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Delvj false
Software for real-time 3D composition and algorithmic video remixing.
Device-Cdio false
CD Input and control library
Digital DJ false
SQL-based mp3-player frontend
Dirogg false
A script to migrate your music collection to Ogg Vorbis.
Disc-Cover false
Produces covers for audio CDs
Dtas false
Duct tape audio suite.
Dummy false
E-xmms false
Enlightenment applet for XMMS
EasyTAG false
Tag editor for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files
Ecasound false
a software package designed for multitrack audio processing.
Eject false
Puts removable media under software control
Emms true
Emacs Multimedia System.
Euterpe false
Media archive searching applet
Exaile false
A media player aiming to have a simple interface yet many features.
Ezstream false
A flexible Icecast source client with support for external de-/encoders.
FIcy false
Icecast/shoutcast stream grabber
FLAC false
Lossless encoder for audio files
FUPlayer 2 false
A music manager/player/ripper/burner.
Ffem false
Emacs Mode for command line media players
Ffmpeg false
Software for audio/video recording, streaming, and conversion
Flac-jacket false
Simplifes the creation of FLAC audio files from raw data files
Flac2ogg false
Converts FLAC or shorten files to Ogg Vorbis
GFLame false
Is a GTK2 frontend for lame MP3 encoder
GNU Waveform Viewer false
Gwave is a waveform viewer.
GPodder false
A podcast receiver/catcher for Gnome/GTK+.
GetID3 false
Extracts useful information from multimedia files
Gimmix false
Gimmix is a graphical music player daemon (mpd) client written in C using GTK+2.
Gina false
Modified version of the Zina MP3 streamer/jukebox
Gmusicbrowser false
A jukebox for large collections of MP3 and Ogg files.
Gnac (GNome Audio Converter) false
a GTK2/Gnome audio convertion application.
Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player false
A simple music player for GNOME.
Gnome Toaster false
CD creation suite
GnomeBaker false
a Gnome CD/DVD burning application.
Gnomoradio false
Online network where artists can promote and share their music.
Gnormalize false
A ripper, encoder, audio converter, MetaInfo editor, and front end to normalize.
Gnufm true
Server software for running music community websites.
Gnump3d true
Light-weight audio server.
Gnusound true
Multitrack sound editor for Gnome.
Goggles Music Manager false
A music collection manager and player.
Grip false
GNOME-based CD player, ripper, and MP3-encoder
Gronk false
Web-based MP3 jukebox
Gsequencer false
Audio sequencer.
Gtktalog false
Organizes and browses a CD-ROM database.
Herrie false
A split-screen command line music player. false
ID3 MP3 info tag manipulation in Python
IMMS false
Intelligent playlist plug-in for XMMS
ISO Master false
A graphical editor for ISO images.
Icecast false
Streaming media server
Icegenerator false
Direct stream generator for Icecast/Shoutcast servers
Id3edit false
A command line ID3 tag editor.
Id3tool false
Editor for ID3 tags
Ikkes Volume Manager false
a daemon to automount cd-roms, play audio cds or dvds.
JACK Audio Connection Kit false
connect a number of different applications to an audio device
JOggPlayer false
Graphical Ogg Vorbis player
JOrbis false
a pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder.
Jack false
CD ripper
Jebi false
A program to record AM/FM radio and publish it to a podcast feed.
Jinzora false
Web based media jukebox and streamer
Jjmpeg false
Java binding for FFmpeg
Jokosher false
Multi-track Audio Editor
K-Yamo false
A CD ripper and tagger for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.
K3b false
CD/DVD burning tool for KDE
Kalsamix false
Mixer for KDE and ALSA
Kid3 false
Efficient tagger for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Opus, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV and AIFF
Kodi false
Media player and organizer for home theatres
Kwave false
24-bit sound editor for KDE
Kwavencoder false
Generates Ogg, MP3, or FLAC out of a WAV file
LAME false
MP3 encoding tool
LMMS false
LMMS is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer.
