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The query [[Name::+]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 1.5947 seconds.

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 Last review dateLast review byVersion dateLicense verified dateIs GNU
Reqtool4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200518 January 2002false
SMSer4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 December 200817 December 2008false
Rasqual4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 201429 October 2004false
SWIG4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 January 201713 January 2004false
Python-Musicbrainz24 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 November 20112 October 2009false
Rexima4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 July 200315 April 2003false
SPlotter3D4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 May 200127 March 2002false
Renattach4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 October 200619 December 2003false
SPA4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 June 200524 February 2005false
RefSense4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 August 20123 August 2006false
SableCC4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 November 20122 June 2004false
Radmind4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 December 20105 November 2002false
SCT (Sphene Community Tools)4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 March 201216 December 2009false
SQLiteManager4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 March 20109 December 2003false
Rh-errata4 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 July 200211 February 2002false
Pauker3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 July 201027 November 2001false
Guile-words3 March 2017Tedt26 January 20163 March 2017false
Pingus3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 December 20113 January 2007false
Ppp3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 August 201419 November 2004false
Psi3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 October 20121 November 2002false
PhpSera3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 May 200419 May 2004false
Ploticus3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 June 201319 July 2001false
Potracegui3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 July 200522 June 2004false
Pasdoc3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 August 201526 July 2001false
Prima3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 November 20167 February 2003false
Pfqueue3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 February 200719 January 2007false
Playmidi3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 199619 September 2001false
Preview-latex3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 April 20053 March 2005false
Peep3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 September 20028 July 2002false
Pspell3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 July 20111 August 2002false
Phylographer3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 April 20037 November 2002false
Pth3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 June 200631 January 2001true
Phpprintipp3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 September 201029 December 2005false
Poker-network3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 September 201027 June 2005false
Poppler Encoding Data3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 201713 November 2009false
Pcapy3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 January 201728 May 2009false
Proto3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 April 19995 October 2001true
PhpMyFAQ3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 January 201727 June 2003false
Pngcheck3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 July 200729 July 2002false
ParseDateTime3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 January 201720 November 2009false
Praya3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 November 20014 October 2001false
Penetrator3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 July 20036 December 2002false
Pure FTP server3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 January 201719 December 2001false
Pitchtune3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 September 200522 June 2001false
PatentMailer3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 February 20033 February 2003false
FreeWRL3 March 2017Tedt2 October 2016false
Pinfo3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 September 201015 January 2004false
Ppa3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 June 200419 September 2001false
Psilib3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 January 200316 December 2009false
PhpThumb()3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 August 201622 July 2004false
Plib3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 October 200624 October 2002false
Potrace3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 February 201718 August 2003false
Pcal3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 December 200721 February 2003false
ProGuard3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 December 20169 September 2002false
Pfflowd3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 July 200630 September 2004false
PlayStation Portable Video Converter3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 200727 May 2006false
PrettyTable3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 April 201327 August 2009false
Peephole3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 January 200613 May 2004false
Pssh3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 February 20126 October 2004false
Pioneers3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 August 201628 May 2006false
Psyco3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 December 20074 March 2004false
PhpVideoPro3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 April 20103 February 2006false
Pop2imap3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 November 201519 August 2003false
Payrollbash3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 May 20065 September 2006false
Protoeditor3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 August 200625 July 2006false
PhpPgAdmin3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 April 201314 December 2004false
Pmatch3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 January 200421 January 2004false
Alpine3D3 March 2017Tedt19 November 20153 March 2017false
Particle Simulation3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 August 200221 August 2002false
Praat3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 March 201718 September 2009false
Pfaedit3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 October 201618 September 2003false
Puto Amo3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 May 20109 July 2003false
Pkdump3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 200411 July 2003false
Paranormal3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 May 20016 March 2006false
MathGene3 March 2017Tedt14 October 2016false
Pimentech-dbutils3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 September 201617 January 2003false
Pound3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 January 201523 July 2002false
Quatter3 March 2017Tedt31 May 2016false
PhpMyRecipes3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 April 201021 July 2006false
Poly ML3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 November 201625 June 2008false
