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CrocoPat false
Tool for relational querying
CrocodileNote false
An Android note taking app with PKCS#5/AES-256 password based encryption
Crossroads Load Balancer false
Load balance utility for TCP
Crossword Builder false
Easily make crossword puzzles
Crow Designer false
A modern GUI building tool for GTK+
Crowdhoster false
A self-hosted crowd funding website
Crowdsec false
Firewall and behaviour detection system utilising a shared IP reputation database
Crun false
a light weight, easy to use, simpler cron-like tool
Crypton false
A software framework for zero-knowledge remote storage
CsCSSc false
Compresses or pretty prints valid CSS code
Cscope false
Text screen based source browsing tool
Cssc true
Clone of nonfree SCCS.
Ct.js false
An easy to use 2D game engine
Ctags false
Generates an index of source code object definitions.
Ctioga2 false
polymorphic scientific plotting program
Ctools false
Tools for C programs
Ctypes false
Library wrapper in Python
Cuba false
library for multidimensional numerical integration
CubicSDR false
Software-Defined Radio application which allows you to navigate the radio spectrum
Curl false
command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax.
Curlftpfs false
Mount remote file systems over FTP
Curse of War false
A fast-paced action strategy game for GNU/Linux
Cursewords false
Terminal-based crossword puzzle solving interface
Cursynth true
Polyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal.
Custom Permalinks false
Set custom permalinks on a per-post basis
CuteCom false
Graphical serial terminal, like minicom
Cvs false
Concurrent Versions System.
Cvs-Brancher false
Manages scheduling and branching of CVS trees
Cvs-utils false
Create patch files and install them in CVS trees.
Cvs2cl false
CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
Cvs2html false
Translates cvs log output to HTML
CvsKnit false
Knits up a CVS repository from existing source
CvsWeb false
Web interface to CVS
Cvsauth false
Authentication daemon for the CVS pserver method
Cvschk false
Checks for new files and modifications to old files
Cvsd false
CVS wrapper
Cvsdelta false
Summarizes the difference between a CVS project and its local version
Cvsfs false
Presents CVS contents as a mountable file system
Cvsphpview false
Web interface for accessing CVS repositories
Cvsplot false
Analyzes the CVS history of a project
Cvsstat false
Shows CVS activity
Cw false
Real-time color wrapper for common commands
Cwriter false
Web-based collaborative writer.
Cxcl false
Interpreter for the XCLE language
Cxmon false
File manipulation tool
CxxTest false
JUnit/CppUnit/xUnit-like framework for C++
Cython false
compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language.
D3.js false
JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG
Enterprise-Grade OpenSource CMDB with flexible data model.
DBG-Client false
Client for the DBG debugger
DBG-Server false
PHP debugger and profiler
DBeaver false
Free universal database manager
DENIM false
Web design tool that supports sketching input
DEWAWI false
Merchandise Management System
DFASDL false
The DFASDL is a language based upon XML Schema that can be used to describe data formats and additionally the semantics of it.
DFASDL Utils false
A utilities package for the Data Format and Semantics Description Language.
DIAP false
Distributed Internet Archiving Protocol
DIDKit false
Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials Toolkit
DMBCS Embedded C++ HTTP Server false
C++ library allowing applications to self-host web services
DMBCS Trader Desk false
Yet another stock market charting application
DNSleak false
A tool to locally detect DNS leaks
DOSBox false
An x86 emulator with DOS
DSSI false
Header file for compiling DSSI plugins and hosts
DTemplate false
Template system
DUNE-Common false
contains the basic classes used by all DUNE-modules.
DUNE-Grid false
defines nonconforming, hierarchically nested, multi-element-type, parallel grids in arbitrary space dimensions.
provides generic sparse matrix/vector classes and a variety of solvers based on these classes.
DVC for Emacs false
Emacs front-end for a number of distributed version control systems
Dabo false
a 3-tier framework for developing desktop applications.
Daily Pictures false
an iOS App that reminds you to take a picture every day
Dajax false
easy to use ajax library for django.
