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|Short description=a module for converting between integer numbers and Esperanto strings.
|Full description=Eonums is a simple module providing conversion between normal integer numbers and the corresponding textual expression in the Esperano language. It was mainly developped in order to explore the regularity of Esperanto expressions for big integer numbers. Names for 10**k (k = 6, 9, 12, ...) like "miliono" (10**6) or "miliardo" (10**9) are chosen from the so-called "Longa Skalo" as described on this page about big numbers (in Esperanto). The integer numbers eonums can convert to or from such Esperanto expressions can be arbitrarily large, but are limited in practice by the largest number for which there is a name in Esperanto (on the "Longa Skalo")", which is, on the previous page, 10**63 (dekiliardo). Hence, the largest integer you can handle with this module is 10**66 - 1. (This module makes no attempt to extend the Esperanto naming rules by introducing names like "undekiliono", "undekiliardo", "dudekiliono" etc.) This module can be fully translated automatically to Python 3.0 using its migration tool named 2to3. Features
* convert Python integers to Esperanto integer strings (Unicode)
* convert Esperanto integer strings (Unicode) to Python integers
* validate Esperanto integer strings (Unicode)
* handle integers from 0 to 10**66 - 1
* provide conversion functions and command-line scripts
* provide a Unittest test suite
* can be automatically migrated to Python 3.0 using 2to3
|User level=intermediate
|Component programs=
|Homepage URL=http://www.dinu-gherman.net/tmp/eonums-README.html
|VCS checkout command=
|Computer languages=Python
|Documentation note=
|Paid support=
|IRC help=
|IRC general=
|IRC development=
|Related projects=
|Keywords=regular expression,Python,math,mathematics,migration,integer,Esperanto,textual expression
|Is GNU=n
|Last review by=Kelly Hopkins
|Last review date=2009-04-03
|Submitted by=Database conversion
|Submitted date=2011-04-01
|Version identifier=0.9.0
|Version date=2009-04-03
|Version status=beta
|Version download=http://www.dinu-gherman.net/tmp/eonums-0.9.0.tar.gz
|License verified date=2009-04-03
|Version comment=
|Real name=Dinu Gherman
|Resource URL=
|Resource audience=Developer
|Resource kind=Homepage
|Resource URL=http://pypi.python.org/pypi/eonums/0.9.0
{{Software category
{{Project license
|License verified by=Kelly Hopkins
|License verified date=2009-04-03

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