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  GNU package identifier
3dldf 3dldf
8sync 8sync
A2ps a2ps
Acct acct
Acm acm
Activation classpathx
Adns adns
Aetherspace aetherspace
Alive alive
Anubis anubis
Apl apl
Archimedes archimedes
Aris aris
Aroundme aroundme
Artanis artanis
Aspell aspell
Auctex auctex
Autoconf autoconf
Autoconf-archive autoconf-archive
Autogen autogen
Automake automake
Avl avl
BPEL2oWFN bpel2owfn
Ballandpaddle ballandpaddle
Barcode barcode
Bash bash
Bayonne bayonne
Bazaar bzr
Bc bc
Binutils binutils
Bison bison
Bool bool
C-Graph c-graph
CPPI cppi
Calendula calendula
Ccaudio ccaudio
Ccd2cue ccd2cue
Ccide ccide
Ccrtp ccrtp
Ccscript ccscript
Cfengine cfengine
Cflow cflow
Cfs-el cfs-el
Cgicc cgicc
Checker checker
Chess chess
Cim cim
Classpath classpath
Classpathx classpathx
Clisp clisp
Combine combine
Commoncpp commoncpp
Complexity complexity
Coreutils coreutils
Cpio cpio
Cssc cssc
Cursynth cursynth
Dap dap
Datamash datamash
Ddd ddd
Ddrescue ddrescue
Dejagnu dejagnu
Denemo denemo
Dia dia
Dico dico
Diction diction
Diffutils diffutils
Dionysus dionysus
Direvent direvent
Dismal dismal
Dmd dmd
Dominion dominion
Doscheck doschk
Double Choco Latte
Dr. geo dr-geo
EPrints eprints
ERC erc
Easejs easejs
Ed ed
Edma edma
Electric electric
Elib elib
Emacs emacs
Emms emms
Enscript enscript
Epsilon epsilon
Fdisk fdisk
Ferret ferret
Findutils findutils
Finger 2
Fisicalab fisicalab
Foliot foliot
Fontopia fontopia
Fontutils fontutils
Freedink freedink
Freefont freefont
Freeipmi freeipmi
Freetalk freetalk
Fribidi fribidi
GIFT gift
GIMP gimp
GLUE glue
GMediaServer gmediaserver
GNAT gnat
GNOWSYS gnowsys
GNU Beacon beacon
GNU Gnash gnash
GNU Messenger
GNU MyServer myserver
GNU Pascal pascal
GNU SQL Server gnusql
GNU Songanizer songanizer
GNU Source-highlight src-highlite
GNU Teseq teseq
GNU Zile zile
GNU libmatheval libmatheval
GNU sauce sauce
GNU trueprint trueprint
GNUe Application Server
GNUe Common Library
GNUe Forms
GNUe Navigator
GNUe Reports
GNUstep gnustep
GWorkspace gnustep
Gama gama
Garpd garpd
Gawk gawk
Gcal gcal
Gcc gcc
Gcide gcide
Gcl gcl
Gcompris gcompris
Gdb gdb
Gdbm gdbm
Gengetopt gengetopt
Gettext gettext
Gfe gfe
Gforth gforth
Ggradebook ggradebook
Ghostscript ghostscript
Gleem gleem
Glib glib
Global global
Glpk glpk
Glue glue
Gmp gmp
Gnats gnats
Gnatsweb gnatsweb
Gneural Network gneuralnetwork
Gnome gnome
Gnu-c-manual gnu-c-manual
Gnu-crypto gnu-crypto
Gnu-pw-mgr gnu-pw-mgr
Gnu3dkit gnu3dkit
GnuCAD 2
Gnuae gnuae
Gnuastro gnuastro
Gnubatch gnubatch
Gnubg gnubg
Gnubiff gnubiff
Gnubik gnubik
Gnucap gnucap
Gnucash gnucash
Gnucobol gnucobol
Gnucomm gnucomm
Gnudos gnudos
Gnugo gnugo
Gnuit gnuit
Gnujump gnujump
Gnukart gnukart
Gnulib gnulib
Gnumach gnumach
Gnumed gnumed
Gnumeric gnumeric
Gnump3d gnump3d
Gnun gnun
Gnunet gnunet
Gnupg gnupg
Gnupod gnupod
Gnuprologjava gnuprologjava
Gnuradio gnuradio
Gnurobots gnurobots
Gnus emacs
Gnushogi gnushogi
Gnuskies gnuskies
Gnusound gnusound
Gnuspeech gnuspeech
Gnuspool gnuspool
Gnutrition gnutrition
Goldwater goldwater
Goptical goptical
Gorm gorm
Gpaint gpaint
Gperf gperf
Gprolog gprolog
Greg greg
Grep grep
Gretl gretl
Grub grub
Gsasl gsasl
Gsegrafix gsegrafix
