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== Viewing submissions (requests) ==
== Viewing submissions (requests) ==
New entry requests are created with "Form:Submit":  
New entry creation requests (submissions) are created with "Form:Submit":  
* [[:Form:Submit]]
* [[:Form:Submit]]
Submissions are categorized as Review:
Submissions are in the 'Review' category
* [[:Category:Review]]
* [[:Category:Review]]
When review is complete the category is changed to Reviewed.
After you actually add an entry to the directory through [[Form:Entry]], edit the "Finished review=No" field to say "Yes", to change category to 'Reviewed'.
* [[:Category:Reviewed]]
* [[:Category:Reviewed]]
If you edit the "Finished review=No" field to say "Yes," then this will happen automatically.
== About editing with forms ==
== About editing with forms ==

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License concerns

Please note: When publishing a new entry to the Free Software Directory, please make sure that it meets our requirements. If the license is not a free software license, then it should not be added to the directory. Therefore, check the license first! If you have questions about whether a program should be added, you can ask the directory-discuss@gnu.org mailing list.

  • If you conclude that we can't admit a entry into the Directory, then change the status of relevant submissions to "reviewed" and add your (nice) comments explaining why above the template. See Review:0_A.D.-REV-ID-1 for an example.

When updating an existing entry

  • When updating license info for a package, please make sure it meets the FSF's requirements, and ask another FSD administrator to review your work. (Either click the right checkbox on a bug report's "Edit with form" tab, or file a bug report with "Problem with this listing?" at the bottom of the project's page). Also, if you update the license info or confirm that it is correct in a newer version, be sure to update the License reviewed by and License reviewed date fields for that package.
  • When updating an existing package in the Directory, if you suspect the package has changed and become proprietary software, then this should be flagged for urgent review immediately. Also, contact another administrator letting them know about the situation.
  • If you are having trouble updating or checking the license for a package, don't let this halt updating other aspects of the package's information. Simply update the information you can and then either update the existing bug report, or create a new bug report that states the license info needs to be checked and updated. Note that this applies to updating a license, not adding a new project to the directory.

Bugs and suggestions

Requested updates to existing submissions get categorized as "Bug report":

When completed, the category gets changed to "Bug report-done"

If you edit a bug report using "edit with form", you can mark the it as having been reviewed. This changes the category automatically.

Viewing submissions (requests)

New entry creation requests (submissions) are created with "Form:Submit":

Submissions are in the 'Review' category

After you actually add an entry to the directory through Form:Entry, edit the "Finished review=No" field to say "Yes", to change category to 'Reviewed'.

About editing with forms

  • Form:Submit: Anyone with a user account can submit a package for review
  • Form:Entry: Admins can use this to create new project pages

At the top of pages in the Review: namespace is a link that will allow you to create or edit entries without typing URLs or entering a name into Form:Entry. Currently, to make changes to an entry's content you must type in your own sentences, and copy and paste basic info. To avoid copyright infringement, please use your own wording for program descriptions.

When you want to edit a page, you have the option of using "Edit" or "Edit with Form". The first allows you to see the source code of the page and offers more flexibility, whereas the second one presents you with a convenient form layout, allowing you to edit current values.

Entry editing tips and guidelines

There is a manual that describes the meaning of each field in Form:Entry: Guide to Form:Entry. It also marks which fields are important or required.

Organization of FSD

Here are some pages that an admin will find useful:

Categories mentioned above

Not mentioned above

Site development

These links are useful for people working on fixing and brining new features to the directory:

Free Software Distros

Some places to coordinate work specific to free software distros.

  • FSD:Trisquel: Trisquel packages that should be added to the FSD.

Also, see FSD:GNU.

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