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GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. You can install Linux-based versions of GNU which are entirely free software. The GNU System provides a collection of applications, libraries, and developer tools, plus a program to allocate resources and talk to the hardware, known as a kernel.

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3dldfThree-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output.
GPLv2orlater with exception
GPLv3orlater with exception
8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
A2psAny to PostScript filter.
GPLv3orlater with exception
AcctSystem accounting utilities.
GPLv2orlater with exception
GPLv3orlater with exception
AcmAerial combat simulation game.
AdnsAsynchronous DNS client library and utilities.
AliveKeep-alive program for internet connections.
AnastasisKey backup and recovery
AnubisProcesses outgoing mail.
AplInterpreter for APL Programming Language.
ArchimedesDesigning and simulating submicron semiconductor devices.
ArisFormal logical proofing.
ArtanisWeb application framework written in Guile Scheme.
AspellSpell checker.
AuctexA sophisticated TeX environment for Emacs.
Autoconf-archiveCollection of autoconf macros. with exception
AutogenAutomated program and text generation.
AutomakeMakefile generator.
AvlLibraries for the manipulation of binary trees and balanced binary trees.
BallandpaddleBall and paddle game.
BarcodeConvert text strings to printed bars.
BashThe GNU Project implementation of the standard Unix shell.
BayonneTelephony server.
BazaarFriendly powerful distributed version control system.
BcInteractive algebraic language.
BehistunMapping internal geological and geophysical conditions.
BisonGeneral-purpose parser generator.
BoolUtility for matching boolean queries in text.
Bpel2owfnTranslate web service expressed in BPEL to oWFN.
C-graphVisualize convolution and demonstrate convolution theorem. with exception
CcaudioLibrary and software for manipulating audio data.
Ccd2cueCCD sheet to CUE sheet converter.
CcideDecision Table Code Generator.
CcrtpRTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project.
GPLv2orlater with library exception
CcscriptC++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system.
CflowCharts control flow within source code.
CgiccC++ class library for writing CGI applications.
ChessFull chess implementation
CimCompiler for programming language Simula.
ClasspathCore class libraries for Java. with exception
ClasspathxImplementation of the Java extension libraries.
ClispANSI Common Lisp compiler, debugger, interpreter.
CombineExtensible file matching and filtering.
CommoncppHighly portable C++ class library.
ComplexityMeasure complexity of C source.
ConfigGNU config.guess and config.sub scripts. with exception
ConsensusFacilitate coordination of free software social networking projects.
CoreutilsBasic file, shell and text manipulation utilities.
CpioArchiver that handles cpio and tar archives.
CppiCpp directive indenter.
CsscClone of nonfree SCCS.
CursynthPolyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal.
DapStatistics and graphics package.
DatamashScriptable statistics and data calculation.
DddGraphical front end for command line debuggers.
DdrescueData recovery tool.
DejagnuFramework to test programs.
DenemoGraphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond.
DiaGTK-based diagram drawing program.
DicoImplementation of DICT server (RFC 2229).
DictionChecks text for readability and bad usage.
DiffutilsFinds differences between and among files.
DionysusSearch engine for universal constants and parameters.
DireventDirectory content watcher daemon.
Djgpp32-bit C/C++ development system.
DominionMulti-player role-playing simulation.
Dr-geoBuild interactive geometric sketches.
EasejsClassical object-oriented framework for JavaScript.
EdSimple line editor.
EdmaFramework for developing object-oriented applications.
ElectricElectrical CAD system.
EmacsThe extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor.
Emacs-museAuthoring and publishing environment for Emacs.
EmmsThe Emacs Multimedia System.
EnscriptConverts ASCII files to PostScript.
EprintsOnline information archiving system.
EpsilonStrongly-typed omega-order programming language.
ErcIRC client for Emacs.
FdiskLibparted-based partitioning tool.
FerretData modeller.
FisicalabEducational application to solve physics problems.
FoliotSmall and easy to use timekeeping application.
FontopiaConsole bitmap font editor.
FontutilsScanned image, bitmap, outline font manipulation
FreedinkFree enhancement of Dink Smallwood game engine.
FreefontUCS outline fonts. with exception
FreeipmiPlatform management, including sensor and power monitoring 3Clause
FreetalkConsole based Jabber client.
FribidiFree implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm.
G-golfG-Golf is a Guile Object Library for GNOME.
GNU BootBoot software distribution
GamaGeodetic network adjustment program.
