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  1. ELKI (Name Elki: environment for developing kdd-applications supported by index-structures)
  2. Ebooklib (Name Ebooklib)
  3. Epeios (Name Epeios project)
  4. F-Droid (Name F-Droid)
  5. FWRT (Name FWRT)
  6. Fastx-toolkit (Name Fastx-toolkit)
  7. Fdroidserver (Name Fdroidserver)
  8. Feed2omb (Name Feed2omb)
  9. Filetea (Name Filetea)
  10. Foodsoft (Name Foodsoft)
  11. Forban (Name Forban)
  12. FreePoker Database (Name FreePoker Database)
  13. Freeside (Name freeside)
  14. Freshcode (Name freshcode)
  15. Friendica (Name Friendica)
  16. GT.M (Name GT.M)
  17. Ghostscript (Name GNU Ghostscript)
  18. Git-annex (Name git-annex)
  19. Gitorious (Name Gitorious)
  20. Glean (Name Glean)
  21. Gnowsys (Name GNOWSYS)
  22. Gnufm (Name GNU FM)
  23. Gnunet (Name GNUnet)
  24. Grue Hunter (Name Grue Hunter)
  25. Gsequencer (Name Advanced GTK+ Sequencer)
  26. Gwl (Name Guix Workflow Language)
  27. HOTELDRUID (Name HotelDruid (PHP-RESIDENCE))
  28. Hopenpgp-tools (Name Hopenpgp-tools)
  29. Hspell (Name Hspell)
  30. Inboxen (Name Inboxen)
  31. InfCloud (Name InfCloud)
  32. Invidious (Name Invidious)
  33. Janus internetwork channel linker (Name Janus internetwork channel linker)
  34. Javascript Crypto Library (Name Javascript Crypto Library)
  35. Jirafeau (Name Jirafeau)
  36. KForge (Name KForge)
  37. KOReader (Name KOReader)
  38. KiwiIRC (Name KiwiIRC)
  39. Komodo (Name Komodo)
  40. Laconica (Name Laconica)
  41. Legibly Password Generator (Name Legibly Password Generator)
  42. Lhendraw (Name Lhendraw)
  43. Libertree (Name Libertree)
  44. Libgtextutils (Name Libgtextutils)
  45. Libravatar (Name Libravatar)
  46. Liquid Fast Infoset (Name Liquid Fast Infoset)
  47. Liquid prompt (Name Liquid prompt)
  48. Listado de alumnos (Name Listado de alumnos)
  49. Loomio (Name Loomio)
  50. MISP (Name MISP)

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