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Bug Report

Review Finished? No
Page filed from Mathomatic
Subject Details page not working
Report For the past week or two the "Details" page of the Mathomatic project listed here has been inaccessable to me and I assume everyone else, too. Your "Overview" page looks fine, but your Details page is just left with empty headings, on every browser I tried. That is my only bug report for this Mathomatic software listing.

Mathomatic is a legitimate, community-based, free software project that has been around a long time and is still supported by various members of the community and is packaged by almost every Linux distribution. I do not use GIT because just passing the tests is not enough for code to be accepted into the Mathomatic project. I must go over every new line of code manually, for correctness. Mathematics must be 100% correct at all times, or it is not math. I have always welcomed contributions, and usually get some new code or ideas every month. I have made no money off of this project, nor do I plan to, it is my volunteer community service and our contribution to the world and education. When I am feeling well, like lately, I write lots of code for Mathomatic for the stable releases I make every month or two. Everybody gets thanked and everyone is happy. I would not mind someone forking Mathomatic, if they didn't like my way of doing things, but I have heard no major complaints.

Thank you for listing Mathomatic in your Free Software Directory.  :-)

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