Lauloid false
Free Software singing synthesizer
Lazy false
Console-based CD-Player with FreeDB support
Libav false
Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder
Libcdio true
CD-ROM access library.
Libextractor true
Extracts metadata information from files.
Libshout false
MP3/Ogg Vorbis broadcast streaming library
LongPlayer false
MP3 player for listening to large collections or long periods of time
Lsmedia false
List audio/video files with their format details
MDLscore false
MDLscore : MIDI file generator
MMA - Musical Midi Accompaniment false
Generate musical background accompaniments
MP3do false
Script for decoding and mastering mp3s
MP3tm false
Helps you to tag all your MP3s and set unique names.
Mailpile false
Privacy-oriented mail client with a web interface
MarkLaR false
Markdown editor
Mbrola false
concatenation based speech synthesizer
MediaCrush false
Media sharing server and Web service
Mellite false
An environment for creating experimental computer-based music and sound art
MhWaveEdit false
Plays, edits, and records sound files
MkTOC false
a simple command line tool to create TOC files for CD burning with cdrdao.
Mod musicindex false
C implementation of the Apache::MP3 module
Moosic false
Playlist manager
Moovida false
the free media center solution.
Mp32ogg false
Converts MP3 files to Ogg Vorbis format
Mp3Kult false
KDE 2 app that organizes an mp3 collection
Mp3act false
A Web-based MP3 streaming jukebox.
Mp3cd false
Burns MP3, OGG, and WAV files to audio CD
Mp3cddb false
MP3 renaming program
Mp3check false
Checks MP3s to make they they are OK for burning
Mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem false
A FLAC to MP3 transcoding FUSE filesystem. false
Renames audio files so they conform to a set scheme
Mp3riot false
Directory search utility
Mp3splt false
Splits MP3 and Ogg files without decoding and re-encoding
Mp3stat false
Compiles information about your mp3 usage
Mp3station false
Plain-text tool for managing MP3 playback
Mp3tools false
Tools to manage a collection of MPEG audio files
Mp3wrap false
Wraps two or more mp3 files into one large playable mp3
Mpd false
Remote server for playing music and accessing playlists
Mpd-configure false
Bash scripts to assist users of mpd to configure it as an audiophile bit perfect music player
Mpd-monitor false
A bash scripts which displays properties of an audio stream from source to sink (alsa)
Mpv false
video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2
MrVoice false
Perl/Tk front-end for an MP3 database
MuSE Streamer false
Mixing, encoding, and network streaming sound tool
Muine false
Music player with some new UI ideas
Multi-Threaded DAAP Daemon false
An iTunes DAAP server.
Mumble false
Encrypted, low-latency voice chat, supports group conferences, for talking amongst friends
MusE false
Audio Midi sequencer
MuseScore false
Music composition & notation software
Music Library false
Music-on-demand system for phpGroupware
Music player command false
Command line interface for mpd
Mussort false
a simple music collection sorting program.
Mybashburn false
it can burn data cds/dvds and create mp3/ogg/flac
MythTV false
A multi-function PVR false
Simplifies formatting the file names of media files
Ncmpc false
Fully featured MPD client which runs in a terminal
Ncmpcpp false
A featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc
Ng-jackspa false
Simple LADSPA hosts for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
Nogger false
Ogg vorbis player
Normalize false
Adjusts the volume of WAV files to a standard level
Ogg Vorbis false
Free audio format
OggEnc false
Command line encoder for the Ogg Vorbis format
OpenKJ false
Professional karaoke hosting software
Opmuse false
A web application to play, organize and share your music library.
Otto false
A Web-based jukebox.
Otto2 false
Interface to a database of CDs
POE false
Vorbis comment editor for GNUstep
Pacpl false
A tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another.
Paraslash false
Network audio streaming tools
Phaser (CD burning) false
CD burning tool
PhpMp false
Web interface for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
Pitchfork false
A Web interface to musicpd.
Plait false
A program that builds playlists and submits them to a music player.
PortAudio false
PortAudio is a free, cross-platform, open-source, audio I/O library.