Postfix3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 February 20176 December 2002false
Peacock3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 September 200322 July 2003false
ProMP33 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 200121 July 2006false
PgRequestTrackerReport3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 February 200415 August 2003false
Plans3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 August 201015 January 2004false
Pretty Make3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 July 200327 March 2002false
Pen3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 February 201715 January 2002false
Psutils3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 December 20025 November 2004false
PipeMore3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 February 200417 February 2004false
Psyched3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 September 201520 March 2008false
Phpagi3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 20101 October 2004false
PonG3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 July 200122 April 2002false
Paymaster3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 October 20079 November 2005false
Prover 93 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 November 200924 June 2008false
PhpSQLViewer3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 June 201217 January 2003false
Plus4emu3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 200823 May 2008false
Polipo3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 May 201416 January 2004false
Pascha3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 May 200825 September 2009false
PrBoom3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 November 200823 November 2004false
Pftpd3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 February 20051 February 2005false
Pvswitch3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 200424 June 2004false
Pkg-config3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 March 201627 June 2005false
Pdumpfs3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 200411 August 2004false
Rubedo3 March 2017Tedt28 September 20163 March 2017false
Pimengest23 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 November 201312 May 2004false
Pounder3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 201021 August 2002false
Psmisc3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 December 201622 October 2002false
Phpxmail3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 July 200522 October 2004false
Po2c3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 December 200415 October 2004false
Portable Media Player library (PMPlib)3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 January 20097 January 2009false
Pcre++3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 August 200416 June 2004false
Wordstatix3 March 2017Tedt16 August 20163 March 2017false
PhpMyLinks3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 May 200525 May 2005false
PlannerMode3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 May 20087 January 2003false
Pre Make3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 March 200826 March 2008false
PenguinTV3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 January 20129 August 2005false
Ptmalloc23 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 March 20053 May 2005false
Pipemeter3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 June 200629 October 2002false
Paxutils3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 199925 July 2001true
Psyced3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 May 20164 December 2006false
Phpcollab3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 July 201520 June 2003false
Ppplog3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 March 20036 March 2003false
Ps-watcher3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 200918 May 2005false
PhpScheduleIt3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 January 201730 July 2004false
Plugdaemon3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 December 201217 March 2004false
Lexer3 March 2017Tedt3 March 2017false
Patchutils3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 April 20157 December 2001false
Privbind3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 January 201519 June 2007false
Pfm3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 April 201414 December 2001false
Pkpgcounter3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 200716 June 2005false
Peagle3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 June 201624 April 2006false
Psmon3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 May 200525 March 2003false
PicoSQL3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 March 20064 December 2003false
Prevayler3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 January 201310 July 2002false
TelemarketingLogs3 March 2017Tedt3 March 2017false
Phpsitestats3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 August 200521 January 2005false
Poker-engine3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 201128 April 2005false
Port Scan Attack Detector3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 20172 May 2002false
Pcopy3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 December 20032 December 2003false
Projinfo3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 January 200919 December 2006false
PhpMyExplorer3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 March 20018 March 2001false
Planimo3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 February 20076 November 2009false
Prcs3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 May 200429 January 2001false
Penguin Greetings3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 May 200524 March 2003false
PunBB3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 October 201516 July 2004false
Pircstats3 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 April 20052 March 2005false
PDF Editor2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 201030 January 2007false
MyRPM2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 March 20145 June 2007false
PVM2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 February 20097 March 2005false
Newmail2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 May 200830 November 2006false
Mp3station2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 March 200417 March 2004false
Nonsense2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 February 20013 November 2000false
Music Manager2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 December 200527 January 2006false
PMilter2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 April 201120 February 2004false
Netpbm2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 201625 July 2002false
Molasses2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 January 200111 January 2001false
Multi Gnome Terminal2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 April 200331 August 2001false
PHP Submit2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 200016 October 2000false
Neon2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 201624 May 2002false
APQ2 March 2017BABA20013 February 201220 March 2013false
Nodplot2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 November 19984 September 2002false
PDFedit2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 201013 November 2009false
NOLA2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 201727 January 2006false
Paludis2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 May 20162 May 2006false
