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Blktap VHD file format access library
Blobby Volley 2 Volleyball game with blobs
Block-stream Stream of fixed-size blocks, with zero-padding when necessary
Blockdiag generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file
Blocks Of The Undead Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones
Bloom Filter Bloom filter implemented in Perl
Bloomfilter Haskell bloom filter library - GHC libraries
Blowfish Encryption Library Blowfish Encryption Library
Bluecloth Ruby implementation of Markdown
Bluez-hcidump Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
Bmf e-mail filter for spam that learns
Bmon portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
Bmp universal macro processor
Bobcat run-time (shared) Bobcat library http://nan
Bognor-regis Media daemon and play queue manager
Boinc Use the idle time on your computer to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.
Bokken reverse code engineering GUI for pyew and radare
Bomstrip tool to strip Byte-Order Marks from UTF-8 text files
Bones framework for using backbone.js on client and server for NodeJS
Bookletimposer PDF imposition toolkit
Boost-Geometry-Utils Perl module providing bindings to the Boost Geometry library
Boot-info-script inspect boot environment
Bootchart2 boot process performance analyser
Booth Paxos-based daemon to manage multi-site clusters
Borderextract osmosis plugin to extract administrative borders
Bot-Training text training material for bots
Bowtie ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner
Bowtie2 ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner
Boxes Textmode box- and comment drawing filter http://nan
Boxshade Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments
Bpython fancy interface to the Python interpreter - Curses frontend
Brian simulator for spiking neural networks
Bridge Method Injector Evolve Java classes without breaking compatibility
Briquolo fast paced 3d Breakout game
Brise Rime Input Method Engine, the schema data
Bristol vintage synthesizer emulator
Browse web browsing activity for the Sugar graphical shell
Browser-Open Perl module to open a browser in a given URL
Brp-pacu audio analysis tool
Bsdiff generate/apply a patch between two binary files
Bsfilter Bayesian spam filter
Bsnes Accurate SNES/SuperFamicom emulator
Btag interactive command-line based multimedia tag editor
Bti command line micro-blogging tool
Btrfs-progs Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
Buddycloud-server buddycloud channels service for XMPP
Build Helper Maven Plugin Build Helper Maven Plugin
Buildbot system to automate the compile/test cycle
Builder Build environment for YUI
Buildtorrent command line torrent creation program
Bunny Synchronous Ruby AMQP client
Burgerspace Avoid evil foodstuffs and make burgers
Burn command-line tool for writing optical media
Burp Simple cross-platform network BackUp and Restore Program
Business-BR-Ids modules for dealing with Brazilian identification codes (CPF, CNPJ, ...)
Business-CreditCard Perl module to validate or generate credit card checksums and names
Business-EDI class for generating U.N. EDI interchange objects
Business-ISBN Perl library to work with International Standard Book Numbers
Business-ISBN-Data data pack for Business::ISBN
Business-ISMN module for International Standard Music Numbers
Business-ISSN Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN)
Business-OnlinePayment Perl extension for online payment processing
Business-OnlinePayment-AuthorizeNet AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-OpenECHO ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-PayConnect PaymentOne PayConnect backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-PayflowPro PayPal Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-PaymenTech Chase Paymentech backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-TCLink TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-TransactionCentral Transaction Central backend module for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-OnlinePayment-viaKLIX viaKLIX backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Business-PayPal-API module providing access to the PayPal API
Business-Tax-VAT-Validation library for european VAT numbers validation
Business-US-USPS-WebTools Perl module enabling use of USPS Web Tools services
Bwa Burrows-Wheeler Aligner
Bwctl bandwidth test controller (client)
Byteplay Python bytecode manipulation library
Bzr-Explorer GUI application for using Bazaar
Bzr-cvsps-import CVS to Bazaar importer
Bzr-email Notification email plugin for Bazaar
Bzr-fastimport Fast-import/fast-export plugin for Bazaar
Bzr-git Bazaar plugin providing Git integration
Bzr-grep Bazaar plugin to grep files and history
Bzr-gtk provides graphical interfaces to Bazaar (bzr) version control
Bzr-loom Focused patch plugin support for Bazaar
Bzr-pipeline Bazaar plugin for managing a pipeline of changes
Bzr-rewrite History rewriting plugin for Bazaar
Bzr-search search plugin for Bazaar
Bzr-stats statistics plugin for Bazaar
Bzr-svn Bazaar plugin providing Subversion integration
Bzr-tweet Bazaar commit and push tweet plugin
Bzr-upload Bazaar plugin for uploading to web servers
Bzr-xmloutput XML Communication plugin for Bazaar
Bzrtools Collection of tools for bzr
C-icap ICAP server implementation
C2050 transitional dummy package for c2050 printer driver
C2esp transitional dummy package for c2esp printer driver
CAM-PDF PDF manipulation library
CAVEZ of PHEAR ASCII Boulder Dash clone
CCCC C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool
CD-HIT suite of programs designed to quickly group sequences
CDB File module to access cdb databases from Perl
CDBS common build system for Debian packages http://nan
CDDB get Perl interface to read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive
CDDB-File Parse a CDDB/freedb data file
CDI JSR 299 API Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE
CGI Application Server simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application
CGI FormBuilder Easily generate and process stateful CGI forms
CGI-Ajax Perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications
CGI-Application-Dispatch request dispatcher for CGI::Application
CGI-Application-Plugin-RateLimit Perl module for limiting the runmode call rate per user
CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM plugin for validating form data using Data::FormValidator
CGI-Compile module for compiling .cgi scripts to a code reference
CGI-Emulate-PSGI PSGI adapter for CGI
CGI-Uploader module for managing CGI uploads using an SQL database module for Common Gateway Interface applications
CGSI-gSOAP GSI plugin for gSOAP http://nan
CHI Unified Cache Handling Interface
CLASS module providing aliases for __PACKAGE__
CPAN Meta Check verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
CPAN-Changes module for reading and writing CPAN Changes files
CPAN-Checksums Perl module to write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
CPAN-Inject module for injecting distributions into CPAN sources
CPAN-Meta Perl module to access distribution metadata for a CPAN distribution
CPAN-Meta-Requirements set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
CPAN-Meta-YAML reimplementation of a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
CPAN-Mini module for creating a minimal mirror of CPAN
CPAN-Perl-Releases module for mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs
CPAN-Uploader module to upload packages to the CPAN
CPS module to manage flow of control in Continuation Passing Style
CQL-Parser Common Query Language parser
CRtools checkpoint and restore in userspace
CSS object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
CSS-Packer fast pure perl CSS cleaner
CSound powerful and versatile sound synthesis software
CTDB clustered database to store temporary data
CTPL command-line template parsing utility
CVC3 Automatic theorem prover for SMT problems
CVSconnect CVS connection minimizer http://nan
Cabin-font humanist sans serif font
Cabinsketch playful sister of the Cabin font family
Cache Memcahced Fast Perl client for memcached, in C language
Cache-Memcached Perl module for using memcached servers
Cache-Memcached-Managed API for managing cached information
Cadencii Piano roll editor for singing synthesis
Cairo-dock Metapackage for cairo-dock
Cairo-dock-plugins Cairo-dock - All plug-ins
Cairosvg SVG to PDF/PS/PNG converter based on Cairo
Cal DAV CalDAV client library
Calabash Bash-style pipelining syntax for Python generators
Calculate calculate activity for the Sugar graphical shell
Calendarserver Apple's Calendar and Contacts Server
Calf pack of audio plugins - effects and instruments
CamiTK flagship application for the CamiTK library
Camljava interface between OCaml and Java via Caml/C interface and JNI
Camlp5 Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - classical version
Camping small Ruby web framework for Model-View-Controller type applications
Canorus graphical music score editor
Cantarell sans serif font family designed for on-screen readability
Canto flexible ncurses Atom/RSS newsreader for the console
Cantor interface for mathematical applications
Capi4hylafax Faxing over CAPI 2.0 device http://nan
Capistrano Executes commands in parallel on multiple servers
Capistrano colors Capistrano helper for colorizing its output
Captcha-reCAPTCHA perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
Capture-Tiny module to capture STDOUT and STDERR
Carbon backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite
Caret Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit
Caribou Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode http://nan
Carp-Always Perl module to make warn and die noisy with stack backtraces
Carp-Assert-More set of convenience wrappers for libcarp-assert-perl
Carp-Clan-Share Perl module enabling sharing of Carp::Clan settings
Carton Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)
Cassiopee Library to index strings and to search with exact or approximate match
Catalyst Authentication Credential HTTP HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst
Catalyst View Petal Petal View Class for Catalyst
Catalyst-Action-REST module for automatic REST method dispatching
Catalyst-ActionRole-ACL Catalyst ActionRole for user role-based authorization
Catalyst-Devel collection of development tools for Catalyst
Catalyst-Engine-PSGI Catalyst engine for the PSGI protocol
Catalyst-Manual developer's manual for Catalyst
Catalyst-Plugin-Compress Catalyst plugin to compress the response
Catalyst-Plugin-CustomErrorMessage Catalyst plugin to have more "cute" error message.
Catalyst-Plugin-Log-Dispatch Catalyst log module that uses Log::Dispatch
Catalyst-Plugin-Scheduler Catalyst plugin for scheduling events to run in a cron-like fashion
Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-Encoding Unicode aware Catalyst
Catalyst-Runtime elegant Model-View-Controller Web Application Framework
Catalyst-View-Excel-Template-Plus Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus
Catalyst-View-GD Catalyst View for GD images
Catalyst-View-PDF-Reuse Create PDF files from Catalyst using Template Toolkit templates
CatalystX-InjectComponent module for injecting components into Catalyst applications
CatalystX-SimpleLogin simple and reusable login controller
Catcodec tool to decode/encode the sample catalogue for OpenTTD
Catools GNU R package providing various utility functions
Cbm display the current network traffic in colors
Cbmc bounded model checker for C and C++ programs
Cccd Small GTK+ CD player program http://nan
Cclive lightweight command line video extraction tool
Cctools cooperative computing tools work queue Python bindings
Cd-discid - read CD and get CDDB discid information CDDB DiscID utility
Cdbfasta Constant DataBase indexing and retrieval tools for multi-FASTA files
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