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 Short descriptionHomepage URL
Apache Felix Shell ServiceFelix OSGi shell to issue commands to the framework
Apache Felix Shell TUIApache Felix Shell TUI
Apache Felix Utilscollection of utility classes for Apache Felix
Apache HTTP ServerApache HTTP Server
Apache Iconsclassic MIME icons
Apache Jackrabbitcontent repository implementation (JCR API)
Apache MinaJava network application framework
Apache RivetServer-side Tcl programming system combining ease of use and power
Apache Session Browseablemodule adding index and search methods to Apache::Session
Apache Session LDAPLDAP implementation of Apache::Session
Apache Software Foundation root POMMaven metadata for all Apache Software projects
Apache Tomcat JK ConnectorApache 2 connector for the Tomcat Java servlet engine
Apache Tomcat Native LibraryTomcat native library using the apache portable runtime
Apache UIMA Addons and SandboxApache UIMA Addons
Apache UIMA Asynch Scaleout frameworkApache UIMA Asynch Scaleout framework
Apache XML Security for C++C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (runtime)
Apache ZookeeperHigh-performance coordination service for distributed applications
Apache-ASPperl Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl
Apache-DBmodule to run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl
Apache-Reloadmodule for reloading Perl modules when changed on disk
Apache-SingletonSingleton class for mod_perl
Apache-mime4jMIME and RFC822 parser for Java
Apache-upload-progress-moduleupload progress support for the Apache web server
Apache2 Mod bwbandwidth limiting module for apache2
Apache2-AuthCASSimpleApache2 module to authenticate trough a CAS server
Apache2-SiteControlperl web site authentication/authorization system
Apng2giftool for converting APNG images to animated GIF format
App Cmd Plugin Promptplug prompting routines into your commands
App KGBIRC collaboration bot
App SDpeer-to-peer bug tracker
App-CmdPerl interface to write command line apps with less suffering
App-DaemonPerl module to start an Application as a Daemon
App-Nopasteapplication for easy access to any pastebin
App-Termcasttermcasting module and client
App-cpanminusscript to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
App-install-dataApplication Installer Data Files
App-perlbrewscript to manage perl installations in your $HOME
App-pmuninstallscript to uninstall modules installed from CPAN
AppArmorUser-space parser utility for AppArmor
AppStreamLibrary to acess the AppStream database
ApperKDE package management tool using PackageKit
Appmenu-qtapplication menu for Qt
AqemuQt4 front-end for QEMU and KVM
Arc-gui-clientsARC Graphical Clients
Archipel-agent-action-schedulerVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent Action Scheduler)
Archipel-agent-hypervisor-geolocalizationVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent Hypervisor Geolocalization)
Archipel-agent-hypervisor-healthVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent Hypervisor Health)
Archipel-agent-hypervisor-networkVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent Hypervisor Network)
Archipel-agent-hypervisor-platformrequestVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent Hypervisor Platformrequest)
Archipel-agent-iphone-notificationVirtual Machine Orchestration (Agent iPhone Notification)

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