Newsbeuter2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 February 201520 March 2008false
Ngrep2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 November 200624 February 2005false
Mpop2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 November 201628 May 2006false
PAUS - Perl AUtomation System2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 May 200221 July 2006false
MyGifts2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 October 200523 June 2005false
PJSIP and PJMEDIA2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 January 201712 September 2006false
Netboot2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 April 200717 November 2004false
Mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 May 20146 October 2006false
Npic library2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 May 201114 September 2009false
Multitail2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 September 201514 April 2003false
PHPMyEdit2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 September 200721 March 2001false
Net62 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 20113 August 2005false
Mkvtoolnix2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 February 20171 May 2006false
Msort2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 January 201012 June 2008false
PG80002 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 June 201025 September 2009false
NX2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 January 201710 September 2003false
Pango2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 20175 June 2002false
Nflash2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 May 200319 March 2003false
Nmap2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 December 201615 September 2003false
PCI Utilities2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 February 20171 April 2002false
NSWebmail2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 200716 March 2004false
PTunnel2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 201131 January 2005false
Newrpms2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 June 200529 June 2005false
Mp3togo2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 April 200824 April 2006false
P0f22 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 April 20164 September 2003false
Music command2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 August 20069 August 2006false
PMbyAS2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 September 201012 May 2009false
Nethack2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 December 201531 January 2001false
Motion2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 October 201617 October 2000false
Multi-Cursor Window Manager2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 March 200614 March 2006false
PHP Weather2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 20045 March 2003false
Nepim2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 October 201529 July 2005false
APQ PostgreSQL2 March 2017BABA20022 February 201220 March 2013false
Node runner2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 January 20056 February 2002false
PDFjam.txt2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 November 201024 June 2004false
NKAds2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 April 200329 July 2003false
Palabos2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 January 20151 September 2009false
Newspipe2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 July 200525 October 2006false
Nhc982 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 July 201021 September 2006false
Mptris2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 December 20029 January 2003false
PBButtonsd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 July 20075 October 2006false
My SQL Navigator2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 March 20034 December 2001false
POC-CMS2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 August 2006false
Netaddr2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 January 20178 December 2009false
Mp3mover.pl2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 November 200412 April 2000false
Notemeister2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 December 200811 December 2008false
Multiuser Address Management System Book2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 April 200216 February 2001false
PHPortfolio2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 March 20043 March 2004false
NetworkManager2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 February 201724 October 2005false
MnoGoSearch2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 201515 May 2001false
Mtr2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 August 201627 February 2002false
PGMT2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 September 200420 September 2004false
NURBSS++2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 May 200226 July 2001false
Pantheios2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 January 201713 March 2008false
Noflushd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 July 201020 January 2004false
PCMan File Manager2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 December 20169 August 2006false
NNTPobjects2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 September 20024 September 2002false
PTML2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 September 201030 September 2009false
NewsCloud Media Platform2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 June 200712 December 2006false
Nfswatch2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 April 201025 February 2005false
Mp3wrap2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 January 200318 September 2003false
P3scan2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 April 20083 May 2004false
Mxterm2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 July 20057 July 2005false
PMK2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 March 20081 July 2003false
Netenv2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 October 20038 October 2003false
Mp3Kult2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 April 200215 October 2001false
Nms2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 August 20043 August 2004false
MultiGet2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 November 201021 September 2006false
PHP-RESIDENCE 22 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 December 201614 November 2005false
Net-snmp2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 December 201431 October 2008false
ASIS2 March 2017BABA20010 April 201421 October 2014false
PDFtoPNG2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 April 200923 April 2009false
NFO Viewer2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 October 201620 October 2009false
Packet2sql2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 October 20012 October 2001false
Newspost2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 May 200322 July 2002false
Nini2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 March 200612 August 2005false
Mr. Voice2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 April 200619 April 2006false
PDF Cube2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 March 201220 December 2006false
Mybashburn2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 May 200727 December 2006false
Packet assembly library (libpal)2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200922 January 2009false
NeuroScope2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 June 201111 December 2008false
