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These are free/libre software replacements for Service as a Software Substitutes (which are sometimes also referred to as Web services or network services).

On the Internet, proprietary software isn't the only way to lose your freedom. Service as a Software Substitute, or SaaSS, is another way to let someone else have power over your computing.
SaaSS means using a service implemented by someone else as a substitute for running your copy of a program. The term is ours; articles and ads won't use it, and they won't tell you whether a service is SaaSS. Instead they will probably use the vague and distracting term “cloud”, which lumps SaaSS together with various other practices, some abusive and some ok. With the explanation and examples in this page, you can tell whether a service is SaaSS.
Who Does the Server Really Serve?

While solving the problem of SaaSS may seem sufficient, this doesn't solve other issues related to centralization and lack of standardization or of security. This page preferably lists software that helps people self-host their activities in the Internet while also providing some level of federation with other hosts; secondly, it lists replacements for some SaaSS variants in case there is no federated or no distributed self-hosted equivalent.

Text translation

An offline machine translation tool

Collaborative real-time editing

Collaborative editor and server software that doesn't make the user run untrusted code in the web browser and supports various client applications

Server software for real-time collaborative editing which allows users to edit documents using their web browser

Satellite navigation and routing

Navit Car navigation system with routing engine

Internet radio

Server software for running music community websites

Media sharing, streaming and video-on-demand

GNU MediaGoblin
Server software that allows you to share your media with the world

Anonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing

Python based BitTorrent/Internet TV application
Watch movies and TV shows instantly from BitTorrent protocol

Social networks

Server software for the decentralized social network of the same name

GNU social Microblogging server software which implements the OStatus standard for decentralized social networking

Microblogging server software which follows OStatus and ActivityPub standards, is compatible with GNU Social, supports content warnings and private messages
Blogging server software that federates using the Activity Streams standard

Twister is the fully decentralized P2P microblogging platform leveraging from the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols

Analytics platforms

Real-time Web analytics software program

Payment systems and cryptocurrencies

GNU Taler
Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves. Electronic payment system that accepts any currency, is energy-friendly, makes clients anonymous and allows governments to tax payments

Bitcoin client and wallet

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private

E-mail server software, client webmail and groupware

A browser-based multilingual IMAP e-mail client

Scalable groupware server

E-mail reader

Web search engine

Searx a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine inspired by the Seeks websearch proxy

YaCy is a distributed search engine

Static source code analyzers

Source code static analyzer

Code hosting platforms

Self-hosted GitHub replacement

A painless self-hosted software forge

GitLab is free software that helps you build and collaborate on software

A self-hosted Git service written in Go

GIT and Mercurial source code management system

Web-based software hosting system

Translation platforms

Online, Web-based translation platform

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