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Serveez2 December 2013GNU ServeezServer framework
3dldf13 December 2013GNU 3DLDFpackage for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output
Libextractor23 December 2013libextractorExtracts metadata information from files
Gdbm25 December 2013GNU dbmReplacement for the 'dbm' and 'ndbm' libraries
Macchanger1 January 2014GNU MAC ChangerIs a utility to manipulate a MAC address
Vera5 January 2014Virtual Entity of Relevant AcronymsV.E.R.A. Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
Osip6 January 2014GNU oSIPLibrary supporting the Session Initiation Protocol
Rpge6 January 2014GNU Role Playing Game Enginean engine for 2D role playing games.
Mpc15 January 2014GNU MPCC library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result
PHP Class Wrapper for Stanford Part of Speech Tagger4 February 2014PHP Wrapper for Part of Speech TaggerA PHP class for accessing Stanford's Java based Part of Speech Tagger
Gnushogi17 February 2014GNU shogiJapanese version of chess
Aris6 March 2014GNU ArisA formal logical proof program
Pcb16 March 2014GNU PCBPrinted Circuit Board layout tool
Lilypond17 March 2014LilyPondMusic typesetter
Thales19 March 2014GNU Thalesdoctest-like system for GNU Guile
Glib24 March 2014GLibCore library that forms the basis of GTK+ and GNOME
Recutils24 March 2014GNU RecutilsTools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases
Motti28 March 2014MottiMultiplayer, networked strategy game
Pyconfigure7 April 2014GNU pyconfigureConfigure and install Python software the GNU way
Gnunet8 April 2014GNUnetAnonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing
Cursynth13 April 2014GNU Cursyntha polyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal
Ccrtp14 April 2014GNU ccRTPRTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project
Wdiff14 April 2014GNU wdiffFront end to GNU 'diff'
Dap16 April 2014GNU DapStatistics and graphics package
Mifluz17 April 2014GNU mifluzFull text inverted index query library
Gnubatch22 April 2014GNUbatchan advanced batch scheduling system for GNU.
Xnee6 May 2014GNU XneeRecords, distributes, and replays X11 protocol data
Cim18 May 2014GNU CimCompiler for the programming language Simula
Guile-opengl18 May 2014GNU Guile-OpenGLOpenGL bindings for GNU Guile
Guile-rpc21 May 2014GNU Guile-RPCpure Scheme implementation of XDR and ONC RPC for Guile
Mit-scheme21 May 2014MIT/GNU SchemeMIT/GNU Scheme programming language
Anubis23 May 2014GNU AnubisProcesses outgoing mail
Mcron25 May 2014GNU mcronVixie cron replacement
Sqltutor1 June 2014GNU SqltutorInteractive web based tool for learning SQL by examples
Gforth14 June 2014GNU ForthFree implementation of the ANS Forth language
Cssc11 July 2014GNU CSSCFree clone of SCCS
Tar27 July 2014GNU TarCreates tar archives
Gtick27 July 2014GNU GTickDigital metronome
Parted28 July 2014GNU PartedManipulates disk partitions
Melting8 August 2014GNU MELTINGNearest-neighbor compilation of nucleic acid hybridation
Gtypist12 August 2014GNU TypistTyping tutor program
Freetalk19 August 2014GNU Freetalkconsole based Jabber client
Gss9 October 2014GNU Generic Security ServiceImplementation of the Generic Security Service API
Gsrc11 October 2014GNU SRCGNU Source Release Collection
Freedink22 October 2014GNU FreeDinkFree enhancement of the Dink Smallwood game engine
Gcl28 October 2014GNU Common LispCompiler and interpreter for Common Lisp
Groff4 November 2014groffDocument formatting system
Acct8 November 2014GNU acctGNU system accounting utilities
Hello16 November 2014GNU HelloGNU greeting package
Gnome27 November 2014GNOMEThe GNU desktop
Cgicc7 December 2014GNU cgicca C++ class library for writing CGI applications
Unrtf2 January 2015GNU UnRTFConverts from RTF to other formats
Automake5 January 2015GNU AutomakeGenerates files
Wb14 January 2015GNU WBDisk based, sorted associative array C library
Scm16 January 2015GNU SCMR5RS Scheme implementation
Jacal16 January 2015GNU JACALMathematics program
Slib21 January 2015GNU SLIBPortable scheme library
Rcs22 January 2015GNU RCSVersion control and project management software