Mp3riot2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 February 200519 July 2002false
NorthStar2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 200227 November 2001false
Munin2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 January 201718 August 2004false
PHPoto2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 March 200521 June 2004false
Network Monitoring Tool2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 July 20083 August 2005false
MoSSHe2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 June 201628 April 2006false
MuSE Streamer2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 December 200510 May 2002false
PHP Code Snippet Library2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200922 January 2009false
Ncc2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 October 200810 January 2003false
Pantry2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 March 200918 July 2007false
Noffle2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200515 March 2002false
PCP2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 May 200616 March 2005false
NNFS2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 December 201320 June 2005false
PPTS2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 December 200117 October 2000false
NewsDeliver2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 January 200612 December 2002false
NgIRCd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 January 201721 August 2007false
Mpd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 201730 September 2003false
PASP - Python Anti-Spam Proxy2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 May 200329 May 2009false
Muxi2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 December 201314 June 2007false
Plplot2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 January 201716 September 2014false
Netdude2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 201016 October 2003false
Mp3cd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 January 201113 May 2005false
Nucleus CMS2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 August 20146 May 2006false
MultiSync2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 April 200413 April 2004false
PHPCoder2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 February 200610 July 2003false
Net Telnet Cisco2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 June 20021 August 2002false
MkDoxy2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 December 200311 December 2003false
Colortest2 March 2017BABA20024 June 201120 March 2013false
PDL2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 JL24 October 2002false
NSound2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 August 20154 June 2007false
Parma Polyhedra Library2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 February 201618 November 2001false
Newsq2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 June 200714 March 2002false
Ninpaths2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 January 200131 January 2001false
Mrbs2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 February 201731 January 2001false
PCXFirewall2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 June 20057 November 2002false
MySQL for Python (MySQLdb)2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 201027 May 2009false
PY-postgresql2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 October 20121 October 2009false
Newfile2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 November 200322 January 2003false
Mp3splt2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 November 201418 September 2003false
Noor2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 May 200929 May 2009false
Munkres2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 January 20172 September 2009false
PNGwriter2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 December 201511 February 2009false
Netrik2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 June 200913 August 2002false
Moap2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 June 200925 May 2007false
MudMagic2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 September 200624 August 2006false
PHP Gift Registry2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 December 201224 June 2004false
Nefu2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 November 200617 October 2003false
Papercut NNTP server2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 April 200510 September 2002false
Noexec2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200422 January 2004false
PDFMap2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 July 20044 February 2002false
NMod nBody Modelling Toolkit2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 July 200814 June 2004false
Pam chroot2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 20075 May 2004false
NewsLib2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 April 200419 March 2004false
Nget2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 December 20043 May 2002false
Mplib2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 200624 January 2003false
PAUD2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 December 200510 December 2001false
Mussort2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 201629 April 2009false
PKP (Pop Killer Portal)2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 October 200725 April 2007false
Netcat2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 January 200412 November 2003false
Mp3check2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 February 200510 February 2005false
Nss-mdns2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 May 20071 May 2006false
Multiplication Station2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 December 201430 June 2008false
PHPGallue2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 October 200616 August 2006false
Net2ftp2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 April 20138 November 2004false
Mkrdns2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 December 20026 December 2002false
Fabulous2 March 2017BABA20012 July 20162 March 2017false
PDO: Python Database Objects2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 September 20062 October 2009false
NTodo2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200422 January 2004false
Pan2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 December 201631 January 2001false
Newsstar2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 January 201321 February 2002false
Nixstaller2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 August 200913 March 2006false
Mrtg-rrd2 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 August 200321 August 2003false
Licq-osd1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 January 20065 August 2003false
4store1 March 2017BABA2004 February 201520 March 2013false
MatrixSSL1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 November 20162 July 2007false
Log4php1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 December 200310 December 2003false
PWP Wiki Processor1 March 2017BABA20026 March 200417 October 2003false
Metro1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 200730 November 2004false
MPFI1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 January 201228 June 2005false
Mairix1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 July 20114 February 2005false
Lisppaste1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 200417 June 2004false
Jade Editor1 March 2017BABA20019 August 201621 February 2017false
