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Name Degree Calculator
Short description Interactive program that numerically computes the topological degree of a map from a box in Rn to Rn.
Full description The program attempts the computation of the topological degree of the self-map, in the n-dimensional Euclidean space, f=(f[0];...;f[n-1]), with respecto to the point Q=(Q[0];...;Q[n-1]), relatively to an n-dimensional box P whose faces are parallel to the hyper-planes x[0]=0,...,x[n-1]=0 and id defined by two apposite corners A=(A[0];...;A[n-1]) and B=(B[0];...;B[n-1]). Namely, P = {(x[0];...;x[n-1]): A[i] < x[i] < B[i], i=0,...,n}. The program works by attempting the computation, via the Montecarlo method, of a certain integral on the preimage of a given (hyper-)cube centered at Q. The choice of the integration method has been determined by simplicity and robustness considerations. Unfortunately this choice is not well-suited for problems in many dimensions where the necessary number of trial points becomes quickly prohibitively high. At the end of each computation, before returning control to user interface, a batch of checks is run on approximation parameters and warnings are raised in suspicious cases. However the user is well-advised not to rely too heavily on these tests.
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Keywords topological degree
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Version download 1.5.01
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