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The Artificial Intelligence Project Team gathers free software resources regarding machine learning / artificial intelligence.

Group info User info
User Role Reference Real name nick Time zone Title
Mmcmahon Team captain Michael McMahon thomzane America/New_York FSF Web Developer
David_Hedlund Coordinator David Hedlund David_Hedlund Europe/Stockholm
GrahamxReed Collaborator Graham Reed Graham_Reed America/New_York
Mertgor Observer Mert Gör hwpplayer1 Europe/Istanbul






Text generation

Project Credit License
GPT-NeoX EleutherAI Apache 2.0
KoboldAI KoboldAI AGPLv3
Open Assistant LAION-AI Apache 2.0
Open Interpreter KillianLucas MIT
SillyTavern SillyTavern AGPLv3
StableLM Stability AI Apache 2.0
Text Generation Web UI oobabooga AGPLv3
Text Generation Web UI with Long-Term Memory wawawario2 AGPLv3
Project Credit License
cria - LLaMA ported to Rust AmineDiro MIT
FastChat lm-sys Apache-2.0
GPT4All Nomic AI MIT
koboldcpp LostRuins AGPLv3
LLaMA FSD Meta Research GPLv3
LLaMA ported to C/C++ FSD ggerganov (Georgi Gerganov) MIT
QLoRA artidoro MIT
Serge serge-chat MIT
WizardLM nlpxucan Apache-2.0

Code generation

This concept is controversial. See the FSF's other writing on this topic.


Image generation

Project Credit License
ComfyUI comfyanonymous GPLv3
ControlNet lllyasviel Apache-2.0
DALL-E Mini borisdayma (Boris Dayma) Apache 2.0
Diffusers huggingface Apache-2.0
neural-style anishathalye GPLv3
SDXL - generative-models Stability-AI MIT
Stable Diffusion WebUI AUTOMATIC1111 AGPLv3
Text To Video Synthesis Colab camenduru The Unlicense
Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model for Image Animation yoyo-nb MIT

Image captioning

3D modeling

Natural language processing (NLP)

Transcription (Speech to text (STT))

Speech synthesis (text to speech (TTS))

Project Credit License
Coqui TTS Coqui AI MPL 2.0
SoftVC VITS Singing Voice Conversion Fork voicepaw Apache License 2.0 & MIT License
TorToiSe neonbjb (James Betker) Apache License 2.0
Bark Suno AI MIT License


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