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Snow Path Formation Simulator
Snow Path Formation Simulator is a program that models the process of people forming very distinct, and yet not always altogether logical looking, paths in the snow as they walk across open spaces. The evolving condition of the snow is displayed graphically. This project may eventually mature into a screensaver.
'StormSiren' is a personal severe weather monitoring tool that disseminates National Weather Service issued bulletins about potential and imminent hazardous weather. When such bulletins are detected, the program summarizes the alert and sends it to various devices including pagers, SMS-capable wireless phones, or e-mail accounts. The summaries fit in a 160 character display and include the type of hazard, affected counties and cities, and the issue and expiration times of the bulletin.
WX200 WM918 Weather Station Server
wx200d is a weather station data collector and server daemon for the WX200, WM918, WMR918 and WMR968 weather station hardware.
WeatherGraph periodically contacts the US National Weather Service and downloads METAR aviation weather information, databases it, then generates a set of rolling graphs suitable for presentation on a Web page.
'WeatherPlotter' gathers, tracks, and looks at historical weather data. It gathers weather information from the US National Weather Service Web site on an hourly basis, then lets you view that data in several convenient graphical charts within your Web browser. Charts are generated in real-time using the PNG format, and can be easily customized. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others for data storage.
'WeatherSpect' provides a reasonably accurate simulation of what the weather looks like outside, in ASCII art. It includes rain, snow, lightning, sleet, and hail. Windspeed and cloudiness are reflected in the velocity and quantity of clouds. There are trees that age, reproduce and die over the course of an hour, and a sun and moon that cross the sky for 12 hours each. There's also a dancing turtle.
'wmweather+' will download the National Weather Service METAR bulletins, ANV and MRF forecasts, and any weather map for display in a WindowMaker dockapp. It includes forecasts, a weather map, and a sky condition display. For window managers other than WindowMaker, wmweather+ runs as a 64x64 pixel shaped icon on the desktop.
Wview Weather System
wview is an application for weather stations. It archives weather data from the station. Generates full html web sites with graphics. ftp/ssh export capability. MySQL/PostgreSQL archiving. International. Weather alarms. Data feed. RSS feed. Features:
  • 24x7x365 reliability.
  • Fast image and HTML/XML file generation.
  • Non-GUI, headless, lightweight (size and resources).
  • Embeddable - can be deployed on low-power embedded systems such as the Linksys NSLU2.
  • Multi-Lingual - HTML/XML templates, labels and text.
  • US (Imperial) or Metric Units - can be easily configured for metric or US units of measure.
  • SQL Storage - archive data may be stored in a relational database (MySQL or PostGreSQL). This does not replace the use of the WLK binary files but is an export-only capability.
  • Remote Upload - web pages and images can be transferred to a remote web server via an ftp or secure ssh process included with wview.
  • Alarms - the wview alarm daemon wvalarmd can be enabled to deliver current conditions to TCP socket clients as a near real-time data feed engine. wvalarmd can also be configured to function as a weather data alarm generator to user specified scripts or binaries.
  • CWOP - can be configured to submit data to CWOP.
  • Wunderground - can be configured to submit data to Wunderground.
  • Awekas - can be configured to submit data to Awekas.
  • Weatherforyou - can be configured to submit data to Weatherforyou.
  • RSS Feeds - processes XML template files and includes a default weather data RSS feed template.
'wxweather' is a reference implementation of the Open Weather System, an open weather monitoring and prediction network. It includes:
wxcard - An assembly language program for the project's PIC - based
weather monitoring card. wxdisp - A logging and display program for data from wxcard.
wxlmon - A program to aid debugging the serial communications between
wxcard and wxdisp.

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