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|Is High Priority Project=No
|Is High Priority Project=No
|VCS checkout command=git clone https://github.com/DaanDeMeyer/reproc.git
|Decommissioned or Obsolete=No
|Decommissioned or Obsolete=No
|Accepts cryptocurrency donations=No
|Accepts cryptocurrency donations=No

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A cross-platform (C99/C++11) process library

What is reproc?

reproc (Redirected Process) is a cross-platform C/C++ library that simplifies starting, stopping and communicating with external programs. The main use case is executing command line applications directly from C or C++ code and retrieving their output.

reproc consists out of two libraries: reproc and reproc++. reproc is a C99 library that contains the actual code for working with external programs. reproc++ depends on reproc and adapts its API to an idiomatic C++11 API. It also adds a few extras that simplify working with external programs from C++.


Start any program directly from C or C++ code. Communicate with a program via its standard streams. Wait for a program to exit or forcefully stop it yourself. When forcefully stopping a process you can either allow the process to clean up its resources or stop it immediately. The core library (reproc) is written in C99. An optional C++11 wrapper library (reproc++) with extra features is available for use in C++ applications. Multiple installation methods. Either build reproc as part of your project or use a system installed version of reproc.



Verified by

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Verified by

Craig Topham, Mertgor

Verified on

21 August 2020

Leaders and contributors

Daan De Meyer Copyright Holder

Resources and communication

AudienceResource typeURI
Bug Trackinghttps://github.com/DaanDeMeyer/reproc/issues
gitter channelSupporthttps://gitter.im/reproc/Lobby
VCS Repository Webviewhttps://github.com/DaanDeMeyer/reproc

Software prerequisites

Source requirementC++
Source requirementC


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