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  2. AJAX Chat (AJAX Chat)
  3. Actor platform (Actor platform)
  4. Aetherspace (Aetherspace)
  5. Agile Toolkit (Agile Toolkit)
  6. AllocPSA (allocPSA)
  7. Anonymouth (Anonymouth)
  8. AppEngine GO (AppEngine GO)
  9. ArcheryClock (ArcheryClock)
  10. Archipel-agent-action-scheduler (Archipel-agent-action-scheduler)
  11. Archipel-agent-hypervisor-geolocalization (Archipel-agent-hypervisor-geolocalization)
  12. Archipel-agent-hypervisor-health (Archipel-agent-hypervisor-health)
  13. Archipel-agent-hypervisor-network (Archipel-agent-hypervisor-network)
  14. Archipel-agent-hypervisor-platformrequest (Archipel-agent-hypervisor-platformrequest)
  15. Archipel-agent-iphone-notification (Archipel-agent-iphone-notification)
  16. Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-oomkiller (Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-oomkiller)
  17. Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-snapshoting (Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-snapshoting)
  18. Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-vnc (Archipel-agent-virtualmachine-vnc)
  19. Archipel-agent-vmcasting (Archipel-agent-vmcasting)
  20. Archipel-agent-vmparking (Archipel-agent-vmparking)
  21. Archipel-agent-xmppserver (Archipel-agent-xmppserver)
  22. Archipel-core (Archipel-core)
  23. ArgyllCMS (Argyllcms)
  24. Arvados (Arvados)
  25. Avaneya (Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered DVD)
  26. Beehive (Beehive)
  27. Beyond The Titanic (Beyond The Titanic)
  28. Bisq (Bisq)
  29. Bloatit (Bloatit (Elveos is where Bloatit was hosted))
  30. Booktype (Booktype)
  31. CMSimple (CMSimple)
  33. CalDavZAP (CalDavZAP)
  34. CardDavMATE (CardDavMATE)
  35. ClassScheduler (Personal Class Scheduler)
  36. Clipperz (Clipperz)
  37. Configshell (Configshell)
  38. Coquelicot (Coquelicot)
  39. CourtListener (Court Listener)
  40. Crypton (Crypton)
  41. CuraEngine (Curaengine)
  42. DFASDL Utils (DFASDL Utils)
  43. Deliantra Archetypes (Deliantra Archetypes)
  44. Deliantra Maps (Deliantra Maps)
  45. Deliantra Server (Deliantra Server)
  46. Diaspora (Diaspora)
  47. Digits (Digits)
  48. Discodactyl (Discodactyl)
  49. Dnote (Dnote)
  50. Dragon Go Server (Dragon Go Server)

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