Danectl false
DNSSEC DANE implementation manager
Dap true
Statistics and graphics package.
Darcs false
Version control system
Data.Gov Importer for the National Data Catalog false
Import datasets to the National Data Catalog.
DataMelt false
Computation and Visualization enviroment
DataStatix false
A free software to manage data and statistics with MySql
Datamash true
Scriptable statistics and data calculation.
Date Calc false
Calculates dates in Gregorian calendar
Dazuko false
Lets 3rd-party applications execute file access control.
Dbg false
C++ debugging utilities
Dbug false
Macro-based debugging library
Ddd true
Graphical front end for command line debuggers.
Ddgr false
DuckDuckGo from the terminal
Ddrescue true
Data recovery tool.
DeaDBeeF false
Lightweight audio player
DebLib false
a simple module for Python that lets one look at the debian packages database.
Debea Database Library false
an Object Relational Mapping library (ORM) for C++.
Decibel false
A realtime communication framework.
Declara false
Income tax declaration generator with goals to suport for variable incomes and other features
Decorator false
Better living through Python with decorators.
DeepfakeHTTP false
DeepfakeHTTP is a web server that uses HTTP dumps as a source for responses
Dejagnu true
Framework to test programs.
Delayed Job false
Database based asynchronously priority queue system.
Delta Reporting false
Delta Reporting is a central logging service for CFEngine.
Deltared false
Simple implementation of the DeltaBlue multi-way constraint solving algorithm.
DemocracyOS false
DemocracyOS is an online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals.
Denemo true
Graphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond.
Deroff false
Removes roff and preprocessor constructs
Devdom false
Automate Apache virtual host creation on Linux.
Develock false
additional font-lock keywords for the developers on Emacs
Devhelp false
API documentation browser for GNOME 2
Devilspie2 false
LUA-based window matching utility.
Dgee false
DotGNU Execution Environment.
Dgs false
Device-independent imaging model.
Dhlan false
Dynamic hosts in LAN
DiVinE false
Distributed Verification Environment
Dia true
GTK-based diagram drawing program.
Dia2code false
Makes code from a 'dia' diagram
Dia2code-ruby false
Generates Ruby from an UML Dia Diagram
DiaSCE false
Code editor for GNOME
Diakonos false
Customizable, usable, console-based text editor
Dialtone false
A minimalist Ruby web application framework used to demonstrate Rack usage.
Diapergluforth false
Testing tool for shared object libraries
Dico true, false
Implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229).
Dicompyler false
Radiation therapy research platform.
Dictem false
Dictionary protocol client (RFC 2229) for Emacs
Diction true
Checks text for readability and bad usage.
Diffstat false
Displays a histogram of changes to a file
Diffutils true, false
Finds differences between and among files.
Dimnum false
C++ library for storage and conversion of dimensionful values
Dino (MIDI sequencer) false
Integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine.
Dino (instant messenger) false
Modern XMPP Chat Client
DinoPHP false
DinoPHP is a PHP framework
Dinrhiw2 false
C++ machine learning library
Dionysus true
Search engine for universal constants and parameters.
Diradm false
Manages POSIX users and groups
DirectFB false
Is a hardware-accelerated graphics library.
Directory Watcher false
Event notification for file system changes.
Direvent true
Directory content watcher daemon.
Discodactyl false
XRD parsing in Ruby.
Discosnp false
Discovering Single Nucleotide Polymorphism from raw set(s) of reads.
Discourse false
Web-based discussion platform
Dish false
Executes commands simultaneously on several hosts
Dismal false
a spreadsheet application for GNU Emacs.
Distcc false
Distributes code compilation across a network
Distribulator false
Command execution and file transfer utility
Ditz false
is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker.
Djalog false
a simple logging module for Django applications.
Django false
high-level Python Web framework
Djblets false
a collection of useful classes and functions for Django.
Dld false
C functions that performs dynamic link editing.
