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Cookie AutoDelete
Control your cookies! This WebExtension is inspired by Self Destructing Cookies. When a tab closes, any cookies not being used are automatically deleted. Whitelist the ones you trust while deleting the rest. Support for Container Tabs (Firefox 53+).

Control your cookies! This WebExtension is inspired by Self Destructing Cookies. When a tab closes, any cookies not being used are automatically deleted. Whitelist the ones you trust while deleting the rest. Support for Container Tabs (Firefox 53+).

Main Features - Auto Deletes Cookies from Closed Tabs - WhiteList/GreyList Support for Cookies - Easily Export/Import your Whitelist - Clear All Cookies for a Domain - Supports Manual Mode Cleaning from the popup - Easily See the Number of Cookies for a site - Support for Container Tabs (Firefox 53+ Only)

Usage This extension does not clean cookies automatically until you click "Active Mode". This gives you the chance to add sites to the WhiteList.

1. Add the sites you want to keep cookies in the WhiteList (permanently) or GreyList (until Browser restart) 2. Enable "Active Mode" in the popup or settings 3. Watch those unused cookies disappear :)

You must enable cookies in the browser as this extension will replace the internal cookie manager.

You can disable Cleanup Notifications via the Settings.

Popup Menu Features Cookie Cleanup: This is basically a quick way of activating the Cookie Cleanup on demand. This looks at all your cookies and deletes them if they are not in any Open Tabs or the WhiteList. Cookie Cleanup (Ignore Open Tabs): Same thing as Cookie Cleanup except that it only deletes cookies only if they are not in the WhiteList. Open tabs are not taken into consideration. Clear All Cookies for This Domain: Easy way to delete all cookies for one particular domain that you are on.

Some things to Note: - This Extension can't clear LocalStorage yet. See tracking issue.

- Even though third party cookies are cleared with this extension, it is better to disable third party cookies from the settings

- The delay is in minutes because timers in Chrome are allowed to fire once per minute. This limitation doesn't exist with Firefox, so theoretically you could set a lower delay value by typing in .1 (which is 6 seconds) or even 0 for instant cleanup after tab close. You use the dot (0.1) or comma (0,1) depending on which locale you have uses. Remember to save afterward! Be warned that a lower value will cause merchant sites that use PayPal to break. One workaround is to have another tab of that merchant site before the site redirects you to PayPal.

Troubleshooting - If anything goes wrong or cookies are not being deleted: 1. Clear all your cookies (start with a clean slate) 2. Reset settings other cookie extensions might have made in about:config -> restore default of all network.cookie.* preferences 3. WebExtension Cookie API is not compatible with first party isolation so make sure privacy.firstparty.isolate = false

- If you are coming from SDC and find that some cookies are deleted on shutdown, it's probably because SDC still has it whitelist intact in Firefox permissions. In this case, try deleting permissions.sqlite in your profile.

- If you get notifications for a google cookie (with the name: NID) that can't be deleted, then it's probably this Firefox bug. The workaround is to just delete that cookie from Firefox's cookie manager.

- The Default Setting will clear any storage (including whitelists) made by the extension, but it is essentially a "clean slate".

- If nothing works, then you can make a new profile and see if the issue persists there.

- If a new profile still doesn't work or if you have any other problem, file an issue on GitHub. Maybe we can work it out.





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