GarpdGNU Gratuitous ARP Daemon.
GawkText scanning and processing language
GcalCalculate and display calendars.
GccGNU Compiler Collection.
GPLv3orlater with exception
GcideGNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English.
GclCompiler and interpreter for Common Lisp.
GcomprisEducational Game for Children.
GdbGNU Debugger.
GdbmHash library of database functions compatible with traditional dbm.
GengenParameterized-text-generator generator based on a template.
GengetoptGenerates C function that uses getopt_long.
GettextTools to produce multi-lingual messages.
GforthForth implementation of the GNU project.
GgradebookFully-featured GNU gradebook.
GhostscriptPostScript and PDF interpreter.
AGPLv3 with exception
GiftContent based image retrieval system.
GimpGNU Image Manipulation Program.
GleanTool for self-directed learning.
GleemLibrary of 3D widgets.
GlobalCross-environment source code tag system.
GlueGNU Internet groupware project.
GmediaserverUPnP compatible media server.
GmpGNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.
GnashFlash Movie Player.
GnatAda compilation system.
GnatsBug tracking system.
GnatswebWeb interface to GNU GNATS.
GneuralnetworkImplement a programmable neural network.
GnowsysHybrid database server with kernel for semantic computing.
Gnu-c-manualReference of C programming language as implemented by GCC.
Gnu-cryptoFull set of Java cryptographic tools. with library exception
Gnu-html-infoHTML-Info viewer and tools.
Gnu-pw-mgrPasswords manager.
GnuaeProduce alternative energy systems.
GnuastroAstronomical data analysis and manipulation.
GnubatchAdvanced batch scheduling system.
GnubgStrong backgammon program.
GnubiffGNU Mail Notifier. with exception
Gnubik3D Rubik's cube game.
GnucapGeneral purpose circuit simulator.
GnucashPersonal and small business money-management.
GnucobolCOBOL compiler and runtime.
GnucommGNU telecommunications project.
GnudosLibrary to help new GNU system users.
GnueComplete enterprise level business environment.
GnufmServer software for running music community websites.
GnugoPlays the game of Go.
GnuitTools for file and system tasks.
GnujumpPlatform jumping game.
GnukartRacing game.
GnulibGNU portability library.
GnumachMicrokernel of the GNU system.
GnumedCross platform medical record software.
GnumericSpreadsheet program with features beyond typical spreadsheet functionality.
Gnump3dLight-weight audio server.
GnunBuild system for translations.
GnunetSecure, decentralized, peer-to-peer networking framework.
GnupodLets you use an iPod under GNU/Linux.
GnuprologjavaImplementation of ISO Prolog as a Java library.
GnurlMicrofork of cURL with support for the HTTP/HTTPS/GnuTLS subset of cURL
GnurobotsProgram a robot to explore a world.
GnuschoolWeb application for educators, students and school administrators.
GnushogiPlay the game of Shogi.
GnusoundMultitrack sound editor for Gnome.
GnuspeechArticulatory speech synthesis system.
GnuspoolSpooling system for printer and printer interface.
GnustandardsGNU Coding Standards and Information for GNU Maintainers.
GnustepGraphical object oriented programming environment.
Gnustep-backGNUstep drivers for specific graphics systems
GnutlsLibrary implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0.
GnutritionNutrition analysis.
GopticalOptical design and simulation library.
GormGraphic Object Relationship Modeler.
GpaintGNOME paint program.
GperfPerfect hash function generator.
GprologProlog compiler.
GrabcomicsRetrieve and save comics from web.
GregSoftware testing framework.
GrepFinds lines that match entered patterns.
GretlGnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library.
GroffDocument formatting system.
GrubGNU GRand Unified Bootloader.
GsegrafixGNOME scientific and engineering plotting program.
GslLibrary for numerical analysis.
GslipC++ API extension of Symmetric List Processor (SLIP). with exception
GsrcGNU Source Release Collection.
GssImplementation of Generic Security Service API.
GtickDigital metronome.
GtypistTyping tutor.
GuileThe GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions.
Guile-cvImage Processing and Analysis in Guile.
Guile-dbiGuile database abstraction layer.
Guile-debbugsAccessing the Debbugs bug tracker with Guile.
Guile-ncursesGuile bindings to ncurses.
Guile-openglOpenGL bindings for GNU Guile.
Guile-rpcPure Scheme implementation of XDR and ONC RPC.
Guile-sdlGuile bindings for various SDL libraries.
