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Name ChemAzTech
Short description Chemistry molecule - Web database - software, to manage products and their structures.
Full description Chemistry molecule - Web database - software, to manage products and their structures.
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Further info

Direct link for actual version : Otherwise : SVN : > 3) Please list all licenses, including documentation license > ChemAzTech : GNU GPL

=> I have insert in the README header this text :

> ChemAzTech. A Chemistry molecule - Web database - software, to > manage products and their structures. > Copyright (C) 2009 Remy Dernat.

> This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify > it under the terms of the GNU GPL license as published by > the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

> This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but > WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty > of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. > See the licence for more details.

> You should have received a copy of the GNU GPL license along with > this program; if not, see

> " Chemical library " like software, created by Remy Dernat

> Montpellier, CNRS, IBMM - UMR5247

My software includes two other free softwares : JMol (GNU LGPL) and JChemPaint (GNU LGPL).

Some other softwares are needed (but not included) like MyChem (GNU GPL), OpenBabel (GNU GPL) or OASA python library from BKChem project (GNU GPL). > 4) A short description of what the program does >

General software features :

Chemical product library & management software

This software includes lots of features. Main objective is to involve a maximum of people around a single interface, avalaible from a browser. It's a freely OpenSource and powerfull tool based on existing OpenSource chemical softwares. You can download and see documentation and sources on sourceforge :

Main features :

> * Manage chemical products (with structures, place of storage, > references, experiment number...). > * Draw, édit structures with JChemPaint > <>. > * See your molecules 3D with JMol > <>, in 2D with JChemPaint > <> (java) or with the python > librairy OASA <> (PNG pictures) > * Search by sub-structures with MyChem > <>. > * Automated threatment for mol properties, with Smiles codes, > Inchi with MyChem <>. > * Import molecules from a single MOL file, or CDX or all a > database from a SDF file > * Extract CSV, export as PDF/PNG... > * Manage users and groups and a visibility level for products

> 5) Current version and maturity level > v0.55. It is provided as a beta software. > 6) Maintainers' names/contact (we will make this info public) > me : > 7) Any help resources or community resources - including mailing > list archives, IRC or bug lists > For the moment, full documentation is in french (pdf), but there is a README file in french and another one in english. > 8) Any developer resources - including bug lists and public VCS > checkout command > CVS <=> SVN from Sourceforge : port : 443 Protocol : HTTPS Repository Path: /svnroot/chemaztech > 9) All known dependencies > It needs a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), OpenBabel, MyChem, java and python... > 10) Indicate all applicable interface styles: > Command Line, Console, Daemon, X Window, Web, Email > Web. > > > > Thanks for supporting free software! >

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