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 Short descriptionResource URL
3dldfThree-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output.
8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile.
A2psAny to PostScript filter.
AcctSystem accounting utilities.
AcmAerial combat simulation game.
AdnsAsynchronous DNS client library and utilities.
AnubisProcesses outgoing mail.
AplInterpreter for APL Programming Language.
ArchimedesDesigning and simulating submicron semiconductor devices.
ArisFormal logical proofing.
ArtanisWeb application framework written in Guile Scheme.
AspellSpell checker.
Autoconf-archiveCollection of autoconf macros.
AutogenAutomated program and text generation.
AutomakeMakefile generator.
AvlLibrary for balanced binary trees.
BallandpaddleBall and paddle game.
BarcodeConvert text strings to printed bars.
BayonneTelephony server.
BazaarFriendly powerful distributed version control system.
BcInteractive algebraic language.
BehistunMapping internal geological and geophysical conditions.
BisonGeneral-purpose parser generator.
BoolUtility for matching boolean queries in text.
Bpel2owfnTranslate web service expressed in BPEL to oWFN.
C-graphVisualize convolution and demonstrate convolution theorem.
CcaudioLibrary and software for manipulating audio data.
Ccd2cueCCD sheet to CUE sheet converter.
CcideDecision Table Code Generator.
CcrtpRTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project.
CcscriptC++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system.
CflowCharts control flow within source code.
CgiccC++ class library for writing CGI applications.
ChessFull chess implementation
CimCompiler for programming language Simula.
ClasspathCore class libraries for Java.
ClasspathxImplementation of the Java extension libraries.
ClispANSI Common Lisp compiler, debugger, interpreter.
CombineExtensible file matching and filtering.
CommoncppHighly portable C++ class library.
ComplexityMeasure complexity of C source.
ConfigGNU config.guess and config.sub scripts.
ConsensusFacilitate coordination of free software social networking projects.
CoreutilsBasic file, shell and text manipulation utilities.
CpioArchiver that handles cpio and tar archives.
CppiCpp directive indenter.
CsscClone of nonfree SCCS.
CursynthPolyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal.
DapStatistics and graphics package.
DatamashScriptable statistics and data calculation.
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