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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Documentation note" with value "Available at". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Make 7 Libre  + (A documentation generated with Doxygen is being written (for developers). Translations are also in progress. Yelp integration is envisaged.)
  • Solr  + (A reference guide is available at:
  • Ikog  + (A simple guide is embedded in the application. Full documentation is available at given at
  • Pasteque  + (A wikibook in French available at:èque)
  • Chirpy!  + (API Documentation at
  • Cairo  + (API Reference Manual at Various Language Specific Tutorials at FAQ at
  • Libquantum  + (API documentation available from
  • Xi  + (API documentation is generated from the sources using Doxygen.)
  • TA-Lib  + (API in HTML at
  • At-spi  + (AT-SPI is a part of the [[GNOME]] Accessibility Project. * * * See also [[ATK]].)
  • Kunjika  + (Additional documentation on [].)
  • Online Grades  + (Admin, Student and Teacher documentation on line at
  • Cish  + (Administrator's Guide available in PDF format from
  • F2w helpdesk  + (Administrator's guide available from; User's guide available from
  • Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library  + (All Gscope documentation is available in the doc/C directory. It is also available when any gscope application is run.
  • Nbworks  + (All documentation at present moment (2013-05-17) exists ONLY as manpages present in the project's tree.)
  • Bmrblib  + (Although no standalone documentation for bmrblib currently exists, the API documentation is available as part of the relax project at
  • Java CentralPartsUnit  + (An understanding of how CPUs work at a base level is very recommended. Full documentation is in the repository.)
  • G2q  + (Andrew W. Cross, Lev S. Bishop, John A. Smolin, Jay M. Gambetta "Open Quantum Assembly Language" [ %5barXiv:1707.03429%5d])
  • Kontalk  + (Android client wiki Desktop client wiki
  • LynxChan  + (Any documentation for the specs can be found under the doc directory. Additional information can be found on /src/be/
  • Subversion  + (Apache Subversion documentation available at
  • PBButtonsd  + (Archived old web page at
  • Neverball  + (Asset creation:
  • Freeciv  + (Available at
  • Conglomerate  + (Available at
  • FontForge  + (Available on the Web site, e.g.
  • Bbdb  + (BBDB is now available via Emacs Lisp Package Archive (ELPA). To install this package, run in [[Emacs]]: <code>M-x package-install RET bbdb RET</code>)
  • Libdodo  + (Basic User documentation at
  • Optik  + (Basic and advanced user guides included)
  • Grotesque  + (Basic documentation is available in the included README file.)
  • PyBridge  + (Basic documentation:
  • Moovida  + (Before downloading Moovida for Linux, make sure your distribution does not already include it. Among other distributions, Debian and Ubuntu already offer Elisa. For help see
  • Kanban  + (Before upgrading: * check the [https://gi
    Before upgrading: * check the [ NEWS] file; * check the [ ChangeLog] file. After upgrading: * stay updated by subscribing to the [ RSS Feed].
    .org/news/atom.php?group=kanban RSS Feed].)
  • Decentraleyes  + (Bitcoin address: 3B2ZJ2LYZKYM5wkTZFeUh8PHrAmoPdY6FK)
  • Bongo  + (Bongo can be installed through [[MELPA]] u
    Bongo can be installed through [[MELPA]] using: M-x package-install RET bongo RET To start Bongo, run: M-x bongo RET To insert a file or a whole directory of files, type: i See the [[TeXinfo]] manual for many more keybindings and commands.
    t;/kbd> See the [[TeXinfo]] manual for many more keybindings and commands.)
  • Gmpl-mode  + (Brief how-to instructions included in the comments.)
  • Metisse  + (Build documentation at, Build documentation for the server at, User guide at
  • Temps  + (Build instructions at
  • OHRRPGCE  + (Built-in documentation is accessible with the F1 key, and there is extensive information [ on the wiki])
  • Emacs madx-mode  + (By default any buffer with extension `.madx' is highlighted. But, it can be used in any buffer by typping `M+x madx-mode' and `RET'.)
  • UDS Collection  + (Class Reference Quide in HTML at
  • Sly  + (Clones of the source code:
  • Snowdrift  + (Crowdfunding mechanism * [https://snowdrif
    Crowdfunding mechanism * [ Introduction] * Funding [ mechanism] and [ formula] Software platform * [ Contributing] (including non-programming contributions) * [ Development guide]
    owdrift/source/ Development guide])
  • Cuba  + (Cuba has been published in [ Comput. Phys. Commun. 168 (2005) 78] [[ hep-ph/0404043]].)
  • PyIFBabel  + (Currently no documentation is provided, however a [ tutorial] is online.)
  • Bookworm  + (Dependencies list and how to build the sof
    Dependencies list and how to build the software can be found here: Installation instruction for different GNU/Linux distributions can be found here:
  • XenMan  + (Detailed installation instructions included)
  • Liblo  + (Develooper API documentation available in HTML format from
  • Phpagi  + (Developer AGI reference available in HTML format from; User guide available in HTML format from
  • Gtk2Hs  + (Developer API available from

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