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'Libre' means 'liberty'. Libreboot is not a reboot library!
'Libre' means 'liberty'. Libreboot is not a reboot library!
Project goals (and differences versus coreboot):
* Coreboot contains blobs (proprietary data/code) and libreboot does not (it intentionally removes them).
* Coreboot is hacker-friendly and focusses on software developers, libreboot is user-focussed and attempts to turn coreboot into a distribution, much in the same vein as a GNU/Linux distribution: for example, libreboot distributes GRUB/memtest86+/bucts (and more) and comes with user-focussed documentation and build scripts; libreboot is therefore made more 'user-friendly'.
Libreboot is not a fork of coreboot, despite misconceptions of this fact. Libreboot (downstream supplier) is a parallel effort which works closely with and rebases on the latest coreboot (upstream supplier) every so often.
A 'stable' coreboot:
* Coreboot uses the rolling release model (and it is therefore quite volatile; one day when you build coreboot, it may or may not work correctly on your machine).
* Libreboot is more conservative (as far as the release model is concerned), focussing instead of 'tested' releases.
On the other hand, coreboot is also conservative in what it accepts (merges) into the main git repository: most of the time, a lot of changes are under review at review.coreboot.org.
Meanwhile, libreboot freely merges specific patches that are desirable, sometimes before they are merged into coreboot's main repository.
|Homepage URL=http://libreboot.org/
|Homepage URL=http://libreboot.org/
|User level=advanced
|User level=advanced
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|Related projects=coreboot
|Related projects=coreboot
|Keywords=coreboot, libreboot
|Keywords=coreboot, libreboot
|Version identifier=5th release
|Version identifier=6th release (4th beta)
|Version date=2014/06/22
|Version date=2014/07/29
|Version status=stable
|Version status=stable
|Version download=http://libreboot.org/release/4/libreboot_src.tar.gz
|Version download=http://libreboot.org/release/5/prerelease_beta4/libreboot_meta.tar.gz
|Version comment=Currently being updated (deblobbing new coreboot release). This one is based on coreboot from around December 2013.
|Last review by=Fchmmr
|Last review by=Fchmmr
|Last review date=2014/07/12
|Last review date=2014/07/12

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coreboot-libre. coreboot without binary blobs.

Libreboot is a coreboot distribution (distro) with proprietary software removed, intended to be a free (libre) 'BIOS' replacement for your computer.


See: docs/index.html or http://libreboot.org/docs

"IRC general" IRC general channel



version 20160818 (stable)
released on 18 August 2016

User level


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19 September 2016

Leaders and contributors

Resources and communication

AudienceResource typeURI
User, SupportMailing Listhttps://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/libreboot
DeveloperMailing Listhttps://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/libreboot-dev
DeveloperVCS Repository Webviewhttps://notabug.org/libreboot/libreboot
Savannah (Ref)https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/libreboot

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