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GNU Guile
The GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions.

Guile is an implementation of the Scheme programming language, packaged for use in a wide variety of environments. In addition to implementing the R5RS, R6RS, and R7RS Scheme standards, Guile includes full access to POSIX system calls, networking support, multiple threads, dynamic linking, a foreign function call interface, powerful string processing, and HTTP client and server implementations.

Guile can run interactively, as a script interpreter, and as a Scheme compiler to VM bytecode. It is also packaged as a library so that applications can easily incorporate a complete Scheme interpreter/VM. An application can use Guile as an extension language, a clean and powerful configuration language, or as multi-purpose "glue" to connect primitives provided by the application. It is easy to call Scheme code from C code and vice versa. Applications can add new functions, data types, control structures, and even syntax to Guile, to create a domain-specific language tailored to the task at hand.

Guile's VM

Guile contains an efficient compiler and virtual machine. It can be used out of the box to write programs in Scheme, or can easily be integrated with C and C++ programs.

Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions, and the official extension language of the GNU project.



In addition to Scheme, Guile includes compiler front-ends for ECMAScript and Emacs Lisp.

The Guile VM was deliberately designed to support multiple languages. Guile Emacs was an attempt to run Elisp on Guile's VM, not rewrite Emacs in Scheme.

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Related Projects

Extensions, plug-ins, or add-ons for this program

GNU 8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile.
Guile DebbugsAccessing the Debbugs bug tracker with Guile.



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Andy Wingo Maintainer
Ludovic Courtès Co-maintainer

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Version comment

The latest release of Guile's 3.0.x series is 3.0.5 The latest release of Guile's legacy 2.2.x series is 2.2.7


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