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Hi Gamliel, I deleted FDEReplacer because it is not a program but simply a script to add keys and run an installation command. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to hard code key signing into a script and tell people to run it. Our process for deleting articles is not well formalized, but it is also not a democratic process per se.



Hi Josh, I explain (in Russian, you see my translation) at the site:

Graphical user interface, available in Ubuntu, does not permit to install
MATE easily. Experienced users can  install MATE (and, if desired, remove
Unity) by entering  commands by a keyboard. But for  inexperienced users,
which are unfamiliar with command shell, such a solution is unreachable.

The shell  script Fishkin’s Desktop Environment  Replacer is needed, very
likely,  firstly for  inexperienced  and  lazy  users.  After  asking one
question (to remove Unity or not), the script will make the same changes,
an experienced user can make by a keyboard.

I think that GNU/Linux is an operating system not only for programmers and system administrators. I am sure that GNU/Linux is an operating system for any users, whether experienced or not. I dislike an idea that inexperienced users are unworthy fools. An inexperienced user of GNU/Linux can be a great surgeon or a genius musician. But what is, the Ubuntu GUI proposes to an inexperienced user who wants to still use Ubuntu but wants to replace Unity with MATE? Nothing!

An inexperienced user who dislikes Unity is forced to choose among few possibilities:

  • to bring his computer to an user support service and to pay few dollars (and tens of dollars for taxi if he has not a vehicle);
  • to bring an user support service engineer to the user's home and to pay tens or even hundreds of dollars;
  • to switch to another GNU/Linux distribution;
  • to switch to some non-GNU/Linux but free and open source operating system;
  • to switch to some not free, not open source operating system, such as MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

What will be the choice? One my friend, computer professional, experienced but lazy user, brought by me to Ubuntu from Microsoft Windows, has leaved Ubuntu after few years of using it and has switched to MacOS just because of Unity.

I created this shell script just for me (because myself is a lazy user) and thought after it that there are many users who want to replace Unity with MATE but can not make it themselves. So, I adapted the script for inexperienced users, written the readme with step-by-step instruction and created the site. And I think that my shell script can be very useful for many human beings if they will know about it.

Gamliel Fishkin (talk) 19:55, 5 May 2014 (EDT)

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