Dmbcs-kraken-api false
C++ client-side API Kraken access library
Dmidecode false
Dumps a computer's DMI (SMBIOS) table contents.
DnDD false
MySql client, bulletin board system with vote calculation
Dnsmasq false
Small DNS forwarder
DoIt false
it will keep track of dependencies between "tasks" and execute them only when necessary.
DocTestTools false
tools to run doctests on code and text files within a directory.
Docmenta false
Single source publishing and help-authoring web-application. Allows collaborative creation of documentation, e-books and online-help.
Dogtail false
A Python package for testing GUIs
Dolibarr ERP CRM false
ERP and CRM for business management
Dolphin false
KDE File Manager
Dolphin-emu false
A GameCube, Wii and Triforce emulator.
Dominion true
Multi-player role-playing simulation.
Dont Hang false
A simple GTK+ hangman game inspired by bsd-games’ hangman.
Doomsday Engine false
Greatly enhanced Doom source port
Doschk false
Utility to ensure that source names are distinguishable.
Dosemu2 false
Virtual DOS machine for GNU/Linux
Dosfstools false
utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems
Dot-mode false
Emacs minor mode to repeat typing or commands
Dotgnu false
Platform for webservices.
Dotgnu-forum false
Full featured Website Revision System.
Dotgnu-libs false
DotGNU Libraries.
Dotgnu-pnet false
Tools to build and execute .NET applications.
Dotgnu-see false
DotGNU Secure Execution Environment.
Double Choco Latte false
System for tracking bugs, changes, enhancements, and requests for software
Downlow false
Downloading files on the DL.
Dox false
Graphical documentation browser
Doxymacs false
Makes using/creating Doxygen easier for Emacs users
Dparser false
Scannerless GLR parser generator
Dpm false
A package manager for GNU/Linux
Dr-geo true
Build interactive geometric sketches.
Dr-theobold false
Text adventure game.
DrPython false
Simple editor for Python development
DrScheme false
GUI Scheme development environment
Dragon Go Server false
turn based go web application
DragonHunt 2 false
Dragon hunting game
Drbd false
Block device for building high-availability clusters
Drgenius false
Interactive geometry program and calculator.
Drishti false
Volume Exploration and Presentation Software
DrlFT false
Type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell
Drmaa false
Distributed Resource Management Application API.
Drupal false
Content management/discussion/community engine
Ds false
A shell script framework for Docker
Dtach false
a program that emulates the detach feature of screen.
Dtas false
Duct tape audio suite.
Ducker false
Search with DuckDuckGo from the command line
Duf false
Disk Usage/Free Utility
Dungeon-mode false
Create free (as in freedom) RPGs with GNU Emacs. And then play them.
Dunst false
A highly configurable and lightweight notification daemon
Duplicity false
Incremental backup tool.
Duro false
Duro is a relational free and open source database library written in C. It is based on the principles laid down in the book Foundation for Future Database Systems: The Third Manifesto by C. J. Date and Hugh Darwen.
Durruter false
NAT/PAT routing helper
Dust3D false
Dust3D turns photos into 3D models
Dvbsnoop false
Presents streamed (live) information in human readable form
Dvipng false
PNG graphics from TeX DVI files.
Dvorky false
an android keyboard layout.
Dvswitch false
basic video mixer for live DV streams
Dwarfdump false
Prints human-readable contents of DWARF
Dwm false
dynamic window manager
DynORM false
Dynamic object-relation mapping library
Dynamic Asset Helper false
Rails plugin providing helpers to dynamically include JS/CSS assets based on routes
Dynamic Probes false
E false
"is a command line utility that extracts lots of different archives.
E2wm false
simple window manager for emacs
ECB false
Multilingual source code browser for Emacs
ELATE false
extensible logging software
ELF statifier false
Combines multiple executable files into one
EMI FileUpload Library false
EMI NumberToWord Library false
EMI TOC Generator false
EMI eMailer false
ETS- Enthought Tool Suite false
the Enthought Tool Suite meta-project.
