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 Last review dateLast review by
CP: Cerebral Procreation13 October 2017Donaldr3
CVSHistory13 October 2017Donaldr3
Tagstoo9 October 2017Pabloandumundu
Mono4 October 2017David Seaward
Pyspread3 October 2017Martin Manns
To Google Translate2 October 2017Donaldr3
WooCommerce29 September 2017Donaldr3
Translate-shell29 September 2017Donaldr3
Web Developer29 September 2017Donaldr3
Wayback Machine29 September 2017Donaldr3
UnitParser (Java)29 September 2017Donaldr3
Drupal29 September 2017Mattl
Ublock-origin29 September 2017Donaldr3
Scram15 September 2017Donaldr3
Etcher15 September 2017Donaldr3
Ds15 September 2017Donaldr3
Gnuastro15 September 2017Mohammad Akhlaghi
GigaBlast Search11 September 2017David Hedlund
Dr-theobold11 September 2017Iank
Mute all inactive tabs6 September 2017David Hedlund
Oregano6 September 2017Andrew Engelbrecht
Flash Block (Plus)6 September 2017David Hedlund
Ageless for YouTube6 September 2017David Hedlund
Sky Timer6 September 2017David Hedlund
IceCat/Forecastfox (fix version)5 September 2017David Hedlund
IceCat/Bloody Vikings!4 September 2017David Hedlund
Org Capture4 September 2017David Hedlund
DynamicHistory4 September 2017David Hedlund
MetaGer - English Metasearch4 September 2017David Hedlund
MetaGer English Metasearch for the Tor Browser4 September 2017David Hedlund
IceCatMobile3 September 2017David Hedlund
Bulk Media Downloader2 September 2017David Hedlund
IceCat/User-Agent Switcher (revived)2 September 2017David Hedlund
YouTube in HD (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p)2 September 2017David Hedlund
WebRTC Control2 September 2017David Hedlund
UBlock Origin2 September 2017David Hedlund
Canvas1 September 2017Donaldr3
IceCat/Cookie AutoDelete1 September 2017David Hedlund
DrPython1 September 2017Donaldr3
IceCat/Smart HTTPS (revived)1 September 2017David Hedlund
Bookmarks Manager and Viewer1 September 2017David Hedlund
FroZenLight1 September 2017Donaldr3
INFOTOPO1 September 2017Pierre baudot
Simple Form Fill1 September 2017David Hedlund
Ignuit1 September 2017Donaldr3
Asymptopia Blackjack1 September 2017Donaldr3
KLearningAid1 September 2017Donaldr3
BlueSpice29 August 2017Kghbln
Mconnect25 August 2017Tedt
Turses25 August 2017Tedt
Monitorix18 August 2017Donaldr3
OpenCart18 August 2017Donaldr3
Openpilot18 August 2017Donaldr3
Gulllocker18 August 2017Donaldr3
Stella Main Code18 August 2017Donaldr3
Kexi11 August 2017Jstaniek
Commandoo10 August 2017Julius
Persepolis Download Manager4 August 2017Donaldr
Free Oberon4 August 2017Donaldr3
Frescobaldi4 August 2017Donaldr3
Yet Another Smooth Scrolling WE3 August 2017David Hedlund
IceCat/Print Edit WE3 August 2017David Hedlund
Violentmonkey31 July 2017David Hedlund
Dont Hang30 July 2017Pelzflorian
Thunderbird30 July 2017David Hedlund
AAK-Cont29 July 2017David Hedlund
Scim21 July 2017Donaldr3
Sharesecret21 July 2017Alejandroindependiente
Catfish-search21 July 2017Donaldr3
Sctplib21 July 2017Donaldr3
ViTables15 July 2017VicentMas
TMSU14 July 2017Tedt
Systemd11 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Gedit9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
MyPaint9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Qtcreator9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Flowblade9 July 2017
QEMU9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Telegram9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Iridium9 July 2017Ade Malsasa Akbar
Inkscape8 July 2017Mc…
Fltdj1 July 2017Kartik Patel
Satchmo30 June 2017Deb Nicholson
Gwine30 June 2017Alejandroindependiente
ProcessMaker30 June 2017Liliana Iriarte
OpenVPN Community Edition30 June 2017David Seaward
SoundScrape30 June 2017D3crypt
FET23 June 2017Tedt
Mnemosyne23 June 2017Tedt
LinSmith23 June 2017Tedt
Wings3d23 June 2017
Kalcul23 June 2017Tedt
Pybitmessage23 June 2017Tedt
Marble23 June 2017Enyst
Onion Share23 June 2017Tedt
3dpl GE23 June 2017Tedt
F323 June 2017Tedt
Anonymouth16 June 2017Tedt
OpenShot16 June 2017Calinou
Known16 June 2017David Seaward

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