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Bugs and suggestions

Requested updates to existing submissions get categorized as "Bug report":

When completed, the category gets changed to "Bug report-done"

Updating existing submissions

To update an existing submission, click on a bug then click "edit the page".

Some important things to do when updating a submission:

  • In the Documentation note and Version comment fields, make sure all URLs are formatted as external links. Simply pasting the URL is bad because it does not create a clickable link and because long URLs create formatting errors due to poor line wrap support.
  • Make sure IRC channels are formatted as URIs in the formatted like such: irc:// — notice that the hash tag of the channelname is optional.
  • The Submitted by and Submitted date should only be edited the first time a project is submitted.
  • If you are making a very minor change, do not bother updating the Last reviewed fields. However, if you are updating the software to indicate a new version has been released or have improved it in other substantial and interesting ways, make sure you updated the Last reviewed by and Last reviewed date. This will add it to an RSS feed of recent updates.
  • The licensing section deserves its own wiki page, but for now:
    • When updating license info for a package, please ask another FSD administrator to review your work. (You can do that either via a checkbox on the review's "Edit with form" tab, or by clicking "Problem with this listing?" at the bottom of a project's page). Also, if you do update the license info or have confirmed that it is correct in a newer version, be sure to update the License reviewed by and License reviewed date fields for that package.
    • When updating an existing package in the Directory, if you suspect the package has changed and become proprietary software, then this should be flagged for urgent review immediately. Also, contact another administrator letting them know about the situation.
    • If you are having trouble updating or checking the license for a package, don't let this halt updating other aspects of the package's information. Simply update the information you can and then either update the existing Bug in the Review: namespace or create a new Bug that states the package license info needs to be checked and updated.

Reviewing new submissions

New entry requests are created with "Form:Submit":

Submissions are categorized as Review:

When review is complete the category is changed to Reviewed.

If you edit the "Finished review=No" field to say "Yes," then this will happen automatically.

Rejecting a submission

If you conclude that we can't admit a submission into the Directory, then change the status to reviewed and add your comments explaining why (nicely) above the template. See Review:0_A.D.-REV-ID-1 for an example.

Publishing new submissions

Please note: When publishing a new entry to the Free Software Directory, please make sure that it meets our requirements, and that another administrator who is experienced in publishing new submissions to the directory reviews your work.

Moving from Reviewed to published

To move a page from being reviewed to being published, you should move the submission page to a new page within the Main namespace of our wiki (i.e., '').

Edit the new submission in the main namespace and make sure that the first template is named "Entry". If the page does not appear to be formatted correctly, you may have to change the line from "{{Entry2" to read "{{Entry". Once you have saved, you should be able to edit this page using the Edit with form tab. At this point you can go through and fill out any fields that were not available for editing through Form:Submit.

Publishing new submissions directly

If a new submission is not being moved from the Review namespace, you can create it through Form:Entry.

Organization of FSD

Here are some of the pages that an admin will find useful.



  • Form:Submit: Anyone with a user account can submit a package for review
  • Form:Entry: Admins can use this to create new project pages

When editing a page, you have the option of using "Edit" or "Edit with Form". The first allows you to see the source code of the page and offers more flexibility, whereas the second one presents you with a convenient form layout, displaying and allowing you to edit current values.

At the top of pages in the Review: namespace is a link that will allow you to create or edit pages without typing URLs. Currently, making changes on official entries involves manually typing in content you've found, and/or copying and pasting basic info from user-submissions. To avoid copyright infringement, and to allow us to release the directory under the FDL, please use your own wording for program descriptions.

Site development

These links are useful for people working on fixing and brining new features to the directory:

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