasn1 the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS, GNU Shishi and some other packages.
Gnu-pw-mgr 7 October 2015 Gnu-pw-mgr passwords manager
Gnuspeech 14 October 2015 GNUspeech a complete articulatory speech synthesis system
Units 14 October 2015 GNU Units Unit conversion and calculation
Less 16 October 2015 GNU less Display paginator
Chess 17 October 2015 GNU Chess Chess game
Gcompris 19 October 2015 GCompris Educational suite for children from 2 to 10
Kawa 26 October 2015 Kawa Featureful scheme implementation
Easejs 26 October 2015 GNU ease.js Classical object-oriented framework for JavaScript
Gnumach 31 October 2015 GNU Mach Microkernel of the GNU system
Mig 31 October 2015 GNU MIG Interface generator for the Hurd
Hurd 31 October 2015 GNU Hurd Project GNU's replacement for the Unix kernel
Gmp 1 November 2015 GMP The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
Guix 4 November 2015 GNU Guix GNU Package Manager
Gnun 7 November 2015 GNUnited Nations a build system for translations.
Gama 8 November 2015 GNU Gama Geodetic network adjustment program
Stow 9 November 2015 GNU Stow Manages installation process
Nano-archimedes 10 November 2015 GNU Nano-Archimedes a quantum mechanical simulator which implements the single-body Wigner Monte Carlo method
Gsl 11 November 2015 GNU Scientific Library Routines for numerical computing
Auctex 13 November 2015 AUCTeX Integrated environment for editing LaTeX and TeX files
Mailman 14 November 2015 GNU Mailman Manages discussion lists
Help2man 18 November 2015 GNU help2man Generates manual pages from program files
GIMP 21 November 2015 GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
Xorriso 29 November 2015 GNU xorriso maps file objects
Freeipmi 1 December 2015 GNU FreeIPMI Intelligent platform management system
Gcc 4 December 2015 GCC GNU Compiler Collection
Autogen 6 December 2015 GNU AutoGen Automated program and text generation
Gnudos 6 December 2015 GnuDOS A software library to help new GNU system users
Guile-gnome 7 December 2015 Guile-Gnome Helps Scheme programmers develop visual applications
Wget 11 December 2015 GNU Wget Retrieves files from the Web
Ccscript 13 December 2015 GNU ccScript C++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system
Ccaudio 13 December 2015 GNU ccAudio2 Library and software for manipulating audio data
Sipwitch 13 December 2015 GNU SIP Witch a pure SIP-based office telephone call server that offers generic business telephone system features.
Texmacs 18 December 2015 GNU TeXmacs Scientific text editor
Libmicrohttpd 18 December 2015 GNU Libmicrohttpd C library implementing an HTTP 1.1 server
Mdk 23 December 2015 GNU MIX Development Kit (MDK) Emulator and development environment for Knuth's MIX computer
Gettext 27 December 2015 GNU gettext Tools to produce multi-lingual messages
Findutils 28 December 2015 GNU Findutils Tools to find files and to operate on groups of files
HAP HTML as image 29 December 2015 HAP - "HTML as Picture" HAP - "HTML as Picture"
Gnucash 11 January 2016 GnuCash Personal and small business money-management software
Datamash 16 January 2016 GNU datamash numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files
Coreutils 20 January 2016 GNU Core Utilities Collection of basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
Binutils 25 January 2016 GNU Binary Utilities Collection of binary utilities
Gnupg 26 January 2016 GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) Complete implementation of the OpenPGP Internet standard
Dmd 28 January 2016 GNU dmd Service manager that's a replacement for SysV-init
Nettle 28 January 2016 GNU Nettle Cryptographic library
Bazaar 31 January 2016 GNU Bazaar a friendly powerful distributed version control system.
Health 31 January 2016 GNU Health Hospital and Health Information System
Gnumeric 6 February 2016 GNUmeric Math program intended to replace commercial spreadsheets
Texinfo 6 February 2016 GNU Texinfo Produces manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation
Libgcrypt 9 February 2016 Libgcrypt Cryptographic library
Gnuradio 9 February 2016 GNU Radio toolkit for implementing software radios
Artanis 10 February 2016 GNU Artanis GNU Artanis web application framework written in Guile Scheme
Ed 12 February 2016 GNU ed Line-oriented text editor
Moe 15 February 2016 GNU Moe A powerful and user-friendly text editor
Libc 19 February 2016 GNU C Library Library for use with GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux
Parallel 22 February 2016 GNU Parallel a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers
Org 22 February 2016 Org Outline-based notes management and organizer for Emacs
Gdb 24 February 2016 GDB GNU Debugger
Nano 25 February 2016 GNU nano Pico clone for *NIX
Mcsim 27 February 2016 GNU MCSim Simulation software for designing, analyzing and calibrating mathematical models
Mpfr 6 March 2016 GNU MPFR Multiple-precision Floating-point library with correct rounding.
Denemo 9 March 2016 GNU Denemo Graphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond
Foliot 9 March 2016 GNU Foliot a small and easy to use timekeeping application
Complexity 9 March 2016 GNU Complexity Measure the complexity of C source
Glpk 11 March 2016 GNU Linear Programming Kit GNU Linear Programming Kit
Grep 11 March 2016 GNU Grep Finds lines that match entered patterns
Mc 12 March 2016 GNU Midnight Commander Unix file manager
R 16 March 2016 GNU R a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Gnumed 17 March 2016 GNUmed Software for a paperless medical practice
Ddrescue 18 March 2016 GNU ddrescue Data recovery tool
Global 18 March 2016 GNU GLOBAL Source code tag system for C, C++, Java, and Yacc
Autoconf-archive 20 March 2016 GNU Autoconf Archive collection of free autoconf macros
Octave 21 March 2016 GNU Octave High-level language for numerical computations
Gtk+ 21 March 2016 GTK+ Cross-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
Dr. geo 21 March 2016 Dr. Geo Ann application to build interactive geometric sketches
Ignuit 4 April 2016 Ignuit A flash-card based memorization aid.
IceCat/GNU LibreJS 5 May 2016 GNU LibreJS Blocks javascript that is both non-trivial and non-free
IceCat 10 May 2016 GNU IceCat GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.
IceCatMobile 12 May 2016 GNU IceCatMobile IceCatMobile is the lightweight version of the GNU IceCat browser.
Linux-libre 15 May 2016 GNU Linux-libre UNIX-like monolithic kernel liberated and adopted by the GNU system
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