ETS- Enthought Tool Suite Project Tools false
tools for working with projects that have many dependencies.
EViacam false
mouse replacement by head tracking via camera
EXcavator false
An XML query processing class for PHP.
EXtrans false
Translates XML documents into other formats
Easejs true
Classical object-oriented framework for JavaScript.
EasyTAG false
Tag editor for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files
Easylzma false
An easy to use, tiny, public domain, C wrapper library around Igor Pavlov's work that can be used to compress and extract lzma files.
Easy-to-learn configuration for new users of GNU Emacs
Ebdb false
Contact management package
Ebiso false
UEFI bootable ISO image creator
Eboard false
Chess board interface for ICS
Eboxy false
A GUI interface system for entertainment PCs.
Eclipse false
Java-based Integrated Development Environment
Ed true
Simple line editor.
Edb false
database program for GNU Emacs
Edemocracia-colab false
Server to facilitate discussions about legislation and to facilitate audience participation
Edfbrowser false
Viewer for biosignal storage files.
Editline false
A command line editor library.
Editra false
multi-platform text editor
Edlib false
Lightweight, super fast C/C++ library for sequence alignment using edit distance
Edma true
Modular development environment.
Eev false
Emacs support for e-scripts.
Efl false
Documentation for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
Efsane II false
Window manager
Ejabberd false
Distributed fault-tolerant XMPP Jabber server
Ekiga false
VoIP and video conferencing
Electric true
Electrical CAD system.
Electric Fence false
Memory debugger
Electric Fields Visualization Python false
EFV Python
Electric Sheep IO false
a backup tool operating over the network
Electrocardiognosis false
Helps doctors make diagnoses from ECG readings
Electron false
Framework for desktop applications built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Elektra false
Elektra serves as a universal and secure framework to access configuration parameters in a global, hierarchical key database.
Eli false
Compiler construction kit
Elib false
Library of Emacs LISP functions.
Eliot false
Portable program for playing Scrabble (tm).
Elm false
Mail reader
Elmo false
Fully-featured mail client.
Eloquent JavaScript false
Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming
Elpy false
Emacs Python Development Environment
Eltclsh false
Interactive shell for Tcl
EmPy false
Embeds Python expressions and statements in template text
Emacs false, true
The extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor.
Emacs Common Lisp false
Common Lisp implementation for Emacs
Emacs-muse true
Authoring and publishing environment for Emacs.
Emacs-wiki false
Wiki system for Emacs.
Emaigos false
Free software to import Google contacts and calendars in Emacs.
Email-Filter false
library for creating easy email filters
Email-Simple false
module to parse RFC2822 headers and message format
Emms false
Emacs Multimedia System.
Emrem false
Email reminder scripts
EncNotex false
A free multi-platform software to manage confidential textual notes and tasks.
Encode Explorer false
file browser written in PHP, XHTML and CSS
Encoder Tools false
Some tools to make encoding from DVDs easier.
Encuestame false
Build and Manage your social network surveys in a single place.
Endless Sky false
Space exploration, trading, and combat game
Enigma false
Puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd.
Enotes false
Emacs script to handle appointments
Enscript true
Converts ASCII files to PostScript.
Enstaller false
A replacement for setuptools that builds on top of it and adds additional features.
EnterTrack false
Artifact tracking and management system.
Entombed! false
A one- or two-player maze crawl
Epeios false
Free native software components
EphemPy false
Python tools for working with the JPL ephemeris files.
Epicyon false
ActivityPub server
Epiphany false
Gnome Web browser
Epix false
High-level language for plotting and drawing in LaTeX.
Eprints true
Online information archiving system.
Epsilon true
Strongly-typed omega-order programming language.
Epto false
Shell script programming library
Epydoc false
A tool for documenting Python projects
Erc false, true
IRC client for Emacs.
Eric false
Is a Python development environment with all batteries included.
Erlectricity false
exposes Ruby to Erlang and vice versa.