Menushki1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 November 200118 September 2001false
MONA1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 March 201629 January 2009false
MisterHouse1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 February 201627 July 2006false
MailScanner1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 October 20167 August 2003false
LinkGrammar-WN1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 October 20033 August 2006false
Dimnum1 March 2017BABA20010 April 20065 July 2002false
Mechanize1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 March 201120 May 2009false
Lush1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 March 20115 February 2003false
Vilistextum1 March 2017BABA20022 October 200621 April 2004false
Midgard1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 201225 July 2003false
Lighttpdrecipe1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 March 20104 December 2009false
Aria1 March 2017BABA2007 December 201221 December 2000false
Mboxstats1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 January 200722 August 2003false
Lndir1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 June 19968 June 2004false
Rws1 March 2017BABA2008 February 200323 August 2002false
MiG1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 December 201530 October 2000false
Magicfilter1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 June 20101 July 2005false
Mirmon1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 July 20163 April 2003false
Man2web1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 April 20038 April 2003false
Loggerithim1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 February 20046 February 2003false
PAPYRUS Toolkit1 March 2017BABA20019 July 200428 October 2013false
Metakit1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 June 201518 March 2002false
MUltihost SSH Wrapper1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 November 201113 February 2006false
Mailfront1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 February 20156 March 2003false
Little Wizard1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 September 200827 July 2007false
GatO1 March 2017BABA2005 December 20005 December 2000false
Melys1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 February 200019 June 2009false
MIT Photonic Bands1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 March 201411 January 2001false
MiniBB1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 June 201624 March 2005false
Linedit1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 September 201012 April 2004false
Code-fu1 March 2017BABA20027 October 200827 October 2008false
MediaSort1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 May 200725 July 2006false
Lsystem1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 July 20021 May 2009false
SweepOver1 March 2017BABA2009 December 20041 March 2017false
Micro Window-Gadgets1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 December 20064 December 2006false
Mail2clf1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 20023 January 2002false
Licq1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 20142 November 2000false
AcetoneISO1 March 2017BABA20015 November 201020 March 2013false
Maude1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 June 201615 December 2005false
Log4c++1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 February 20148 August 2003false
Pyao1 March 2017BABA20027 February 200124 August 2004false
Metromap1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 February 20123 August 2006false
Mad Bomber1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 March 200313 January 2003false
Majix1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 October 200426 February 2004false
Lisp-cgi-utils1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 February 20088 August 2005false
Logos1 March 2017BABA20019 November 200819 November 2008false
Mergelog1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 April 20015 January 2001false
Macaulay 21 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 August 201620 November 2001false
MissingH1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 October 20144 February 2005false
Mailbox Sweeper1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 May 200411 December 2003false
Links1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 November 201631 January 2001false
E2wm1 March 2017BABA20015 February 201720 March 2013false
Mcrypt1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 November 200811 May 2001false
Lwm1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 February 201610 July 2003false
Websize1 March 2017BABA20027 January 200227 October 2009false
Midget1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 March 200631 March 2006false
LimeSurvey1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 February 20176 August 2007false
Burn1 March 2017BABA20023 December 200920 March 2013false
Mbuni - Multimedia Messaging Server (MMSC)1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 December 201310 February 2006false
Ln local1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 June 20048 June 2004false
ScsiaddGui1 March 2017BABA20016 November 20128 December 2004false
MiLi- Minimalistic headers-only C++ Library1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 January 20131 June 2009false
Mah-Jong1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 January 20141 October 2001false
Minnow1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 October 20064 October 2006false
Mandos1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 February 201731 October 2008false
Logcaster1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 February 200925 February 2009false
PhpCache1 March 2017BABA20013 August 200112 March 2001false
Metamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 November 200918 December 2007false
MTX1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 August 20083 October 2003false
Mailgraph1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 August 200720 January 2004false
Little Black Book1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 November 200814 August 2006false
GPeriodic1 March 2017BABA20011 July 200719 June 2001false
Memwatch1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 October 20033 May 2001false
MLton1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 July 201314 August 2003false
Minimum Profit1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 July 201528 May 2006false
LifeLines1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 October 200729 May 2002false
Compass Layout-gala plugin1 March 2017BABA20023 January 201720 March 2013false
MediArchiver1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 200515 May 2006false
Lufs1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 20033 February 2003false
Teacup1 March 2017BABA2001 May 200030 January 2001false
Micropolis1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 January 200816 January 2008false
Mail2thread1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 20023 January 2001false
Libshout1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 November 201516 July 2003false
Achievo ATK1 March 2017BABA20012 October 201611 May 2004false
Maxemum TV-Guide1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 June 201428 October 2005false
Log4c1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 October 201328 February 2002false
Python Cryptography Toolkit1 March 2017BABA20014 October 20136 April 2009false
