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 Short descriptionHomepage URL
Asynchigher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous Javascript
Async-Interruptmodule to allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl
Asynchronous Http ClientJava Asynchronous HTTP Client
At-spi2-atkAT-SPI 2 toolkit bridge
Atankstank-battling game
AtinjectJava API for JSR-330 Dependency Injection
Atkmm1.6C++ wrappers for ATK accessibility toolkit (shared libraries)
Atlas-cppWorld Forge wire protocol library - documentation
AtomBusAtomPub server for messaging.
Atomixpuzzle game for building molecules out of separate atoms
Atompubimplementation of Atom Publishing Protocol
Audacious-pluginsBase plugins for audacious
Audio package for Octavefunctions to work with audio files in Octave
Audio-MPDmodule to communicate with MPD servers
Audio-MPD-Commoncollection of common perl helper classes for MPD
Audio-Mixerperl extension for Sound Mixer control
Audio-Musepackobject-oriented interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields
Audio-NamaEcasound-based multitrack recorder/mixer
Audio-RPLDmodule to communicate with RoarAudio PlayList Daemon
Audio-WMAperl extension for reading WMA/ASF Metadata
Audio-Wavmodules for manipulating WAV Audio files
AudiofileOpen-source version of SGI's audiofile library
AudioreadBackend-agnostic audio decoding Python package
Aufs-utilsTools to manage aufs filesystems
Auralquizsimple music quiz game using your own music files
Auth HTTPHTTP authentication HTTP
Authen-CAS-ClientPerl module for authentication using CAS
Authen-CaptchaPerl extension for creating captcha's
Authen-DecHpwd Zefram zefram fysh.orgPerl module for DEC VMS password hashing
Authen-Krb5-AdminPerl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface
Authen-Krb5-SimplePerl module for authentication using Kerberos 5
Authen-OATHPerl module for OATH One Time Passwords
Authen-PAMPerl interface to PAM library
Authen-SASL-CyrusPerl extension for Cyrus SASL library
Authen-Simplesimple and consistent perl framework for authentication
Authen-Simple-LDAPmodule for simple LDAP authentication
Authen-Simple-PAMsimple PAM authentication module
Authen-TacacsPlusPerl module for authentication using TACACS+ server
Auto-install.elAuto install elisp file
Auto-multiple-choiceAuto Multiple Choice - multiple choice papers management
AutoboxPerl pragma for method calls on native types
Autobox-Coremodule providing automatic methods for core functions
Autobox-List-UtilPerl module providing List::Util functions as methods on arrays
Autobox-dumpPerl module that display results in a Human/perl readable form
Autoconf-gl-macrosautoconf macros to check for OpenGL/GLU/GLUT
AutodiePerl pragma to make certain failures fatal
Autofs5transitional dummy package for 'autofs'
Autokeydesktop automation utility - KDE version
Automatic-save-folderDownload helper for Firefox which automates the sorting and saving of files
Automysqlbackupdaily, weekly and monthly backup for your MySQL database

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