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The Backlog Admin Group (BAG) is a dedicated group to work on our Backlog.

Team Captain: David Hedlund.

Table with team members and their time zones.

For internal meetings, the column about Property:TZ database time zone name from the above link can be used to display what would be the members' local time when the meeting start, given this example: TZ="MEMBER_TIME_ZONE" date --date='TZ="America/New_York" 12:00 this Fri'.

Membership policy

  • The Backlog Admin Group only accept volunteers with Administrator privileges.


  • We'll schedule meetings every year or so to actually operate in group activity.

Testing instance

During David's internship: The BAG members got full access to a fresh copy of the main server to investigate setting files etc:

The FSF will consider if we will keep it after David's internship.

I think we should keep these permissions for two reasons 1) the FSF will get gratis sysadmin work 2) the members in BAG will learn to work with the backend. For the moment only saper is a skilled MW admin but other group members would like learn how to maintain MW.

Candidates for membership

Testing pages in the main instance

See the test category.

How to modify Form:Entry

First read the hacking section. After this pick an aspect to modify.

For properties, one could do like this:

To manage possible properties for an entry and its templates, go to any entry and "Edit" it (without the form), in the bottom you will see a list of all templates it currently uses. All templates go like this:

  • {{Entry}} is the property-setter, and is the one used by Form:Entry, so {{Entry}} doesn't display anything to the pages by itself.
  • {{Print entry}} is a intermediary --- it prints somethings but only if called.
  • {{Show}} calls {{Print entry}} and other intermediary templates in order to display things.
  • The first thing that {{Entry}} does is to call {{Show}}, then it proceeds to do all the property settings.

Form:Entry or (the Submit a new entry link in the navigation menu) is used to display editable things that can be found in "Edit with form". When done, Form:Entry automatically makes a page which uses {{Entry}}.

How to add file upload to form edit

To do.

Special pages not found in Special:SpecialPages

Special workarounds

Unlisted name spaces

  • Move the page
  • Use (Main) as name space.
  • Set "NAMESPACE:<title>" in the title wpNewTitleMain text form, example: "Draft:Main page"



Not assigned

Set empty default values

This is a Semantic MediaWiki issue.

I find that most of my problems concerning empty or missing properties in a template are helped by setting default template values. You might need to poke runJobs.php. Then you can query on the default value. So you might have Template:Software looking like:

Software license: None

Then you can pick out the pages with undeclared software license by ask'ing on None to get the ones that aren't declared.

Homepage shouldn't be required

  • The "Homepage" field should not mandatory to fill in entries. For Icedove doesn't have any homepage and it shouldn't be set to the Thunderbird homepage because it's not free due to trade mark issues.
  • FSD:Backlog#Donald.

Non-official compiled/non-source releases

Should we add to FSD:Requirements that we only permit data related to official releases? For example, the current Windows download link for IceCat is unofficial, but it's made by (20:43:02) David_Hedlund: But it's still a unofficial release. I think we should discuss this policy.

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