Erp5 false
Full featured ERP.
Erw false
Web interface for databases.
Escape Utils false
Faster string escaping routines for your web apps.
Etcher false
Burn disk images to SD cards and USB drives
Etherpad false
Server software for real-time collaborative editing which allows users to edit documents using their web browser
Etherwall false
Etherwall is a free software wallet/front-end for Ethereum
Ethtool false
Ethernet diagnostic and tuning tool
Etmtk false
Manages events and tasks using simple text files
Euphoria false
Euphoria Programming Language
Eventdns false
An EventMachine based DNS server.
Eventoj false
Service availability periodic checker
Eventum false
Issue tracking system for managing incoming tech support requests or for organizing tasks and bugs
EveryGUI false
A configurable, dynamic GTK+ GUI and designer for virtually any tool/OS command.
Exactly false
Tests a command line program by executing it in a temporary sandbox directory and inspecting its result
Experimental Robotics Framework false
C++ development tool for 3d applications
ExtendedPDF false
Convert OpenOffice documents to PDF documents
ExtraDix false
an extension of the well-known RadixSort (hence its name Extended raDix).
Exwm false
Another Emacs-based window manager
F-Droid false
Free software server and client for distributing Android applications
F2c false
Compiler for Fortran 77 via C.
F2w helpdesk false
Web-based helpdesk package
FASM false
A fast assembler supporting 16/32/64-bit instructions
A text-based widget toolkit
FLARE false
Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine
FLIF false
Free Lossless Image Format
FLVlib false
A library for manipulating, parsing and verifying FLV files.
FOSSology false
Scan files for licenses and copyrights
FOX false
Toolkit for GUI development
FSVS false
fast system versioning tool
FWRT false
Free Weekly Report Tool for submitting and storing status reports
FXRuby false
Interface for the FOX GUI toolkit
Fab false
Execute shell commands remotely, yielding Python objects in return.
Fabulous false
make output of terminal applications look fabulous
Fabutil false
Software build utility featuring integrated dependency discovery.
FactoryGirl false
a fixtures replacement with a straightforward definition syntax.
Fairymax false
engine for playing Chess variants
FakeFS false
A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
Farbfeld Utilities false
Convert/make/alter pictures with farbfeld format
FarmOS false
Farm management, planning, and record keeping
Farstream false
Audio/Video communications framework: Python bindings
FastCST false
Revision control system that uses digital signatures
FastLBRY Terminal false
A fast terminal client for the LBRY network
FastQC false
Spot potential problems in high througput sequencing datasets.
Fastclick false
FastClick is a simple, easy-to-use library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event on mobile browsers.
FbNotex false
Manage notes in Markdown format, files and tasks
Fbi-improved false
Lightweight universal image viewer for framebuffer and X.
Fcrypt false
Encrypt partitions and access them transparent.
Fdisk true
Libparted-based partitioning tool.
Fdupes false
Find duplicate files in a directory tree.
Feather false
Feather is a free Monero wallet for GNU/Linux, Tails, macOS and Windows.
Feedback Cat false
WordPress plugin to survey your users and customers.
Fetchmail false
Remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility.
Ffem false
Emacs Mode for command line media players
Ffmpeg false
Software for audio/video recording, streaming, and conversion
Ffp false
Virtual film studio.
Ffpi false
Five Factor Personality Inventory III
Fftw false
Subroutine library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform
Fhp false
M4 macro for creating Web pages.
Fianchetto false
Swiss tournament manager for chess tournaments.
Fifty States App false
A Django app for viewing Fifty State Project data.
Figure false
General-purpose macro processor.
FileTools false
Multiplatform application for working with checksum files
Filepp false
Provides C preprocessor functionality for any file type
Filetea false
Web-based file sharing system
Fileutils false
Tools for file operations.
Final Term false
A terminal emulator with convenient context-aware enhancements
Findutils false
Find and operate on groups of files.
Finger false
Lets Unix users exchange information.