GuixAn advanced GNU/Linux distro and a purely functional package manager.
GurgleGNU Report Generator Language.
GvFrontend for ghostscript.
GvpeSecure vpn over untrusted network.
GwlExtension to GNU Guix declarative language.
GPLv2orlater with exception
SIL Open Font License 1.1
GPLv3orlater with exception
GxmessageGTK-based xmessage clone.
GzipCompress and decompress files.
HalifaxClient applications suite for fax applications.
HealthHospital and Health Information System.
HelloExample of GNU package.
Help2manGenerate manual pages from program files.
Hp2xxReads and converts HP-GL files.
HttptunnelCreates data path in HTTP requests.
HurdGNU's replacement for the Unix kernel.
HyperboleInformation and text management program.
IdutilsTools for indexing.
IgnuitFlash-card based memorization aid.
IndentC language source code formatting program.
InetutilsGNU Networking Utilities.
InklingreaderGNU/Linux version of the Wacom Inkling SketchManager.
JacalSymbolic math system.
JamiDistributed and encrypted audio/video/text communication.
Java-getoptGNU getopt - Java port.
JelCompiler for expressions into Java byte code.
Jtwlanguage to simplify learning Java programming.
JwhoisInternet whois client.
KawaFeatureful scheme implementation.
KopiDevelopment framework for interactive database applications.
LegLibraries for game engines and development.
LessDisplay paginator. 2Clause
LibcThe GNU C Library.
LibcdioCD-ROM access library.
LibdbhManage 64-bit disk based hash tables.
Liberty-eiffelCompiler for the Eiffel programming language.
LibextractorExtracts metadata information from files.
LibffcallBuilds foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters.
LibiconvConverts between character encodings.
LibidnInternationalized string preparation library.
LibjitJust-In-Time compiler library.
LibmathevalLibrary for evaluating mathematical expressions.
LibredwgRead and Write AutoCAD DWG files.
LibrejsBlocks javascript that is non-trivial and non-free.
LibsigsegvLibrary for handling page faults.
Libtasn1a library for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) manipulation
LibtoolGeneric library support script. with exception
LibunistringUnicode string library.
LibxmiLibrary for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics.
LightningGenerates assembly language code at run-time.
LilypondProgram for typesetting sheet music.
LimsLaboratory Information Management System.
Linux-libreA free (as in freedom) variant of the Linux kernel.
Liquidwar6Multiplayer wargame.
LispintroIntroduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp.
LrzszFree implementation of X/Y/Zmodem protocol.
LshFree implementation of the SSH protocol.
M4Macro processor.
MacchangerManipulate a MAC address.
MailmanManages discussion lists.
MailutilsUtilities and library for reading and serving mail.
MakeGenerates executables and other non-source programs.
MarstAlgol to C translator.
MaverikVirtual reality micro kernel.
McA console based dual pane file manager.
McronVixie cron replacement.
McsimSimulation for designing, analyzing and calibrating mathematical models.
MdkEmulator and development environment for Knuth's MIX computer.
MediagoblinServer software that allows you to share your media with the world. Public License 1.0
MeltingNearest-neighbor compilation of nucleic acid hybridation.
MempoolStand-alone memory allocation library. with exception
MesPart of the bootstrappable builds effort.
MetaexchangeGNU Metadata Exchange Utilities.
MetahtmlProgramming language for the Web.
Metalogic-inferenceMetaLogic Inference program.
MifluzFull text inverted index query library.
MigInterface generator for the Hurd.
MiscfilesCollection of various files.
Mit-schemeA Scheme implementation with integrated editor and debugger. with exception
MottiMultiplayer network strategy game.
MpcComplex floating-point library.
MpfrC library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
MpriaMulti-Precision Rational Interval Arithmetic.
MtoolsAccess MS-DOS disks without mounting
NanaLibrary for assertion checking and logging in GNU C/C++. 2Clause
NanoSmall, user-friendly console text editor.
Nano-archimedesSimulation of quantum systems.
NcursesDisplays and updates text on text-only terminals.
NettleC library for low-level cryptographic functionality.
NetworkCreate new ways for people to communicate.
OcradThe GNU OCR.
OctaveHigh-level language for numerical computations.
OleoLightweight spreadsheet program.
Oo-browserMulti-windowed interactive object-oriented class browser.
OpenCalcOpen-source calculator for GNU/Linux.
OrgadocHelps organize documentation.
OsipLibrary supporting the Session Initiation Protocol.
