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These are submissions that can be easily added because they are already confirmed to be in Trisquel. They should require minimal editing to add. Please remove them from this list if you add them.

  • Review:SLUDGE
  • Review:Cmus
    • cmus - lightweight ncurses audio player
    • cmus-plugin-ffmpeg - lightweight ncurses audio player (FFmpeg plugin)
  • Review:Dmapd-REV-ID-2
    • Check if it is in "nfs-common - NFS support files common to client and server"
  • Review:Fossil
    • fossil - DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
  • Review:FOSSology-REV-ID-1
    • fossology - open and modular architecture for analyzing software
    • fossology-agents - architecture for analyzing software, analysis agents
    • fossology-agents-single - architecture for analyzing software, agents (single machine case)
    • fossology-common - architecture for analyzing software, common files
    • fossology-db - architecture for analyzing software, database
    • fossology-dev - architecture for analyzing software, development files
    • fossology-scheduler - architecture for analyzing software, scheduler
    • fossology-scheduler-single - architecture for analyzing software, scheduler (single machine case)
    • fossology-web - architecture for analyzing software, web interface
    • fossology-web-single - architecture for analyzing software, web interface (single machine case)
  • Review:GeoGebra
    • geogebra - Dynamic mathematics software for education
    • geogebra-gnome - GNOME integration layer for GeoGebra
    • geogebra-kde - KDE integration layer for GeoGebra
  • Review:GNUPlot-REV-ID-1
    • gnuplot - A command-line driven interactive plotting program
    • gnuplot-doc - A command-line driven interactive plotting program
    • gnuplot-mode - Yet another Gnuplot mode for Emacs
    • gnuplot-nox - A command-line driven interactive plotting program
    • gnuplot-x11 - A command-line driven interactive plotting program
    • libgnuplot-ruby - Ruby module for Gnuplot (dummy package)
    • libgnuplot-ruby1.8 - Ruby module for Gnuplot

libgraphics-gnuplotif-perl - A dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot

    • plotdrop - A minimal GNOME frontend to GNUPlot
  • Review:Guile-PG
    • guile-pg - Guile bindings for the PostgreSQL client library
  • Review:Irrlicht_Engine
    • libirrlicht-dev - High performance realtime 3D engine development library
    • libirrlicht-doc - High performance realtime 3D engine (API documentation)
    • libirrlicht1.7 - High performance realtime 3D engine
  • Review:JFractionLab-REV-ID-1 and Review:JFractionLab-REV-ID-2
    • jfractionlab - Educative program to practice fractions
  • Review:Kbackup
    • kbackup - Easy to use backup program
  • Review:Kitsune
    • kitsune - Program to solve mathematical problems
  • Review:Lazarus-REV-ID-1
    • lazarus - IDE for Free Pascal - Meta Package
    • lazarus-doc - IDE for Free Pascal - Documentation
    • lazarus-ide - IDE for Free Pascal - Common IDE files
    • lazarus-ide-gtk2 - IDE for Free Pascal - IDE build on top of GTK+ backend
    • lazarus-ide-qt4 - IDE for Free Pascal - IDE build on top of QT backend
    • lazarus-src - IDE for Free Pascal - LCL Sources Code
    • lcl - Lazarus Components Library - LCL metapackage
    • lcl-gtk2 - Lazarus Components Library - GTK+ backend
    • lcl-nogui - Lazarus Components Library - No GUI backend
    • lcl-qt4 - Lazarus Components Library - QT backend
    • lcl-units - Lazarus Components Library - Backend independent components
    • lcl-utils - Lazarus Components Library - Command Line build tools
  • Review:MuseScore-REV-ID-1
    • musescore - Full featured WYSIWYG score editor
    • musescore-common - Full featured WYSIWYG score editor (common files)
    • musescore-soundfont-gm - Small GM SoundFont for MuseScore (TimGM6mb)
  • Review:MusicBrainz Picard and Review:MusicBrainz Picard-REV-ID-1
    • picard - Next-Generation MusicBrainz audio files tagger
  • Review:Nexuiz-REV-ID-1
    • nexuiz - A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter
    • nexuiz-data - Nexuiz game data files
    • nexuiz-dbg - Debug information for the game Nexuiz
    • nexuiz-music - Nexuiz music files
    • nexuiz-server - Standalone server for Nexuiz
    • nexuiz-server-dbg - Debug symols for the Nexuiz game server
    • nexuiz-textures - Textures for Nexuiz

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