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GUI Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Helper

NOTE: 5 May 2020 -- After release of 20.04 versions of Linux softwares the listed downloads will not work. I am preparing an AppImage to fix this issue which should also allow it to be used in a much wider range of Gnu-Linux versions and will provide improved and new features and many bug fixes. Check back soon.

29 May 2020 -- The downloads for the old version have been removed from the github page. They are still available at the new version download link. Those downloads will still work as advertised in, for example, Kubuntu 18.04. However, a bug limits its use to english language locale. And there are missing features and a couple other minor-ish bugs. These are being addressed and so I recommend waiting for the new commandoo version and then upgrading to a 2020 linux version.

This is a GUI program designed to help the newcomer (and veteran) with the Command Line Interface (CLI).

It is designed to be a 'helper' in the sense that one can store favorite / useful commands for quick retrieval and use later. It is designed to be a reference as well, it has a 'starter' database of 170+ GNU/ Linux commands.


Designed for Debian and debian derivatives. Developed in Debian 8 and also tested in Debian 9. And tested with 64 bit Kubuntu and 32 bit Mint. It has versions for GTK2 and QT Widgetsets, if using QT widgetset the library libqt4pas5 must be installed (see readme and install notes). This library is available in all standard repositories.



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Leaders and contributors

Julius Schoen (Julius)Earthling

Resources and communication

Software prerequisites

Required to useQT versions require libqt4pas5 library from repo

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