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| BitTorrent
| BitTorrent
! Camera
! Camera and video camera (2 in 1)
| [[#Open Camera|Open Camera]]
| [[#Open Camera|Open Camera]]

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Hpp-logo.png High Priority Projects

Free phone operating system is listed on FSF's High Priority Free Software Projects.

This collection is maintained by the Free software replacement project team.

Replicant is a fully free Android-like distribution that meets the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG).[1]

Mobile phones concentrate a huge number of issues in the same device, including many freedom issues.

As for Android, it doesn't respect users' freedom, so we urge all Android users to switch to a mobile device that supports Replicant.


Collaboration with Replicant

Replicant is a free Android-like distribution that meets the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG),[2] but F-Droid doesn't follow the GNU FSDG.[3] We recommend you to use a Replicant supported device and install apps only listed in our Replicant collection as we collaborate with Replicant on that list.

Free apps

Note that these apps have not been reviewed by the Replicant developers (yet).

Type Free program[1] Replacement for

Free software repository client

3D computer graphics software AutoCAD
Accessibility Hpp-logo.png
Anonymous P2P uGet
App locker AppLock
BitTorrent client Tribler BitTorrent
Camera and video camera (2 in 1) Open Camera
Desktop publishing
Diagramming software PlantUML DrawExpress Diagram Lite
Document viewer MuPDF Adobe Acrobat
Email client, news aggregator K-9 Mail Microsoft Outlook
Multimedia communication Hpp-logo.png Jami


Apple FaceTime
Google Hangouts
Facebook Messenger
Microsoft Skype
Paltalk Video Chat App
Instant messaging client Silence (for SMS) ICQ
Yahoo! Messenger
Live USB
Media player RadioDroid

VLC media player (VLC)

RealPlayer Basic
Office suite LibreOffice Viewer[3] Microsoft Office Mobile
Online storage ownCloud (client only) Dropbox
Nextcloud (client)
Proxy server
Raster graphics editor Adobe Photoshop Express
Text editor Markor
Vector graphics editor
VPN client Bitmask

OpenVPN (F-Droid)

Web browser IceCatMobile[2][3][4]

Privacy Browser

Google Chrome
  1. This is a selection of the more common free software applications available for Replicant, and is nothing like a comprehensive list. You may want to check the Runs-on/Android category for more software. Replicant-only programs may be listed here as well but has external links since the Directory only includes program entries for GNU systems.
  2. Mozilla branded programs such as Firefox and Thunderbird are not free software unless their names are changed. This is due to Mozilla's trademark policy that forbids selling copies of unmodified executables.
  3. Some popular apps from F-Droid do not work with Replicant without enabling llvmpipe as software renderer but it is slow. - https://redmine.replicant.us/projects/replicant/wiki/Graphics This is not a problem on Android but it's not entirely free either.
  4. GNU IceCatMobile: GNU IceCat (Mozilla Firefox ESR fork) discontinued official IceCatMobile support after version 38.6.0. However many F-Droid users preferred their unofficial IceCatMobile releases even when official releases existed.

Replicant-only free software


AppLock is an app locker, which guards your privacy security with pattern lock.

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a free mail client. It supports both POP3 and IMAP mailboxes and supports IMAP IDLE for real-time notifications.

LibreOffice Viewer

LibreOffice Viewer uses the same engine as LibreOffice. This, combined with a new front-end based on Firefox for Android, reads documents similarly to LibreOffice desktop.

Open Camera

A feature rich camera application.


A privacy-focused web browser for use with Orbot, based on Tor Browser.

Privacy Browser

Web browser focused on user privacy.


Radio streaming app that uses the online radio lists from radio-browser.info, a wiki like approach to collect as much online.


Silence is an SMS/MMS application that allows you to protect your privacy while communicating with friends. Silence communicates using encrypted SMS messages. No servers or internet connection required.

Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS) replacement

Type Free program[1] Replacement for
Audio MusicPiped YouTube
Audio/Video NewPipe YouTube
Audio/Video NewPipe Legacy YouTube
Audio/Video SkyTube YouTube
Audio/Video YaShlang YouTube

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