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I'm Andrew Engelbrecht and this is my user page. Also check out my talk page.

Hello, I'm working on bringing a featured programs list to the directory, along with other features. If you'd like to get involved, just let me know.  ;-)

  • Semantic MediaWiki
    • Properties
    • Queries (inline queries)
  • Semantic Forms
    • Semantic Forms parser functions
  • mediawiki
    • Templates
    • Magic Words
    • Parser Functions

If you'd like to learn about SMW, take a look at FSD:Hack.

table of possible properties

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query for latest program reviews

 Last review dateLast review by
ADX Addressbook31 March 2018Bartensud
Ds15 September 2017Donaldr3
Gnuastro15 September 2017Mohammad Akhlaghi
Scram15 September 2017Donaldr3
Etcher15 September 2017Donaldr3
GigaBlast Search11 September 2017David Hedlund
Dr-theobold11 September 2017Iank
Ageless for YouTube6 September 2017David Hedlund
Sky Timer6 September 2017David Hedlund
Mute all inactive tabs6 September 2017David Hedlund
NemID Noglefilsprogram6 September 2017David Hedlund
Oregano6 September 2017Andrew Engelbrecht
Flash Block (Plus)6 September 2017David Hedlund
IceCat/Forecastfox (fix version)5 September 2017David Hedlund
WooCommerce5 September 2017David Seaward
... further results
Tagstoo20 September 2017 01:16:24Pabloandumundu
KindMind19 September 2017 10:21:12SunyataZero
Txr18 September 2017 20:09:26Kazinator
White dune16 September 2017 14:48:04Mufti11
EPUBReader15 September 2017 18:36:37Mezzodrinker
Ds15 September 2017 14:11:12Donaldr3
Etcher15 September 2017 13:18:24Donaldr3
Scram15 September 2017 12:12:25Donaldr3
Gnuastro15 September 2017 10:36:33Makhlagh
Less14 September 2017 08:37:39Stephane Chazelas
HHVM14 September 2017 05:50:11Khanhduong95
INFOTOPO13 September 2017 08:43:56Pierre.baudot
Dr-theobold11 September 2017 20:59:11Creationist
Linux-libre11 September 2017 11:09:11Lxoliva
Achievo10 September 2017 23:08:19Hegpetz
... further results

new licensing query test

LicenseVerified byVerified onNotes
License:MPLjgay14 December 2011
License:LGPLv3jgay14 December 2011

names and homepage urls

 NameHomepage URL
'Q' DVD-Author'Q' DVD-Author
0 A.D.0 A.D.
2532 Gigs2532 Pipe.pngGigs
... further results

show timestamps

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other stuff

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