Postslate false
Sync video and audio clips recorded with a slate/clapperboard
Pragha false
A lightweight GTK+ music manager
ProMP3 false
Web-based mp3 jukebox. Using xmms or stream.
Prokyon3 false
An MP3/Ogg Vorbis/FLAC manager and tag editor.
Psychosynth true
Interactive modular soft-synth.
Ptformat false
Free software file format parser for Avid ProTools sessions
Pucko false
Ncurses music player
PyMediaServer false
A UPnP-based media server for use with a Netgear MP101.
PyPar2 false
A par2 frontend.
PyTone false
Music jukebox written in Python
Pyao false
Wrapper for the 'ao' library
Python-Musicbrainz2 false
an interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service.
QTau false
Singing Synthesis for GNU/Linux
QueryXmms false
Queries XMMS about what it is currently doing
Quh false
Quh aims to play everything that makes noise
Quod Libet false
Music player and library manager
Rexima false
Curses-based interactive mixer
Rhythmbox false
Integrated music management application
Rip false
Rips CD track to either MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files
RipOff CD Ripper false
A simple GTK+ based CD ripper.
Ripit false
Wrapper for various ripping/encoding/tagging programs
RipperX false
Rips CD audio and encodes mp3s
Rockbox false
Firmware for digital music players
Rubyripper false
A secure audio-cd ripper for linux
SQKshout false
Shoutcast stream that can interact with a Web application
Sbcd false
Curses CD player
Schism Tracker false
An Impulse Tracker clone.
Secret Rabbit Code false
Sample Rate Converter for audio
Sfxr false
Procedural sound generator
Shn2make false
Facilitates burning CD-Rs and encoding audio files
Silicon Empire false
Burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays
Simple Multitrack false
is Gnu/Linux or Mac OS X software for recording and mixing multitrack audio.
SlimServer false
Interface for various types of music playback
SnackAmp false
Multi-platform audio file and streaming music player
SndBite false
Audio editor designed for breaking large recordings into smaller components
SoundConverter false
Converts audio formats within GNOME
Sox false
Converts between various audio formats
Strawberry false
Music player and music collection organizer
Strec false
Lets you record streams as MP3s
Submount false
Automatically mounts/unmounts removable media devices
Swami false
MIDI instrument editor application
Sweep false
Sound wave editor
TCD false
CD player with ncurses interface
TagLib false
Library to read and edit metadata of various audio formats
Tagstoo false
Software to tag folders and files, with multimedia and epubs preview.
Tangerine false
A music server using the DAAP protocol.
TiMidity false
MIDI to WAVE converter
VConnect-STAND false
Singing synthesis
VLC media player false
A cross-platform media player and streaming server
Vlorb false
CD to Ogg Vorbis ripper and encoder
Volume Normalizer plugin for XMMS false
an XMMS plugin that is used to give all songs the same volume level.
Vorbistools false
Tools for Ogg Vorbis
Vorbix false
Graphical tools for Ogg Vorbis
WORLD false
A free software channel vocoder
Wavbreaker false
A tool to split wave files into multiple chunks
WaveSurfer false
Sound visualization and manipulation tool
WebCDwriter false
A tool for network CD/DVD writing.
Wired false
A professional music production and creation system.
Wmusic false
Remote control for xmms
Wx12Ton false
Lets users work with music involving twelve-note series
X-CD-Roast false
CD creation tools
A GUI for ffmpeg programmed in language tcl/tk, you can encode from your dvd drive to mp4g4/xvid, snow, mpeg1, DVd, PVCd, PDVD.etc.
Xcutmp3 false
Frontend for cutmp3
Xmcd false
CD player utilities
Xmms false
GUI based mp3 player
Xmms-shell false
Command line interface for 'xmms'
Xmms-syncup false
Synchronizes the audio output of client players to a single server
Xmmsctrl false
Controls xmms from the command line
YaRET false
Automates CD ripping, normalizing, and encoding
Zina false
GUI tool for audio
Zinf false
Cross-platform audio player
Zomg false
console-based submission and radio client
Zrythm false
A highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation

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