Time22 January 2015GNU TimeReports the user, system, and real time used by a process
Bison23 January 2015GNU BisonReplacement for the parser generator 'yacc'
Lightning7 February 2015GNU lightningGenerates assembly language code at run-time
Libtool15 February 2015GNU LibtoolGeneric library support script
Gnats26 February 2015GNATSBug tracking system
Gnubiff28 February 2015GNUbiffMail notification program
Guile-SDL8 March 2015GNU Guile-SDLGuile bindings for various SDL libraries
Ccd2cue12 March 2015GNU ccd2cueCCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
Which20 March 2015WhichPrints out full path of execuatbles
Src-highlite30 March 2015src-highliteTurns source code into a file with syntax highlighting
Ocrad8 April 2015GNU OcradOCR program based on feature extraction
Gnubg20 April 2015GNU BackgammonPlays and analyzes backgammon games and matches
Gnubik6 May 2015GNUbik3D Rubik's cube game
Liquidwar66 May 2015GNU Liquid War 6Liquid War 6 is a unique multiplayer wargame.
Bool11 May 2015GNU BoolUtility for matching boolean queries in text
Fltdj13 May 2015The Daily JournalPIM program
Jel14 May 2015GNU JELCompiler for simple expressions into Java byte code
Gxmessage25 May 2015GNU gxmessageGTK-based xmessage clone.
Sharutils30 May 2015GNU sharutilsCreates and helps unpack shell archives
Fisicalab1 June 2015GNU FisicaLabeducational application to solve physics problems
Gcal2 June 2015GcalIs a program for calculating and printing calendars, and is the GNU implementation of the universally known cal and calendar programs.
Mediagoblin4 June 2015GNU MediaGoblinA way to share your media with the world
IceCat5 June 2015GNU IceCatGNUzilla IceCat is the GNU version of Mozilla Firefox
Inetutils10 June 2015GNU inetutilsCollection of common network programs
Window Maker2 August 2015Window MakerWindow manager for X Window System
Guile-dbi2 August 2015guile-dbiGuile database abstraction layer
Fribidi5 August 2015GNU FriBidiFree implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm
Ncurses8 August 2015NcursesDisplays and updates text on text-only terminals
GNU Teseq14 August 2015GNU Teseqa tool for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal control sequences.
Indent24 August 2015GNU IndentC language source code formatting program
Cpio12 September 2015GNU cpioArchiver that handles various types of cpio and tar archives
Libtasn114 September 2015GNU Libtasn1the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS, GNU Shishi and some other packages.
Gnu-pw-mgr7 October 2015Gnu-pw-mgrpasswords manager
Gnuspeech14 October 2015GNUspeecha complete articulatory speech synthesis system
Units14 October 2015GNU UnitsUnit conversion and calculation
Kawa26 October 2015KawaFeatureful scheme implementation
Stow9 November 2015GNU StowManages installation process
Nano-archimedes10 November 2015GNU Nano-Archimedesa quantum mechanical simulator which implements the single-body Wigner Monte Carlo method
Mailman14 November 2015GNU MailmanManages discussion lists
Help2man18 November 2015GNU help2manGenerates manual pages from program files
Autogen6 December 2015GNU AutoGenAutomated program and text generation
Guile-gnome7 December 2015Guile-GnomeHelps Scheme programmers develop visual applications
Epsilon9 December 2015EpsilonStrongly-typed omega-order programming language
Ccaudio13 December 2015GNU ccAudio2Library and software for manipulating audio data
Sipwitch13 December 2015GNU SIP Witcha pure SIP-based office telephone call server that offers generic business telephone system features.
Ccscript13 December 2015GNU ccScriptC++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system
EPrints18 December 2015EPrintsOnline information archiving system
Texmacs18 December 2015GNU TeXmacsScientific text editor
Mdk23 December 2015GNU MIX Development Kit (MDK)Emulator and development environment for Knuth's MIX computer
Findutils28 December 2015GNU FindutilsTools to find files and to operate on groups of files
Dmd28 January 2016GNU dmdService manager that's a replacement for SysV-init
Bazaar31 January 2016GNU Bazaara friendly powerful distributed version control system.