MhWaveEdit1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 August 201312 November 2002false
Mad Builder1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 June 200710 December 2003false
Make uninstall1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 August 200525 October 2001false
LongPlayer1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 March 200523 May 2002false
Mcl1 March 2017BABA20029 September 200310 October 2001false
MeshLab1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 December 201618 December 2006false
MacAddressLocator (mal)1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 200920 February 2009false
MisfitModel3D1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 May 200724 February 2005false
Mailer1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 200615 January 2003false
Linux Bandwidth Arbitrator1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 November 200518 July 2003false
EpsTk1 March 2017BABA20019 April 201220 March 2013
1 March 2017
Mcl-algorithm1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 May 201430 June 2005false
Lyntin1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 January 200827 May 2009false
Zufall1 March 2017BABA20026 March 201719 May 2008false
Midori1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 August 201520 October 2009false
Miguedrez1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 March 200911 March 2009false
LinCity1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 200512 February 2001false
C2lib1 March 2017BABA2001 March 200323 August 2002false
Meep1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 March 20154 April 2006false
LooperNG1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 June 20048 April 2004false
Smbc1 March 2017BABA20029 June 200523 February 2004false
Miau1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 October 201025 February 2004false
Mahogany1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 August 200615 November 2000false
Mjpeg1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 September 20132 August 2004false
Manhattan Virtual Classroom1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 March 200811 October 2000false
Logalert1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 200531 October 2005false
Profoil-WWW1 March 2017BABA20014 November 199731 January 2001false
Metamorphose FnFR1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 January 201112 February 2007false
MQS1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 April 200517 November 2004false
Mailman-Discard1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 May 200920 May 2009false
Litetrash1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 March 200523 March 2005false
GSAMBAD1 March 2017BABA20025 December 200628 December 2006false
Menc1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 April 20078 March 2006false
MP3val1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 June 200931 March 2006false
Minised1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 October 201420 July 2005false
MailManager1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 September 200622 April 2004false
Link Checker1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 July 201415 March 2002false
Create1 March 2017BABA20019 April 200720 March 2013false
Mechanoid1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 March 200627 May 2009false
Luma1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 October 201212 February 2004false
TTRM1 March 2017BABA20024 September 200924 September 2009false
Microscopic Window Manager1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 July 200310 July 2003false
Librep1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 May 201627 October 2000false
AdacURL1 March 2017BABA20024 May 200524 May 2005false
Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) library1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 June 200422 January 2009false
Lobbyists1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 October 200826 May 2009false
Rotter1 March 2017BABA2003 October 20101 June 2007false
Mharc1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 June 20168 April 2003false
Magic Garden1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 200829 April 2008false
Makefaq1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 February 200413 August 2002false
Logwatch1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 201616 April 2002false
Monolith1 March 2017BABA2008 February 200323 August 2002false
Mesk1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 July 200728 May 2006false
MaPiVi1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 201628 November 2006false
MirrorMagic1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 June 200327 July 2004false
Mailfilter1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 October 201626 November 2003false
LivingInternet Web Site Template1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 201221 September 2014false
Fbsdmultipath1 March 2017BABA20026 March 2013false
McStas1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 February 201520 April 2004false
Lyricue1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 February 201711 August 2004false
MighTyD1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 20106 September 2006false
MinDIA1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 October 201518 August 2003false
LinHerp1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 June 200613 June 2006false
Camping1 March 2017BABA20017 October 201420 March 2013false
Meeting Request Scheduling & Booking System1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 December 200829 December 2008false
Loris1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 August 201022 January 2009false
Smtpblock1 March 2017BABA20026 December 200222 August 2002false
Mibble1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 201721 July 2003false
Mail Mbox MessageParser1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 August 200922 October 2003false
Wget Script generator1 March 2017BABA20024 November 200027 November 2000false
Matjito1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 January 200511 January 2005false
LogJam1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 June 20115 December 2002false
Pthrlib1 March 2017BABA20010 February 200326 August 2002false
Metisse1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 200825 January 2007false
MPterm1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 February 20022 November 2009false
Mailsync1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 June 200414 October 2002false
Listener1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 January 201310 February 2005false
IndexedCatalog1 March 2017BABA2009 October 200927 October 2009false
Menstruation Calendar1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 October 201317 July 2003false
MP3tm1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 August 20035 January 2006false
Mixxx1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 December 20159 June 2004false
MailNotification1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 May 200816 August 2004false
Link Grammar1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 February 20172 April 2009false
DialFOX1 March 2017BABA20011 July 20065 September 2006false
Mediastreamer1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 August 20166 November 2006false
Lurker1 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 October 200923 April 2003false

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