PanoramaFramework for 3D graphics production.
ParallelBuild and execute command lines in parallel.
PartedManipulates disk partitions.
PascalPascal computer language compiler. with exception
PatchApplies a patch to a file.
PcbPrinted Circuit Board layout tool.
PdfLibraries and programs that implement the PDF file format.
PemGNU Personal Expenses Manager.
PexecExecute commands or scripts in parallel on host.
PhantomHome automation and home security system.
PiesProgram Invocation and Execution Supervisor.
PipoBulletion Board System.
PlotutilsPlotting utilities and library.
PokeInteractive, extensible editor for binary data.
PolyxmassSimulation and analysis of mass spectrometric data.
PowerguruMonitor, log, and remote control power generation products.
ProxyknifeValidate free proxies for users behind firewalls.
PsppStatistics package.
PsychosynthInteractive modular soft-synth.
PthGNU Portable Threads library.
PyconfigureConfigure and install Python software the GNU way.
PythonwebkitPython Webkit DOM Bindings.
QexoXQuery to Java compiler.
QuickthreadsToolkit for building threads packages.
RLanguage and environment for statistical computing and graphics
RadiusRemote authentication and accounting system.
RcsThe GNU Revision Control System.
ReadlineEdit command lines while typing, with history support
RecutilsTools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases.
ReftexEmacs minor mode for doing labels, references and citations in LaTeX
RemotecontrolManage IP thermostats and other Building Automation devices.
RottlogLog management program.
RpgeEngine for 2D role playing games.
RushRestricted User Shell.
SatherObject-oriented language.
ScmR5RS Scheme implementation.
ScreenMulti-screen window manager.
SedStream-oriented non-interactive text editor.
ServeezServer framework.
SharutilsCreates and helps unpack shell archives.
ShepherdSystem service manager
ShishiImplementation of Kerberos 5 network security system.
ShmmAccess all shared memory.
ShtoolThe GNU portable shell tool.
SipwitchSIP-based office telephone call server.
SlibPortable scheme library.
Common Public License 1.0
SmalltalkImplementation of the Smalltalk object oriented language.
SocialPowerful social network that is federated.
SolfegeEartraining program.
SpacechartDisplays the stars in space in 3D.
SpeexSpeech compression format.
SpellSpell checker.
SqltutorInteractive web based tool for learning SQL by examples.
Src-highliteProduce document with syntax highlighting from source file.
SswViewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data.
StalkerfsDesktop search engine.
StowSymlink farm manager.
StumpSecure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program.
SuperoptFind the shortest instruction sequence for a given function.
SwbisDistributed Software Administration.
SysutilsUtilities for system administrators.
TalerAdvanced electronic payment system for privacy-preserving payments.
TalkfiltersTranslates English text into dialects.
TermcapLibrary for sending terminal control codes.
TermutilsPrograms for controlling terminals.
TeseqAnalyse files containing control characters and terminal control sequences.
TeximpatientBook on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain.
TexinfoProduces manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation.
TexmacsScientific text editor.
ThalesDoctest-like system for GNU Guile.
TimeMeasure CPU and memory resources.
TinyCNC-IITinyCNC-II - 4 Axis CNC Controllerhttps://www.dqrwagoner.comGPLv3orlater
ToutdouxProject manager for GNOME.
TrampTransparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol.
Trans-coordMaintenance of translations.
TrueprintPretty-print C sources and other plain text to PostScript.
UnifontUnicode font and utilities. with exception
UnitsUnit conversion and calculation program.
UnrtfConverts from RTF to other formats.
UservSecurity boundary tool.
UucpFile copying program.
Vc-dwimVersion-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool.
Vcdimager(Super) video CD mastering suite.
VeraAcronyms which are used in the field of computing.
VmgenSupports the construction of interpretive systems.
WbDisk based sorted associative array C library.
WdiffFront end to GNU diff.
Websocket4jWebSocket protocol implementation in Java.
GPLv2orlater with exception
WebstumpWebSTUMP is a user interface for STUMP users.
WgetRetrieves files from the Web.
WhichPrints out full path of execuatbles.
WombRepository for homeless code.
XaosReal-time fractal zoomer.
XboardGraphical chessboard.
XlogmasterMonitors logfiles and devices.
XmlatXmlat aims to be the new XML tools.
XneeRecords, distributes, and replays X11 protocol data.
XorrisoISO image manipulation tool based on Libburnia.
ZileText editor development kit.

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