Gnumeric6 February 2016GNUmericMath program intended to replace commercial spreadsheets
Artanis10 February 2016GNU ArtanisGNU Artanis web application framework written in Guile Scheme
Moe15 February 2016GNU MoeA powerful and user-friendly text editor
Complexity9 March 2016GNU ComplexityMeasure the complexity of C source
Foliot9 March 2016GNU Foliota small and easy to use timekeeping application
GNUstep21 March 2016GNUstepA graphical, object oriented programming environment
Ignuit4 April 2016IgnuitA flash-card based memorization aid.
Gnusysutils15 April 2016gnusysutilsPlanned group of utilities for system administrators
Dejagnu15 April 2016DejaGnuFramework to test programs
IceCat/GNU LibreJS5 May 2016GNU LibreJSBlocks javascript that is both non-trivial and non-free
Make10 June 2016GNU MakeGenerates executables and other non-source programs
Gettext11 June 2016GNU gettextTools to produce multi-lingual messages
Direvent6 July 2016GNU DireventA directory content watcher daemon
GWorkspace8 July 2016GWorkspaceGNUstep workspace and file manager
Easejs15 July 2016GNU ease.jsClassical object-oriented framework for JavaScript
Libidn20 July 2016GNU LibidnInternationalized string preparation library
Xboard31 July 2016GNU XBoardGraphical chessboard
Binutils3 August 2016GNU Binary UtilitiesCollection of binary utilities
Gcompris7 August 2016GComprisEducational suite for children from 2 to 10
Hyperbole9 August 2016GNU HyperboleInformation and text management program
Adns12 August 2016GNU adnsResolver library for C and C++ programs
Fontopia15 August 2016GNU FontopiaConsole bitmap font editor
Gama16 August 2016GNU GamaGeodetic network adjustment program
Gnuradio19 August 2016GNU Radiotoolkit for implementing software radios
Jtw20 August 2016GNU J.T.W.A programming language createdto simplify the process of learning how to program in Java
Diffutils21 August 2016GNU DiffutilsFinds differences between and among files
Gawk25 August 2016GNU AwkString manipulation language
Gnu-c-manual27 August 2016The GNU C Reference ManualA reference manual of the C programming language as implemented by GCC
Apl28 August 2016GNU APLfree version of the programming language APL
Orca2 September 2016orcaScreen reader for Gnome
Texinfo10 September 2016GNU TexinfoProduces manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation
Readline15 September 2016GNU ReadlineLets users edit command lines as they are typed in
Bash15 September 2016GNU BashThe GNU Bourne-Again SHell
Autoconf-archive16 September 2016GNU Autoconf Archivecollection of free autoconf macros
Xorriso16 September 2016GNU xorrisomaps file objects
Emacs17 September 2016GNU EmacsExtensible, real-time editor
Gtk+20 September 2016GTK+Cross-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
Mpfr27 September 2016GNU MPFRMultiple-precision Floating-point library with correct rounding.
Pies1 October 2016GNU PiesProgram Invocation and Execution Supervisor
Nettle1 October 2016GNU NettleCryptographic library
Rush1 October 2016GNU RushRestricted User Shell with sophisticated configuration files.
Mc2 October 2016GNU Midnight CommanderUnix file manager
Gnun8 October 2016GNUnited Nationsa build system for translations.
Libmicrohttpd17 October 2016GNU LibmicrohttpdC library implementing an HTTP 1.1 server
GNU Zile18 October 2016GNU ZileA text editor development kit.
Libcdio22 October 2016GNU Compact Disc Input and Control LibraryCD-ROM access library
Chess29 October 2016GNU ChessChess game
R31 October 2016GNU Ra language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Freeipmi2 November 2016GNU FreeIPMIIntelligent platform management system
OASIS6 November 2016OASISA Novel GWAS Analysis Method
Ghostscript6 November 2016GNU GhostscriptPostScript and PDF interpreter
Emms8 November 2016EMMSEmacs package to play multimedia files using external players
Guile-ncurses12 November 2016GNU Guile-NcursesA library for interfacing GNU Guile with ncurses for the creation of textual user interfaces.