FireMake false
Creates makefiles
Firestr false
Platform for distributed communication and computation
Fiscal Year Calculations false
Some helper methods for the Time object for fiscal year calculation.
Fish false
User-friendly interactive shell
Fisoco false
FInd, Sort, Order and COnvert your files.
FlacFile false
Attaches files to FLAC files using the metadata section
Flashrom false
Firmware flashing tool for various mainboards
Flatland false
HTML form management and validation.
Flawfinder false
Analyzes code for security risks.
Fldiff false
Graphical diff program
Fle3 false
Server software for Web-based collaborative learning.
Flex false
Fast lexical analyser generator.
FlexSURVEY false
a small-in-size but powerful tool for creating flexible PHP-driven online surveys
Flexable false
template engine with simple data structure.
Flexc++ false
lexical scanner generator generating C++ sources
Flock false
Manage locks from shell scripts
Flounder false
Visualizes 4D data
Flowblade false
non-linear video editor
Fltk false
C++ GUI toolkit
Flyspell false
On the fly spell checker
Flyspray false
Simple bug tracking system
Folder Color false
Choose the color or emblem of a folder
Foliot true
Small and easy to use timekeeping application.
Follow false
Follow class implements "tail -f" functionality to incrementally read text and binary files as they grow.
Fontconfig false
A library for configuring and customizing font access.
Fontlinge false
Font management and organisation tool for TrueType and PostScript fonts
Fontopia true
Console bitmap font editor.
Fontutils true
Scanned image, bitmap, outline font manipulation.
FooBillard false
Billiards simulation
Foodsoft false
Web-based software to manage a non-profit food coop (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling).
Foot false
A fast, lightweight, and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
Forban false
a filesharing application for link-local and local area networks.
Forgery false
Easy and customizable generation of forged data.
Fortune false
a stripped-down implementation of the classic BSD Unix fortune command.
Fossil false
Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management.
Foursquare false
Ruby API for Foursquare (
FractGen false
Fractal Generator
Fractal false
Matrix messaging client
Freckle API false
A basic API client for the Freckle API.
Free false
Internet voting system.
Free Hero Mesh false
Free puzzle game engine
Free Oberon false
Free Oberon compiler
Free Unix Spectrum Emulator false
A ZX Spectrum emulator.
FreeCAD false
Computer Aided Drawing
FreeCol false
A free software version of a colonization game
FreeFileSync false
Synchronize files and folders
FreeLIMS false
FreeLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System.
FreeMED false
A Web-based medical record (EMR) and medical practice management system.
Freebasic false
Compiler for the FreeBASIC Programming Language
Freecycle false
A beat slicer.
Freedce false
Free implementation of DCE RPC
Freedink true
Free enhancement of Dink Smallwood game engine.
Freedoc false
Short script to facilitate downloading Google Docs without proprietary JavaScript
Freedoom false
Project to create a complete, free Doom IWAD file
FreedroidRPG false
An isometric role playing game
Freeipmi true
Platform management, including sensor and power monitoring
Freepascal false
Pascal compiler.
Freesnell false
Compute optical properties of multilayer thin-film coatings.
Freetalk true
Console based Jabber client.
Freetype false
FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files.
Frei0r false
Minimalistic plugin API for video effects
Frescobaldi false
LilyPond sheet music text editor
Freshcode false
Software directory for new release announcements
FriBID false
Free software for Swedish e-id, FriBID
Fribidi true
Free implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm.
Friendica false
Friendica Communications Platform
FroZenLight false
line drawing program based on modeling light moving through a grid of mirrors
FrontAccounting false
Accounting systems for small companies
C++ compiler wrapper
Frozen Bubble false
polished, cool puzzle game where you pop bubbles!
Fs-extra false
fs-extra is a drop in replacement for native fs.
Fscript false
Scripting language intended for use as an embedded language in other Java programs
Fst false
Alternative to the Linux kernel.
Ftpsync false
Syncronizie with ftp.