Gsl gsl
Gsrc gsrc
Gss gss
Gtick gtick
Gtk+ gtk+
Gtkeyboard GTKeyboard
Gtypist gtypist
Guile guile
Guile-SDL guile-sdl
Guile-dbi guile-dbi
Guile-gnome guile-gnome
Guile-ncurses guile-ncurses
Guile-opengl guile-opengl
Guile-rpc guile-rpc
Guix guix
Gurgle gurgle
Gv gv
Gvpe gvpe
Gxmessage gxmessage
HAP HTML as image
Halifax halifax
Health health
Hello hello
Help2man help2man
Httptunnel httptunnel
Hurd hurd
Hyperbole hyperbole
IceCat gnuzilla
IceCat gnuzilla
IceCat/GNU LibreJS librejs
IceCatMobile gnuzilla
Idutils idutils
Ignuit ignuit
Indent indent
Inetutils inetutils
Intlfonts intlfonts
Jacal jacal
Jel jel
Jtw jtw
Jwhois jwhois
Kawa kawa
Leg leg
Less less
Libc libc
Libcdio libcdio
Liberty-eiffel liberty-eiffel
Libextractor libextractor
Libgcrypt libgcrypt
Libiconv libiconv
Libidn libidn
Libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd
Libsigsegv libsigsegv
Libtasn1 libtasn1
Libtool libtool
Libunistring libunistring
Libxmi libxmi
Lightning lightning
Lilypond lilypond
Linux-libre linux-libre
Liquidwar6 liquidwar6
Lsh lsh
M4 m4
Macchanger macchanger
Mailman mailman
Mailutils mailutils
Make make
Marst marst
Maverik maverik
Mc mc
Mcron mcron
Mcsim mcsim
Mdk mdk
Mediagoblin mediagoblin
Melting melting
Metahtml metahtml
Mifluz mifluz
Mig mig
Miscfiles miscfiles
Mit-scheme mit-scheme
Mll2html mll2html
Moe moe
Motti motti
Mpc mpc
Mpfr mpfr
Mtools mtools
Muse emacs-muse
Nana nana
Nano nano
Nano-archimedes nano-archimedes
Nautilus gnome
Ncurses ncurses
Nettle nettle
Ocrad ocrad
Octal 2 octal
Octave octave
Oleo oleo
Orgadoc orgadoc
Osip osip
PCB pcb
PHP Class Wrapper for Stanford Part of Speech Tagger
PIPS pips
Panorama panorama
Paperclips paperclips
Parallel parallel
Parted parted
Patch patch
Patchwork patchwork
Pcb pcb
Pem pem
Pexec pexec
Phantom home phantom_home
Phantom security
Phpgrabcomics grabcomics
Phpgroupware phpgroupware
Pies pies
Pipo pipo
Plotutils plotutils
Poc poc
Polyxmass polyxmass
PowerGuru PowerGuru
Proxyknife proxyknife
Pspp pspp
Pth pth
Ptx coreutils
Pyconfigure pyconfigure
Qexo qexo
Queue gnu-queue
R r
Rcs rcs
Readline readline
Recutils recutils
Remotecontrol remotecontrol
Ring ring
Rpge rpge
Rush rush
SXML sxml
Sather sather
Scm scm
Screen screen
Sed sed
Serveez serveez
Servletapi classpathx
Sharutils sharutils
Shellutils coreutils
Shishi shishi
Shmm shmm
Shtool shtool
Sipwitch sipwitch
Slib slib
Smalltalk smalltalk
Smarteiffel smarteiffel
Solfege solfege
Sourceinstall sourceinstall
Spacechart spacechart
Speex speex
Sqltutor sqltutor
Src-highlite src-highlite
Stow stow
Superopt superopt
Swbis swbis
Tar tar
Termcap termcap
Termutils termutils
Texinfo texinfo
Texmacs texmacs
Textutils Coreutils
Thales thales
The GNU Objective C Class Library GNUStep
The mneme project themnemeproject
Time time
ToutDoux toutdoux
Tramp tramp
Trueprint trueprint
Unifont unifont
Units units
Unrtf unrtf
Userv userv
Uucp uucp
VCD Imager vcdimager
Vc-dwim vc-dwim
Vera vera
Vmslib vmslib
W3 w3
Wb wb
Wdiff wdiff
WebSocket4J websocket4j
Wget wget
Which which
Window Maker windowmaker
Xaos xaos
Xboard xboard
Xhippo xhippo
Xlogmaster xlogmaster
Xnee xnee
Xorriso xorriso
Zebra zebra

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