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 Short descriptionResource URL
3dldfpackage for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost
8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile
A2psAny to PostScript
AcctGNU system accounting
AcmAerial combat simulation
ActivationJavaBeans™ Activation Framework
AdnsResolver library for C and C++ programs
AetherspaceProject to produce a multiplayer game
AliveAutomatic login and keep-alive utility for Internet connections.
AnubisProcesses outgoing
Aplfree version of the programming language APL
ArchimedesSoftware for designing and simulating submicron semiconductor
ArisA formal logical proof
AroundmeSocial networking and team interaction
ArtanisGNU Artanis web application framework written in Guile Scheme
AspellSpell checker
AuctexIntegrated environment for editing LaTeX and TeX
AutoconfProduces shell scripts which automatically configure source
Autoconf-archivecollection of free autoconf macros
AutogenAutomated program and text generation
AutomakeGenerates files
AvlLibrary for balanced binary
BPEL2oWFNtranslates a web service expressed in BPEL into an
Ballandpaddlean old-fashioned ball and paddle game.
BarcodeConverts text strings to printed bars
BashThe GNU Bourne-Again SHell
BayonneGNU telephony server
Bazaara friendly powerful distributed version control system.
BcInteractive algebraic
BinutilsCollection of binary
BisonReplacement for the parser generator 'yacc'
BoolUtility for matching boolean queries in
C-Graphsoftware for visualizing convolution and demonstrating the convolution theorem
CPPIa cpp directive indenter.
CalendulaFund-raising/contact management software for non-profits
CcaudioLibrary and software for manipulating audio data
Ccd2cueCCD sheet to CUE sheet
CcideC Language Decision Table Code Generator
CcrtpRTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project
CcscriptC++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution
CfengineMaintains configuration of a heterogenous UNIX
CflowCharts control flow within source code
Cfs-elFrontend for CFS
Cgicca C++ class library for writing CGI
CheckerFinds memory errors at runtime
ChessChess gamegnu.chess
CimCompiler for the programming language
ClasspathFree core class libraries for the Java programming language
ClasspathxUnfinished free implementation of the Java extension
ClispANSI Common Lisp compiler, debugger, and interpreter
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