Octave14 November 2016GNU OctaveHigh-level language for numerical computations
Gnudos18 November 2016GnuDOSA software library to help new GNU system users
Gretl19 November 2016GNU GretlStatistical analysis of economic data (econometrics)
Dico21 November 2016GNU Dicoa flexible modular implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229).
Parallel22 November 2016GNU Parallela shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers
Electric22 November 2016GNU ElectricAn EDA tool
Denemo27 November 2016GNU DenemoGraphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond
Coreutils30 November 2016GNU Core UtilitiesCollection of basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
Libunistring2 December 2016GNU LibunistringUnicode string library
Gsl9 December 2016GNU Scientific LibraryRoutines for numerical computing
Nautilus10 December 2016GNOME Filesfile manager for the GNOME desktop
Libgcrypt15 December 2016LibgcryptCryptographic library
Mailutils16 December 2016GNU MailutilsUtilities and library for reading and serving mail
Gnumach18 December 2016GNU MachMicrokernel of the GNU system
Hurd18 December 2016GNU HurdProject GNU's replacement for the Unix kernel
Gnucash18 December 2016GnuCashPersonal and small business money-management software
Mig18 December 2016GNU MIGInterface generator for the Hurd
Gmp18 December 2016GMPThe GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
Gnumed19 December 2016GNUmedSoftware for a paperless medical practice
Global19 December 2016GNU GLOBALSource code tag system for C, C++, Java, and Yacc
Guix20 December 2016GNU GuixGNU Package Manager
Gcc21 December 2016GCCGNU Compiler Collection
Unifont22 December 2016GNU UnifontUnicode font and utilities
Tramp27 December 2016TRAMPRemote file editing software
M431 December 2016GNU M4Macro processor
Gperf5 January 2017Gperfa perfect hash function generator
8sync8 January 2017GNU 8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile
Ed10 January 2017GNU edA simple line editor
Auctex10 January 2017AUCTeXIntegrated environment for editing LaTeX and TeX files
Vc-dwim14 January 2017VC-dwima version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool.
Screen17 January 2017GNU ScreenMulti-screen window manager
Datamash19 January 2017GNU datamashScriptable statistics and data calculation
Mcsim21 January 2017GNU MCSimSimulation software for designing, analyzing and calibrating mathematical models
Gdb21 January 2017GDBGNU Debugger
Glpk22 January 2017GNU Linear Programming KitGNU Linear Programming Kit
Gnupg23 January 2017The GNU Privacy GuardComplete implementation of the OpenPGP Internet standard
Org25 January 2017Org ModeOutline-based notes management and organizer for Emacs
GIMP1 February 2017GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program
Sed3 February 2017GNU sedA stream-oriented non-interactive text editor
Ddrescue3 February 2017GNU ddrescueData recovery tool
Libc5 February 2017GNU C LibraryLibrary for use with GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux
Ggradebook6 February 2017GNU GradebookFully-featured GNU gradebook
Grep9 February 2017GNU GrepFinds lines that match entered patterns
Wget11 February 2017GNU WgetRetrieves files from the Web
Health12 February 2017GNU HealthHospital and Health Information System
Guile13 February 2017GNU GuileGNU extensibility library
Less29 March 2017GNU lessDisplay paginator
Dr. geo11 June 2017Dr. GeoAnn application to build interactive geometric sketches
Nano25 June 2017GNU nanoPico clone for *NIX
Pspp20 August 2017GNU PSPPStatistics package
IceCatMobile1 September 2017GNU IceCatMobileIceCatMobile is the lightweight version of the GNU IceCat browser.
Gnucobol6 September 2017GnuCOBOLFree COBOL compiler and runtime
Gnuastro13 September 2017GNU Astronomy UtilitiesCollection of tools for astronomical data analysis and manipulation
Linux-libre22 October 2017GNU Linux-libreUNIX-like monolithic kernel liberated and adopted by the GNU system

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