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3dldf, 8sync, A2ps, Acct, Acm, Activation, Adns, Aetherspace, Alive, Anubis, Apl, Archimedes, Aris, Aroundme, Artanis, Aspell, Auctex, Autoconf, Autoconf-archive, Autogen, Automake, Avl, BPEL2oWFN, Ballandpaddle, Barcode, Bash, Bayonne, Bazaar, Bc, Binutils, Bison, Bool, C-Graph, CPPI, Calendula, Ccaudio, Ccd2cue, Ccide, Ccrtp, Ccscript, Cfengine, Cflow, Cgicc, Chess, Cim, Classpath, Classpathx, Clisp, Combine, Commoncpp, Complexity, Coreutils, Cpio, Cssc, Cursynth, Dap, Datamash, Ddd, Ddrescue, Dejagnu, Denemo, Dia, Dico, Diction, Diffutils, Dionysus, Direvent, Dismal, Dmd, Dominion, Doscheck, Double Choco Latte, Dr. geo, DynORM, EPrints, ERC, Easejs, Ed, Edma, Electric, Emacs, Emms, Enscript, Epsilon, Fdisk, Ferret, Findutils, Finger 2, Fisicalab, Foliot, Fontopia, Fontutils, Freedink, Freefont, Freeipmi, Freetalk, Fribidi, GIFT, GIMP, GLUE, GMediaServer, GNAT, GNOWSYS, GNU Beacon, GNU FM, GNU Gnash, GNU Messenger, GNU MyServer, GNU Pascal, GNU SQL Server, GNU Songanizer, GNU Source-highlight, GNU Teseq, GNU Zile, GNU libmatheval, GNU sauce, GNU trueprint, GNUe Application Server, GNUe Common Library, GNUe Forms, GNUe Navigator, GNUe Reports, GNUstep, GOOPS, GWorkspace, Gama, Garpd, Gawk, Gcal, Gcc, Gcjwebplugin, Gcl, Gcompris, Gdb, Gdbm, Gengen, Gengetopt, Gettext, Gfe, Gforth, Gfortran, Ggradebook, Ghostscript, Gleem, Glib, Global, Glpk, Glue, Gmp, Gnats, Gnatsweb, Gneural Network, Gnochive, Gnome, Gnotary, Gnotepad+, Gnu-arch, Gnu-c-manual, Gnu-crypto, Gnu-pw-mgr, Gnu3dkit, GnuCAD 2, Gnuae, Gnuastro, Gnubatch, Gnubg, Gnubiff, Gnubik, Gnucap, Gnucash, Gnucobol, Gnucomm, Gnudos, Gnugo, Gnuit, Gnujump, Gnukart, Gnulib, Gnumach, Gnumed, Gnumeric, Gnump3d, Gnun, Gnunet, Gnupg, Gnupod, Gnuprologjava, Gnuradio, Gnurobots, Gnuschool, Gnushogi, Gnuskies, Gnusound, Gnuspeech, Gnuspool, Gnusysutils, Gnutrition, Goldwater, Goptical, Gorm, Gpaint, Gperf, Gprolog, Greg, Grep, Gretl, Groff, Grub, Gsasl, Gsegrafix, Gsl, Gsrc, Gss, Gtick, Gtk+, Gtkeyboard, Gtypist, Guile, Guile-SDL, Guile-dbi, Guile-gnome, Guile-gtk, Guile-ncurses, Guile-opengl, Guile-rpc, Guix, Gurgle, Gv, Gvpe, Gxmessage, Gzip, HAP HTML as image, Halifax, Health, Hello, Help2man, Hp2xx, Httptunnel, Hurd, Hyperbole, IceCat, IceCat, IceCat/GNU LibreJS, IceCatMobile, Idutils, Ignuit, Indent, Inetutils, Intlfonts, Jacal, Jel, Jtw, Jwhois, Kawa, Leg, Less, LibCVS, Libc, Libcdio, Liberty-eiffel, Libextractor, Libffcall, Libgcrypt, Libiconv, Libidn, Libmicrohttpd, Libsigsegv, Libtasn1, Libtool, Libunistring, Libxmi, Lightning, Lilypond, Linux-libre, Liquidwar6, Lsh, M4, Macchanger, Mailman, Mailutils, Make, Marst, Maverik, Mc, Mc 2, Mcron, Mcsim, Mdk, Mediagoblin, Melting, Metahtml, Mifluz, Mig, Miscfiles, Mit-scheme, Mll2html, Moe, Motti, Mpc, Mpfr, Mtools, Muse, NMIS, Nana, Nano, Nano-archimedes, Nautilus, Ncurses, Nettle, OMGCP 2, Ocrad, Octal 2, Octave, Oleo, Orca, Org, Orgadoc, Osip, PCB, PHP Class Wrapper for Stanford Part of Speech Tagger, PIPS, Panorama, Paperclips, Parallel, Parted, Patch, Patchwork, Paxutils, Pcb, Pem, Pexec, Phantom home, Phantom security, Phpgrabcomics, Phpgroupware, Pies, Pipo, Plotutils, Poc, Polyxmass, Proto, Proxyknife, Pspp, Psychosynth, Pth, Ptx, Pyconfigure, Qexo, Queue, R, Radius, Rcs, Readline, Recutils, RefTeX, Remotecontrol, Ring, RosarioSIS, Rottlog, Rpge, Rush, SXML, Sather, Scm, Screen, Sed, Serveez, Servletapi, Sharutils, Shellutils, Shishi, Shmm, Shtool, Sipwitch, Slib, Smalltalk, Smarteiffel, Social, Solfege, Sourceinstall, Sovix, Spacechart, Speex, Spell, Sqltutor, Src-highlite, Stow, Superopt, Swbis, Talkfilters, Tar, Termcap, Termutils, Texinfo, Texmacs, Textutils, Thales, The GNU Objective C Class Library, The mneme project, Time, ToutDoux, Tramp, Unifont, Units, Unrtf, Userv, Uucp, VCD Imager, Vc-dwim, Vera, Vmslib, W3, Wb, Wdiff, WebSocket4J, Wget, Which, Window Maker, Womb, Xaos, Xboard, Xhippo, Xlogmaster, Xnee, Xorriso, Zebra

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