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Gnome Chinese Checkers
Gnome Chinese Checkers is an networked implementation of the Chinese Checkers board game, supporting upto 6 players. The game includes added goodies like an integrated chat window, player rotation, etc. This has been updated for Gnome 2.0.
Quickly finds a lot of solutions of the Knight's Tours problem described here on Wikipedia.
A chess human-vs.-computer game. Unlike other programs it is implemented completely in Lisp,
PyChess seeks to make it easy and comfortable to play chess against your friends or your computer over the Internet or offline.
Scid is a powerful chess database application with many search features. Its GUI makes entering chess games fast and easy, and you can search games by exact position, material, player names, and many other criteria. It does not come with any actual file of chess games, but it can convert databases to/from the popular PGN format which is widely used for chess games. The program has support in ten languages.
Sjeng is a powerful chess program that also plays the bughouse, crazyhouse, giveaway, losers, and suicide variants of the game. It's fully compatible with XBoard/WinBoard and EBoard, and supports most advanced features like analysis-mode and board setup. It has beaten players rated over 2500 points, including several titled GM's and IM's. One version of Sjeng reached first place in the crazyhouse players list on the Internet Chess Club (ICC), and the first place on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). Its crazyhouse rating id generally around 2300 points. It is a bit weaker in bughouse than in crazyhouse. Most Sjeng's on the FICS have a rating of about 2000 points in bughouse, with a top of over 2200 points. For standard chess, Sjeng's rating is about 2450 ELO. In suicide and losers chess Sjeng beats all but the very best humans, and beats non-specialized programs easily.
Stockfish (chess engine)
Stockfish is a strong Chess engine to play against or use for analysis of positions, openings, endgames and so on. Stockfish is one of the strongest Chess engines in the world. To use its features an interface such as eBoard or SCID is required.
Vulcan Chess
Vulcan Chess allows you play against the computer in a chess variant inspired by a certain well-known science-fiction TV series.
Xboard Heckert gnu.tiny.png
XBoard is a graphical chessboard for the X Window System. It can serve as a user interface for chess engines such as Fairy Max, Sjeng, Baby, Hachu or GNU Chess, for the Internet Chess Server, or for electronic mail correspondence chess. It supports all major forms of chess, such as international chess, xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi (Japanese chess) and Makruk, in addition to many minor variants such as Losers Chess, Crazyhouse, Chess960 and Capablanca Chess. XBoard presents a fully interactive graphical interface and can load and save games in the Portable Game Notation. It can also be used by itself as viewer for stored chess games.

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