Ftwalk false
Scripting language
Fugio false
A visual programming system designed for fast development and long-term preservation of digital art
FunctionCheck false
Profile generator for C/C++ programs
Funk false
A mocking framework for Python.
Funnelweb false
literate-programming tool
FuzzPy false
a library for fuzzy sets, fuzzy graphs, and general fuzzy mathematics.
G++ false
C++ compiler.
G-golf true
Library for developing modern applications in Guile.
G-wrap false
Generates function wrappers for inter-language calls.
G2q false
Guile to QASM compiler.
G77 false
GNU Fortran compiler.
GAA Argument Analyzer false
Analyzes command line arguments
GAP false
GAP is a system for computational discrete algebra, with particular emphasis on Computational Group Theory.
GDL false
IDL compatible incremental compiler
GDevelop false
Game development IDE and engine
Creates individual distributions
GEOS false
C++ implementation of the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL" specification
GGZ Gaming Zone false
Online gaming center and integration framework
GIT-Goggles false
a series of GIT utilities to streamline working with remote branches and reviewing code.
GK Log false
Log analyzer and marker
GNADE false
Project to create an Ada 95 development environment
GNOME Shell Extension TaskBar false
TaskBar is a dock-like windows list on the top/bottom panel
GNU Visual Debugger false
Graphical front end for debuggers
GNUe Application Server false
Business logic server for 3-tier database applications.
GNUe Common Library false
Python library for database abstraction, RPC abstraction, and lots of other things.
GNUe Forms false
Multi-platform user interface generator for database applications with support for various database backends.
GNUe Navigator false
Multi-platform menuing system.
GNUe Reports false
Report generator with support for various datasources and different output formats.
GNUpot false
A fully free, highly customizable and very efficient shell wrapper for git and SSH, which imitates Dropbox.
GNUsticia false
Script for lawyers of the Province of Chaco, Argentina
GOB false
GTK+ preprocessor
GPGME false
GnuPG Made Easy
GPeriodic false
Periodic table application
GTKpas false
Object oriented binding to GTK for FreePascal
Gajim false
A full featured and easy-to-use Jabber/XMPP client
Gama true
Geodetic network adjustment program.
Gambas false
Graphical development environment based on the BASIC programming languages
Gambit false
Tools for game theory.
Games2d false
Ultimate collection of 2d games for GNU/Linux.
Gammath SPOT false
Stock Price-Opining Tool for investors
GapBuffer false
a gap buffer package.
GapMea false
database design tool
Gaphor false
Gaphor is the simple modeling tool
Garlic-player false
Digital Signage Player based on SMIL
Garnet false
Graphical toolkit for Lisp
Garnome false
Build utility for the Gnome desktop
Garpd true
GNU Gratuitous ARP Daemon.
Gash false
Git + Hash.
GatO false
Interface to the UNIX command 'at'
Gauche false
R7RS Scheme implementation
Gawk true
Text scanning and processing language
Gazpacho false
Tool for designing the GUIs for GTK+ programms
Gball false
The Console Ball and Racket Game
Gcal true
Calculate and display calendars.
Gcc true
GNU Compiler Collection.
Gchemutils false
GTK widgets and C++ classes related to chemistry.
Gcjwebplugin false
Browser plugin that executes Java applets
Gcl true
Compiler and interpreter for Common Lisp.
Gcompris true
Educational Game for Children.
Gconf false
Registry system
Gcron false
A vixie cron, and posix compatible cron daemon.
Gd false
Ruby bindings for libgd.
Gdb true, false
GNU Debugger.
Gdbm false, true
Hash library of database functions compatible with traditional dbm.
Gdictcn false
a gtk+ chinese dictionary online.
GeSHi false
A generic syntax highlighter for PHP.
Geany false
A fast and lightweight IDE
Geary false
IMAP email client built for the GNOME desktop environment
Gecko-mediaplayer false
Multimedia plug-in for Gecko browsers
Gecode false
Constraint programming library in C++.
Gedcom4j false
Java library for GEDCOM parsing and writing

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