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Name FísicaLab
Short description Educational application for physics.
Full description FisicaLab (can be pronounced as PhysicsLab) is an educational application to solve physics problems. Its main objective is let the user to focus in physics concepts, leaving aside the mathematical details (FisicaLab take care of them). This allows the user to become familiar with the physical concepts without running the risk of getting lost in mathematical details. And so, when the user gain confidence in applying physical concepts, will be better prepared to solve the problems by hand (with pen and paper). The latest release of FisicaLab have the following modules:
  • Kinematics of particles in 2D.
  • Circular kinematics of particles in 2D.
  • Static of particles in 2D.
  • Static of rigid bodies in 2D.
  • Dynamics of particles in 2D.
  • Circular dynamics of particles in 2D.
  • Heat, calorimetry, ideal gas and expansion.

The static and dynamics problems are entered constructing the free body diagrams of the objects. Although FísicaLab is easy and intuitive, we recommend you read the help files first before set any problem. The help panel is available at menu Info -> Help (or FisicaLab -> Info -> Help, depending on what interface style is used)

Homepage URL
GNU package name
User level
Component programs
VCS checkout command svn co svn://
Computer languages Objective-C
Documentation note FísicaLab comes with full documentation (available in English and Spanish). Includes a description of each elements in each module. And several examples that show how use FisicaLab. The help panel is available at menu Info -> Help (or FisicaLab -> Info -> Help, depending on what interface style is used)
Paid support
IRC help
IRC general
IRC development
Related projects
Keywords FisicaLab, Physics
Version identifier 0.3.0
Version date 2012/10/02
Version status stable
Version download
Version comment This is major new version that brings improvements to interface and new elements and modules:
  • The conversion factors are now available from a contextual menu.
  • Basic mathematical operations can be done at table entries. Also can be used some useful functions like: cos(), sin(), hypot()...
  • A yellow square is drawn around the element whose data is displayed in the table.
  • Leaving the mouse cursor over an element in the chalkboard, its data is displayed in a tooltip.
  • Has been added a preferences panel to configure the chalkboard size (in cells) and the font size in tooltips.
  • Circular kinematics of particles: Changes in the entries of some elements. For example the Angular Velocity element now has entries for the initial and final angular velocity.
  • Dynamics of particles: Removed the element Explosion. These problems can be done in the new module.
  • In the modules of Static has been added an element to relate angles.
  • Static of rigid bodies: This module has been extended to allow solve trusses problems. Also there are elements to represent beams of two forces.
  • New module Circular Dynamics of Particles.
Finished review No

License: GNU GPLv3+

License note:

Real name: German A. Arias

Role: Developer and maintainer.


Resource audience: Users

Resource kind: Mailing List

Resource URL:

Resource audience: Spanish language users

Resource kind: Mailing List

Resource URL:

Education: adult, elementary, secondary
Science: physics
Use: education

Prerequisite kind: Required to use

Prerequisite description: GNUstep frameworks and packages.

Prerequisite kind: Required to use

Prerequisite description: GSL libraries.

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