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#REDIRECT [[Form:Entry]]
* Before submitting a new entry to the Free Software Directory, please [[Special%3ASearch|make sure that entry does not already exist]].
* Is the program under a free software license? http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#SoftwareLicenses has a list of free software licenses.
* Does the program run on a free operating system? We don't want to list software that only works on Windows or Mac.
* Does the program compile using only free software?
If these are all true, then you may submit a request for an admin to add it to the directory. If you would like to add entries to the directory yourself, then contact the [http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/directory-discuss mailing list] and ask to become an administrator.
{{#formlink:form=Submit|link text=Submit a new entry for review.|query string=namespace=Review|link type=button}}
=1. General info =
This form contains six tabs. Please fill out as much information as you can before saving. The save button appears on the 7th tab.
<div id="wikiPreview" style="display: none; padding-bottom: 25px; margin-bottom: 25px; border-bottom: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"></div>
{{{for template|Entry2|strict}}}
{{{info|page name=<Entry2[Name]>-REV-ID-<unique number;start=1>}}}
<div style="width:500">
<div style="display:none">{{{field|Finished review|hidden|input type=checkbox|default=No}}}</div>
'''Name (required):''' {{{field|Name|mandatory}}}
'''Short description (required):''' {{{field|Short description|mandatory}}}
'''Full description (required):''' {{{field|Full description|mandatory}}}
'''Homepage URL (required):''' {{{field|Homepage URL|mandatory|size=60}}}
'''Is GNU:''' {{{field|Is GNU|input type=checkbox}}}
'''GNU package identifier:''' {{{field|GNU package identifier}}}
'''User level:''' {{{field|User level|input type=radiobutton}}}
'''Component programs:''' {{{field|Component programs|input type=text with autocomplete}}}
'''VCS checkout command:''' {{{field|VCS checkout command}}}
'''Computer languages:''' {{{field|Computer languages}}}
'''Documentation note:''' {{{field|Documentation note}}}
'''Paid support:''' {{{field|Paid support}}}
'''Microblog URL:''' {{{field|Microblog}}}
'''IRC help:''' {{{field|IRC help|size=60}}}
'''IRC general:''' {{{field|IRC general|size=60}}}
'''IRC development:''' {{{field|IRC development|size=60}}}
'''Related projects:''' {{{field|Related projects}}}
'''Keywords:''' {{{field|Keywords}}}
'''Version identifier:''' {{{field|Version identifier}}}
'''Version date:''' {{{field|Version date}}}
'''Version status:''' {{{field|Version status}}}
'''Version download:''' {{{field|Version download|size=60}}}
'''Version sig/md5sum:''' {{{field|Version signature|size=60}}}
'''Version comment:'''  {{{field|Version comment}}}
<div style="display:none">{{{field|Status|hidden}}}</div>
{{{end template}}}
=2. Licenses =
{{{for template|Project license|strict|multiple}}}
'''License:''' {{{field|License}}}
'''License note:''' {{{field|License note|input type=textarea}}}
{{{end template}}}
=3. Person info =
{{{for template|Person|multiple}}}
'''Real name:''' {{{field|Real name}}}
'''Role:''' {{{field|Role}}}
'''Email:''' {{{field|Email}}}
<div style="display:none">'''Resource URL''' {{{field|Resource URL|hidden}}}</div>
{{{end template}}}
=4. Resource info=
{{{for template|Resource|multiple}}}
'''Resource audience:''' {{{field|Resource audience}}}
'''Resource kind:''' {{{field|Resource kind}}}
'''Resource URL:''' {{{field|Resource URL}}}
{{{end template}}}
=5. Categories=
{{{for template|Software category|strict}}}
{| class="formtable"
! Audio:
| {{{field|Audio|property=Audio|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Biology:
| {{{field|Biology|property=Biology|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Business:
| {{{field|Business|property=Business|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Chat:
| {{{field|Chat|property=Chat|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Database:
| {{{field|Database|property=Database|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Documentation-tool:
| {{{field|Documentation-tool|property=Documentation-tool|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Editor:
| {{{field|Editor|property=Editor|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Education:
| {{{field|Education|property=Education|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Email:
| {{{field|Email-software|property=Email-software|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Game:
| {{{field|Game|property=Game|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Geography:
| {{{field|Geography|property=Geography|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Graphics:
| {{{field|Graphics|property=Graphics|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Hobbies:
| {{{field|Hobbies|property=Hobbies|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Html-editor:
| {{{field|Html-editor|property=Html-editor|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Interface:
| {{{field|Interface|property=Interface|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Internet-application:
| {{{field|Internet-application|property=Internet-application|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Library:
| {{{field|Library|property=Library|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Live-communications:
| {{{field|Live-communications|property=Live-communications|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Localization:
| {{{field|Localization|property=Localization|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Mathematics:
| {{{field|Mathematics|property=Mathematics|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Network-hookup:
| {{{field|Network-hookup|property=Network-hookup|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Printing:
| {{{field|Printing|property=Printing|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Program-build-automation:
| {{{field|Program-build-automation|property=Program-build-automation|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Programming-language:
| {{{field|Programming-language|property=Programming-language|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Protocol:
| {{{field|Protocol|property=Protocol|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Science:
| {{{field|Science|property=Science|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Security:
| {{{field|Security|property=Security|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Software-development:
| {{{field|Software-development|property=Software-development|input type=checkboxes}}}
! System-administration:
| {{{field|System-administration|property=System-administration|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Text-creation:
| {{{field|Text-creation|property=Text-creation|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Use:
| {{{field|Use|property=Use|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Version-control:
| {{{field|Version-control|property=Version-control|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Video:
| {{{field|Video|property=Video|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Web-authoring:
| {{{field|Web-authoring|property=Web-authoring|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Works-with:
| {{{field|Works-with|property=Works-with|input type=checkboxes}}}
! Works-with-format:
| {{{field|Works-with-format|property=Works-with-format|input type=checkboxes}}}
{{{end template}}}
=6. Software prerequisites=
{{{for template|Software prerequisite|multiple}}}
'''Prerequisite kind:''' {{{field|Prerequisite kind}}}
'''Prerequisite description:''' {{{field|Prerequisite description}}}
{{{end template}}}
=7. Save=
{{{standard input|summary}}}
{{{standard input|minor edit}}} {{{standard input|watch}}}
{{{standard input|save}}} {{{standard input|preview}}} {{{standard input|changes}}} {{{standard input|cancel}}}

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